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Solcito Musica has released version 3.0 of the virtual synth SuperSonico for Windows.

New features and improvements:

  • Solved excessive CPU charge when playing A notes.
  • Added pulse waveform and pulse width knob on oscillator.
  • Added pulse width modulation from LFO and envelopes.
  • Added 2 new intervals on Oscillator.
  • Added modulation of sub oscillator from envelopes.
  • Added content control of sub oscillator.
  • Changed the volume control curves of harmonics. They work exponentially now, to increase the accuracy at low volumes.
  • Added random waveform on LFO (random shape, like noise but with subsonic frequency components).
  • Extended the frequency range of the LFO.
  • Modification of the response of the LFO Rate knob of when linked to the modulation wheel. Previously, the "rate" knob adjusted the minimum rate. Now, the wheel modulates the rate between zero and the value of the knob. Then, the knob sets the maximum rate now.
  • Added changing presets using buttons " +" and " -" on the PC keyboard.
  • changed some presets and added some others.
  • The presets from previous versions are not fully compatible.
  • Increased the Size of the panel GUI.
  • Optimization of certain areas of mouse click to control knobs and help text.
  • Corrections in redaction and orthography on texts of the panel and the help.

Price: The Stand-Alone version is free; the VSTi requires a donation of $8.00.

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Discussion: Active


28 March 2014 at 4:20pmfluffy_little_something

The PW control is a good addition :)

Unfortunately you did not pick up my feedback on your previous update 2.4.

And I still don't know how existing customers can upgrade...

4 April 2014 at 12:00amSolcito Musica

Thank you by your words about PW.

I'm Sorry, I did not see your message. Free updates are available between versions of integers numbers. For example, if you have a version 2.x, you have free updates until 2.9.
Those who get the v3.0, will have the free versions 3.x.
For request updates, you must send an email including the code to solcitomusica@gmail.com.


Solcito Musica.

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