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Sagan Technology Metro pre-release v6.3.8 now available

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Pre-release version 6.3.8 of Metro is now available.


  • Virtual Instruments (VI's) can now have their audio volumes and pans automated. A new display mode of the graphic editor allows the selection of audio volume and audio pan for VI track types.
  • Metro now finds MIDI input devices even when their uniqueness changes. This works around a bug in MIDIkeys.
  • MIDI track input selection is much more versatile. Any combination of MIDI channels can be selected on input with the new submenu popup in the tracks window.
  • Metro now defaults to Apple's generic Audio Unit interface if the plug-in does not have one. This is configurable on a plug by plug basis in the plug-ins window.
  • The audio fade dialog has been improved.
  • A remote control preset for the M-Audio Axiom controller.


  • Cosmetic problem when Mixer window was sized too small.
  • Problem with data ranges in the continuous data display of the graphic editor.
  • Bypass automation was not limiting its values to just on and off.
  • MIDI data was not being drawn underneath continuous audio volume and pan for Virtual Instrument tracks.
  • Better stability.
  • Improved CoreAudio reliability.
  • Removed an annoying flash that was occurring on open and new when transport was floating.
  • The continuous data dialog was not displaying the title of the select data correctly in some cases.
  • Selecting float transport window from the switches menu while the transport was not visible would cause the transport to not redraw correctly in some cases.
  • Initial import of audio was not extracting the tempo from the audio file in 6.3.7.
  • If an input audio port was out of range no error message would occur until recording in some cases.
  • Recent plug-ins could mysteriously disappear in some cases.
  • Automating pan was excruciatingly slow in some cases.
  • The countoff was counting 1/2 as long as it should in some cases.
  • Minor correction when automating Audio Unit parameters.
  • Better support for automation only tracks.
  • Certain Audio and MIDI tracks were not being muted properly during record.
  • A problem whereby Metro would try to close a non-existent CoreMIDI connection if a selected record MIDI device recently came online.
  • Undo of record now properly restores the select track range.
  • Jukebox now correctly parses the full OS X file name.
  • Old Rhythm Explorer presets now default to staccato = 50% instead of 0.
  • In some case recording audio through a plug-in like 'Apple:Pitch' would not initially playback properly.
  • The contextual tracks window output menu would not always show the correct connection if a track was frozen.
  • Clicking on the tempo door of the transports more than once was causing a problem.
  • Selecting 0 in the scale time dialog could cause a crash on Intel Macs.
  • Scale time would not always set the track length appropriately.
  • Using return when in 'editing mode' no longer moves the graphic editor display.
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