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RML Labs

SAWStudio v3.8a and SSBasic v1.3a released

RML Labs has released SAWStudio/SAWStudioLite v3.8a and SAWStudioBasic v1.3a.


  • * The Dynamics Gate Threshold, Gate Floor and Compressor Threshold waveform display reference lines have been enhanced to track the Input Attenuator control for the channel that is keying the dynamics data. Even though the waveform display itself does not change in regards to the Attenuator control, the reference lines are now properly offset to display the an accurate reference to the full scale waveform data.
  • * A new option has been added to the FX Choices View Group menu called Set CurGroup As Default. This option displays the current default group and will change it to the currently active group when selected. The default group will be the active group when the program first starts.


  • * Trapped record activation with open record meters not assigned to legitimate input devices.
  • Fixed Show Control column lineup of the Filename information in the listbox.
  • * Stopped the SnapShot Undo command from clearing the EDL Modify flag, so the prompt to save modified sessions would work correctly when changing sessions or exiting the program with un-saved session changes.
  • * Closing a session now correctly resets the Midi WorkShop default tempo.
  • * The Control Track Cue Location / PreLoad and Cue Location / Play commands are now correctly accepted as plain Cue Location commands when used following any of the Stop / Cue Next commands.
  • * The Clr button in the Pre and Pst FX patch views now correctly responds to selected Mixer Channels instead of selected MT Tracks. This is considered a mixer function rather than a MT function. The mouse cursor will now display CHN as the cursor is moved over the Pre and Pst Client top area to reflect the fact that mixer channels are selected.
  • Recalling Fx from a memory cell or clearing the current mixer chan will no longer respond incorrectly to selected MT Tracks, causing Fx clearing on those extra tracks.
  • Fixed the Library View Right-Click in the Top Client Area to toggle playback, which was broken by the code to toggle Library Lock mode on and off.
  • Fixed the Corrupted Region message from falsely popping up during layer copies under certain conditions.
  • * Adjustments made to keep the SoundFile view from popping up on top of other windows when using the BuildMix To HotTrack function and there is an active soundfile already opened.
  • Adjusted code to fix multiple selected tracks layer switching which include video track layers. The video layer, if also selected, will now correctly switch even if your hottrack is one of the selected audio tracks.

Video Track Viewer Version 2.6:

  • Corrected code to maintain image file lengths after they have been stretched and reloaded.

* = updates to SAWStudioBasic.

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