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Solcito Música

Solcito Musica updates Supersonico for Windows to v2.4

Solcito Musica has updated Supersonico, a virtual analog synthesizer with a small additive section, for Windows, to version 2.4.


  • Solved excessive CPU consumption with A notes.
  • Slight improvement in overall CPU performance.
  • Small improvements in the graph panel.
  • Increased the Size of the graphic interface.

Price: Free.

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2 March 2014 at 5:27amfluffy_little_something

Good to see you are maintaining your stuff :) So, how does the update work? I didn't get any mail...

2 March 2014 at 6:12amfluffy_little_something

Maybe I am missing something: Is it impossible to use the reverb alone, i.e. without the delay? I can use the delay without the reverb when I set the volume of the reverb to zero, But not the other way round. When I turn delay depth to zero, the signal is only on the left side.

I don't get the point of the noise density knob, it seems to do more or less the same as the noise volume knob. Maybe a knob to set the type of noise (white, pink etc.) would make more sense.

Some labels seem a bit odd. For instance, the Mix knob for the two filters suggests it sets the balance between the two filters, but it does not. (Since there is empty space in the third column of the filter section, you could turn the Mix knob into a real balance knob and add one knob for global volume. This way you could remove the two current volume knobs and add keyboard track knobs instead.

Some label abbreviations could be improved, like frec (since the interface is in English, it should be cut off or frequ) or detun (there is more than enough space to spell it out).

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