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reFX releases Nexus 2
7th August 2008
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reFX has announced the release of Nexus 2 which comes with loads of new features plus the added bonus of the Dance Vol.2 expansion included for free. Two more expansions have also been released: Dance Vol.3 and SID.

NEXUS2 comes with over 70 new features and improvements.

The most important ones:

  • Expansion Dance Vol.2 included: 128 new presets, 500 MB of new samples.
  • Three skins (Black 'evil', Black 'good' and Cobalt) included.
  • New FX: analog phaser from Arts Acoustic - up to 16 stages.
  • New FX: stereo enhancer - widen or narrow the stereo field.
  • Feature Matrix: layers can be switched on/off separately.
  • New section: oscillator mix level.
  • Oscillators can be switched on/off separately.
  • Volume- and pan-control for each oscillator.

The complete list:

  • Expansion Dance Vol.2 already included.
  • Feature Matrix: layers can be switched on/off separately.
  • Oscillator mix (new section):
    • Oscillators can be switched on/off separately.
    • volume control for single oscillators.
    • volume control for 1up oscillators (when used by preset).
    • panning control for single oscillators.
    • free transposing of single oscillators (+/- 36 semitones).
    • free detuning of single oscillators (centwise up to +/- 1 semitone).
  • Trancegate:
    • new trancegate presets.
    • clear via right-click.
    • length freely adjustable between 2-32 steps.
    • graphical zoom when pattern length is changed.
    • delay (tempo-synced).
    • fade in (tempo-synced).
    • graphical markers on every beat.
    • adjustable loop-start.
    • graphical marker on play-position.
    • shuffle-factor + graphical representation of shuffle-factor.
    • librarian uses the full height now, making it much easier to use.
  • Arpeggiator:
    • new arpeggio presets.
    • maximum length increased to 32 steps.
    • graphical zoom when pattern length is changed.
    • graphical marker on every beat.
    • newly created steps have default settings now.
    • steps can be transposed note* and octave-wise.
    • while holding shift, step-lengths can be adjusted smoothly.
    • adjustable loop-start.
    • graphical position marker.
    • shuffle factor + graphical representation of shuffle-factor.
    • expanded arpeggiator filter (incl. drum modes).
    • librarian uses the full height now, making it much easier to use.
  • FX:
    • new: analog phaser from Arts Acoustic.
    • new: stereo enhancer.
    • two FX slots instead of just one.
    • FX slots can be swapped.
    • preset librarian.
    • multi-FX can be saved in one file (XFX).
    • 70 new FX presets sorted by effects-categories.
    • 25 new XFX presets.
  • EQ:
    • EQ now has four bands.
    • new EQ types: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandpass2, notch, peak, lowShelf, highShelf.
    • Q factor for each band.
    • free frequency (20-18000hz) for each band.
    • separate gain (-/+24db) for each band.
    • on/off switch for each band.
  • Modulation:
    • Portamento: trigger mode fixed.
    • Pitchbend: Range increased to +/- 48 semitones.
  • Mod-matrix:
    • more logical sort order.
    • separate destinations for FX-slot 1 and FX-slot 2.
    • new mod destination flanger feedback.
    • new mod destination flanger depth.
    • new mod destination flanger speed.
    • new mod destination degrader distortion.
    • new mod destination distortion gain.
    • new mod destination analog phaser pre-filter.
    • new mod destination analog phaser lower freq.
    • new mod destination analog phaser feedback +/-.
    • new mod destination stereo enhancer width.
    • new mod destination stereo enhancer gain.
    • new mod destination phaser speed.
    • new mod destination chorus speed.
    • new mod destination EQ1-4 freq.
    • new mod destination EQ1-4 Q factor.
    • new mod destination EQ1-4 gain.
    • new mod destination OSC1-4 volume.
    • new mod destination OSC1-4 pan.
    • new mod destination OSC1-4 1up volume.
  • Librarian:
    • can be sorted by name, regardless of the category-prefix.
  • Global:
    • auto-import-from-desktop function for expansions, skins, and licenses.
    • "Nexus Content" is detected automatically after installation (required on OSX only).
    • scroll-speed of mouse-wheel in lists freely adjustable.

Pricing & Availability

Nexus 2 is available now for Windows and Mac OS X in VST, AU and RTAS plug-in formats priced at €299.99 / $349.99. Upgrades are available. A Syncrosoft eLicenser (dongle) is now required and can be purchased from reFX if you don't already have one.

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