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RML Labs

RML Labs updates SAWStudioBasic to v1.9

RML Labs has updated SAWStudioBasic to v1.9.


  • Enhanced the Record Loopback Latency Adjustment to now accept a max value of 999,999 samples. This option counteracts record latency due to hardware in the loop by adjusting the record data within the region, effectively sliding the recorded data earlier in the timeline.
  • Activated all of the Shift, Ctrl, or Alt key MT region manipulation functions on the first click, even when changing hottracks.
  • The View Filter (V-Key) and View Filter popup Menu (Right-Click on Aut Switch) can now both be operated during playback, or any other live engine mode.
  • The File View window repath options now display all files in destination browse folders.

Echo Plugin v2.6:

  • Enhanced the Delay ms popup menu to display a reference distance in Feet or Meters (selected in the Pyramid Logo Options menu) based on the speed of sound through dry air at 68 degrees F (20 degrees C).
  • A new Tap Mode feature is available by clicking on one or both of the Tap Lights (Pressing the Ctrl-Key while clicking on either will activate both channels). When this mode is activated, you can click the Left Mouse button in the Tap zone between the Tap lights twice in succession, or tap the Left, Right, Up or Down Arrow keys twice in succession or the SpaceBar twice in succession or any combination of those keys once each for quicker response times and the delay time will be calculated between taps. You can leave this mode active and tap a new delay at any time. If the time between taps is longer than the max delay time for your specific sample rate, then the taps will be ignored.
  • Enhanced the DelayTime, FeedBack and Strength controls to stereo latch when using the Ctrl-Key and any of the control adjustment methods.
  • The Pyramid Logo Options menu may now be used while the engine is active.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed code to keep the Control Track listbox in the same scroll position and re-select the same entry when done editing that entry.
  • Fixed code to trap for using the Shift-Right-Drag mouse command to slip region data on a blank track area.
  • Fixed code to trap for illegal softedge problems when adjusting regions that incorrectly extend past the soundfile length.
  • Fixed code in the FX Eq and Echo plugins to trap mouse-click control adjustments from crashing looped playback under certain conditions.
  • Fixed code to properly update the FX Sample Rate shared variable every time the MT Rate is changed.
  • Fixed code to properly display the Record Setup window with the proper amount of available meters and to correctly handle the up/dwn arrow flipping of the meter filename data.
  • Fixed code that could cause Automation Gallery inserts to jump down the timeline from the cursor position when certain VST plugins are patched anywhere in the MultiTrack.
  • Fixed code to correct for possible display corruption when the engine is active on multiple CPU systems.
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