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Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology updates Metro to v7.2.4

Sagan Technology has updated Metro to version 7.2.4.

Fixed in this version:

  • A crash could have occurred if the list editor was viewing effect automation and all automation was cleared from the instantiated effects window.
  • Better VST compatibility with plug-ins that send automation from multiple threads (e.g. T-Racks).
  • Worked around plug-ins that were not restoring their settings properly upon reload (e.g. T-Racks).
  • Increment and save now works better when the last characters of the filename are numbers.
  • Hovering over notes in the graphic now properly show the note name in a help tag. (Mac only).
  • In certain cases the instantiated effects window would change tracks when a subsection was selected.
  • It was potentially impossible to interact with a dialog brought up by a plug-in if it occurred while the progress window was showing. (Mac only).
  • Entering Chord Mode could have caused a crash in certain cases.
  • Certain combinations of undo and plug-in de-instantiations could have caused strange problems.
  • Errors occurring during certain operations from the drum editor dialog were not being reported to the user.
  • Loading old documents could leave the track colors using the previous color scheme.
  • A crash could have occurred when using Subsections and using undo.
  • Certain help tags in the keyboard window had spelling errors and were shown in an incorrect location. (PC only).
  • Cursor now changes when entering the grow box. (Mac only).
  • Reduced flicker in Keyboard Window. (PC only).
  • Advancing through certain Arpeggiator presets or using the Arpeggiator copy and paste could have caused a crash.
  • Enabling and disabling track looping while a cue loop is active now works properly.
  • Several problems could occur if a plug-in was missing and all plug-ins needed to be scanned for a matching unique ID.
  • If a previously successfully loaded plug-in failed to load (which is possible with jBridge for example), the instantiation count in the plug-ins window was being reset.
  • Certain popup menus were not working properly if the mouse was let go right away. (Mac only).
  • Certain improvements to stability and usability in the Ultra Rhythm Explorer window.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements ans stability improvements.
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