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Samplemodeling releases The Trumpet v2.0.1

Samplemodeling has announced the release of version 2.0.1 of The Trumpet. This major update is provided free of charge to all customers.

Since the release of v1.01 of The Trumpet, Samplemodeling received extensive feedback from its customers, which proved to be extremely useful to further improve the instrument. Most requests concerned optimisation for wind-controllers, extended remapping of MIDI controllers, MIDI loading of mutes, and additional keyswitch-controlled articulations like "doits". All of these requests have been fulfilled in version 2.01. In particular, virtually any wind-controller can now be used to play The Trumpet with excellent results.

Other new features were introduced by Samplemodeling in an effort to make the instrument even more playable and user-friendly. Complete bidirectional GUI mapping of all controllers, a more flexible approach to portamento time control, CC-controlled dynamics-to-pitch response, and an entirely new Breath-controller mode, yielding a more real trumpet-like behaviour, have been introduced.

Detailed Change List

Wind- and Breath-Controller Modes
The new version 2.01. remarkably optimises the behaviour of The Trumpet if using a Wind- or Breath-Controller.

In the Breath Controller (BC) mode, the note-on command is triggered by the BC itself (by exceeding a certain threshold of the air flow) – regardless how early you've pressed the key. To play an initial note, there is no need any more to perfectly synchronise the key stroke with the blowing into the mouthpiece. An additional controller (CC24 - see below) greatly facilitates a vibrato performed directly by modulating the air flow.

In the Wind Controller Mode, the player may adjust individually the pitch response of the instrument, optimising the vibrato and pitch bending performed with the mouthpiece, depending on the device he is using. The wide range of the Pitch Sensitivity knob in the Wind Controller menu allows the use of all the devices on the Market, like Yamaha's WX or AKAI's EWI. In this mode, the portamento time (normally driven by the velocity) is controlled by an additional MIDI controller (CC5).

Extended controller remapping facility
Not only CC11 (dynamics), but also the other important controllers can be remapped at your convenience: CC1 (vibrato intensity), CC19 (vibrato rate), CC24 (dynamic pitch – see below) and CC5 (portamento time – see below).

Labelled controller knobs
For better monitoring or working without external hardware, there are more controller knobs available on the instrument GUI, also including the CC11 (dynamics) and CC1 (vibrato rate). All knobs are clearly labelled.

Mute automation
The mutes can be chosen from a drop-down menu, as it was before in the v1.0.1, as well as via CC100, accessible in the menu "Controller 3". By assigning a controller track in a sequencer to CC100, any mute settings can be automated.

More flexible portamento time control
Portamento time (while playing a legato) – thus the quality of the transitions between the notes - is normally controlled by the velocity. The player may also adjust the portamento time with CC5 in the Wind Controller Mode (as described above). But also if playing on the keyboard or with a Breath Controller you can open the appropriate Menu and choose how much velocity and how much CC5 shall control the portamento time (CC5 can be found in the menu Controllers 1).

"Doit" – a new on-the-fly-keyswitch
"Doit" is, simply speaking, a kind of "reversed fall": a fast upward glissando "going to nowhere". The second level keyswitches C2 + G1 (standard doit) and C2 + G#1 (half-valve doit) has been added; as soon as both keys are pressed, the "doit" will be triggered.

Dynamic Pitch
Dynamic Pitch – controlled by CC24 - is a unique feature of The Trumpet, introducing more or less subtle pitch fluctuations depending on some particular variations of the articulation.

These fluctuations derive from the nature of the instrument and from the human imperfections. If set to 64 (middle), they correspond to those of a very good player. Lower settings are normally not recommended and should be used only temporarily to limit particular side effects, if necessary. Higher settings introduce a typical "shaky" intonation of a less skilful player. Extreme settings are perfect for some grotesque, humorous effects.
Higher settings allow also a "real" vibrato performed directly with the Breath Controller by modulating the intensity of the air flow. The ModWheel, however, which is the standard controller of the vibrato intensity, remains still enabled so it's the player's choice how to perform vibrato.

For more details please refer to the new version of the User Manual.

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