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Sonicbytes ERA v1.1 released

Sonicbytes have updated ERA to v1.1, which has dozens of new features:
  • ERAdrum and ERAtone have been combined into ERA (Now one plugin with mode-selector).
  • Support for Multi-timbral instruments (multi-channel out).
  • Swing with adjustable delay, velocity, first-step and interval.
  • Extensive live functions - almost every parameter and widget can be controlled via midi. Every value at any step can be automated. The learn function make it possible to setup and use your controller in minutes. Of course these settings are saved. ERA is now a real live instrument!
  • Graphical representation of all rows, visual keyboard in tone-mode.
  • Mouse-sweep and step cut/copy/paste for all rows.
  • Midi-Thru.
  • Note and pattern audition with adjustable velocity.
  • True recording, which means that delay times are recorded too (adjustable).
  • New Speed parameter, which enabled to change the speed from 1/4 to 4x relative to tempo.
  • Midi-Recorder: Everything you hear can be recorded and exported as a midi file. Simple pattern or complete sessions.
  • More patterns! One preset contains up to 128 sequences (formerly 16).
  • Variations. Each pattern can have up to 16 different variations. A Variation is like another 'view' of a pattern. It contains information about tempo, play-mode, chain-pattern, mute/solo and three additional control rows: Step mute, Order and Breaks.
  • Order: You can create totally new variations of a pattern by changing the order of the sequence. Just sweep over the steps or click the new random-shuffle button.
  • Break: A break triggers a different (or the same) pattern, with its variation and length. Breaks can be set at any step.
  • Different play modes: Now you can force ERA to finish a pattern before switching to another one. This very useful for live-playing.
  • Lock mode: listen to one pattern, while editing another one.
  • Import/Export functions for banks and single patterns.
  • The pattern content is visualized in the pattern selector.
  • New and better editing functions (min, max, random shuffle, auto-trigger from 1 to 6, inverse, first, last, interval, swing etc.).
  • Editable drum maps: You can create drum maps for your preferred instruments. The maps can be exported and imported. The learn functions makes it easy to set up the maps.
  • Mute and Solo for the drum rows: Every has now a mute/solo function. This setting is saved as a part of variation!
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