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Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology updates Metro to v7.2.2

Sagan Technology has updated Metro to version 7.2.2.

New to this version:

  • An Automation Event Editor is now incorporated in the event editor. This allows for precise editing of all raw automation data. (Full version only).
  • The scope of track insert plug-ins has been changed to global. This means that insert plug-ins, such as soft-synths are now available to all sections. Any section can now be thought of as an instrument rack.
  • The drum sets in the drum set selection popups are now sorted.
  • The default multiple output setup is now configured via the plug-ins specification.
  • The names of each of a plug-in's multiple outputs are displayed in a help-tag when hovering over the output in the instantiated effects window.
  • The automatic scroll edit delay has been changed to 4 seconds.
  • Next and previous preset buttons have been added to the real-time arpeggiator. This is very convenient for auditioning arpeggiator presets.
  • 'No Pattern' button added to the Rhythm Explorer when recording.
  • The Sections window now displays the currently selected section with an outline when the window is not in front.

Fixed in this version:

  • VST plug-ins were not being correctly informed when they were being rendered faster than real time. This was causing Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 (and perhaps other plug-ins) to not render or mix correctly.
  • The initial positions of the track windows data fields were being set incorrectly for the 'SharpGray' style. For example, the input vu levels were being hidden by default.
  • A crash could occur if a plug-in was not sending automation in the correct sequence.
  • A crash could have occurred if the number of mixer channels was less than 4.
  • It was possible that bypassing effects could cause noise or buzzing when multiple zero input plug-ins were contained in the same plug-in chain.
  • Plug-ins were not being informed of tempo changes immediately when playback was stopped.
  • It was possible that an audio track would not initially play back if multi-core audio was selected.
  • The display of an effect parameter automation could have shown incorrect data.
  • Several memory leaks have been plugged.
  • Better error message handling when a plug-in fails to load.
  • If a plug-in with zero audio inputs was loaded in the middle of a effects chain, it's data chunk was not being restored.
  • The play bar color was not being restored properly when loading older documents (PC only).
  • Rhythm Explorer recording has been made more robust.
  • Selection filter display improved for 'SharpGray' style.
  • Multi-core rendering was not working correctly in some cases (Mac only).
  • MIDI record device selection was not working correctly until exiting and restarting. This bug was introduced in 7.0.2 (Mac only).
  • Other feature enhancements and fixes.
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