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Shortcircuit v1.0.6 released

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Vember Audio has updated Shortcircuit to v1.0.6.

Changes in v1.0.6:
  • New filters:
    • New 2-pole lowpass (more consistent falloff & larger resonance range).
    • Parametric EQ type A (bandwidth defined at (peak gain)*0.5 ).
    • Parametric EQ type B (bandwidth defined 3dB from unity gain).
    • 6-band graphic EQ.
    • MorphEQ.
    • Limiter.
    • Slewer (slew-rate distortion with pre & post-EQ).
  • Added filter magnitude response plot.
  • Peak, bandpass, notch (as well as the new EQ modules) now have a much better HF response than traditional digital EQ.
  • Resonance range for LP+HP serial/parallel has changed somewhat. Files made with previous versions may sound slightly different.
  • Battery import: the "track"-parameter is now recognized.
  • Bug causing slower than desired voice attack-rate fixed. (there was an undesired 32-sample ramp regardless of the AEG attack time, this is now fixed).
  • Fixed a memory corruption when loading akai-files.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crashes when using 'replace sample'.
  • "add sample (next free key)" and "add sample (entire keyboard)" commands added to the list's contextmenu. They allow you to browse samples and play them while browsing.
  • "add empty zones (drumkit)" command added to the contextmenu. It will add 3 octaves of zones with no samples assigned to them. By using "replace sample" you can fill them up as you'd like.
  • Tempo sync modulation sources added (the ramp from 0 to 1 over the time specified and then repeat).
  • Other minor fixes/adjustments.

Changes in v1.0.5:

  • The hold section of the envelopes are no longer skipped when attack time is set to the minimum value.
  • Some filter parameters which were not valid modulation destinations now work.
  • Waveworm view can now be panned by dragging with the left mouse button. shift+LMB zooms in and shift+RMB zooms out.
  • Better sounding bidirectional looping.
  • New modulation destination: "rate (linear)". It allows you to control the playback speed of samples linearly. Modulated less than -100% it allows you to make the sample go backwards.
  • New modulation source: 1 (constant).
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