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Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology releases Metro v6.4.3 (Pre-Release)

Sagan Technology has released Metro v6.4.3 (Pre-Release).


  • Real Time Arpeggiator has been completely rewritten and placed in the keyboard window with a huge feature set including:
    • Multiple arpeggiation patterns.
    • Multiple methods; up, down, updownedges, chords and diatonic chords.
    • Octaves control.
    • Sync control.
    • Swing control.
    • Steps control.
    • Pattern UI area with 16 X 3 steps, each with quick independent control over transpose, velocity and duration via popup.
    • Latching.
    • Initialize pattern.
    • Randomize pattern.
    • Shuffle pattern.
    • Load and save presets.
    • Copy and paste.
    • Transpose up and down.
    • Remote control of Arp parameters.
    • Works with all soft synth plugs and external MIDI.
    • Now available for free for Metro SE and Metro LX users.
  • The entire remote control window and functionality is now available for free for Metro SE and Metro LX users, including built-in preset support for Tranzport, Alphatrack, Axiom and more. If anyone adds support for other devices please send us the preset to share with everyone.
  • Smarter about what is shown below a MIDI/Audio track when in controller view.
  • Time signatures are retained.
  • Keyboard window position and Arpeggiator data stored in documents.
  • Improved Leopard (OS X version 10.5) compatibility.


  • Dragging files to Metro while a modal dialog was active could have caused some problems.
  • The new feature of default outputs implemented in caused several problems. When a track insert MIDI plug-in was assigned it may have been difficult to add a synth to a new track. Pasting was not correctly assigning outputs in certain cases.
  • It was possible that the graphic editor track selection popup would default to a track that did not exist.
  • If no MIDI devices are selected on startup a MIDI Setup dialog is displayed. This now occurs later in the startup cycle.
  • A possible crash relating to offline plug-in processing has been corrected.
  • The position and order of windows are restored correctly upon document load.
  • A problem whereby weird things could occur when trying to automate a aux pan knob.
  • Inserting time into a frozen track was not working correctly.
  • A crash was occurring trying to parse some audio files when a QuickTime version less than 7.0 was installed.
  • Rhythm Explorer was not generating data using the selected time signature in some cases.
  • Importing an audio file with no other tracks, now correctly sets the tempo.
  • updated remote control preset for Tranzport. This allows shift-rotary knob to control the jukebox volume when jukebox is active.
  • Expanding loops no longer duplicates special bank and program events. This could cause hiccups during playback to some devices.
  • A crash could have occurred if notes were pending to be sent to a Virtual Instrument during document open.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and other enhancements.
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