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Steinberg updates Cubase to v7.5.20

Steinberg has announced the availability of the Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5.20 maintenance updates. The update adds several improvements and resolves more than 60 issues in different areas of the applications.


  • TrackVersions: Delete Inactive TrackVersions.
  • Control Room Improvements.
  • Channel/track visibility: Key command for "Update configurations".
  • Steinberg Hub: Remove recent projects from list.
  • Project window toolbar: Additional buttons.
  • New Preference: Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru.
  • New Preference: Colorize folder track controls only.

Issues resolved


  • An issue that interferes with the "Save" and "Close" behavior has been resolved.
  • Toggling between projects with a MIDI track located before an instrument track in the track list now works as expected.
  • Rack instruments behave now as expected when working with several projects at the same time.
  • Searching for hidden tracks using "Find tracks" now makes hidden instrument tracks visible.
  • Unmuting a folder track now unmutes all tracks inside the folder as expected.
  • The agent "Hide muted tracks" works now on muted instrument tracks.
  • The behavior of side scrolling with a Logitech mousewheel has been corrected.
  • "Import track archive" works now as expected.
  • The preset name of the Track Control Settings is now visible.
  • The navigation of the In-place Editor works now as expected.
  • "Punch in" works now as expected in Re-Record mode.
  • A problem involving the pre-/postroll time display in Japanese language has been resolved.
  • Gluing two MIDI parts no longer leads to unwanted transposition of certain notes.
  • Resizing parts in locked tracks is no longer possible.
  • A visual problem with frozen tracks has been resolved.
  • "Select Tracks with Same Version ID" no longer shows automation lanes of instrument tracks.
  • Locked tempo/signature tracks remain locked after re-opening a project.
  • The ¢ symbol of the time signature palette of the Score Editor creates now a 2/2 time signature.


  • Automatic hitpoint detection now works reliable.
  • Audiowarping in the Sample Editor now works as expected.
  • A problem with the visibility of the grid in Audiowarp has been resolved.
  • A rare problem in VariAudio that rendered the application unreliable has been resolved.
  • When ASIO-Guard is enabled dropouts no longer occur.
  • The "Replace by" offline processing function works now as expected.
  • Exporting a stereo mixdown to a new project now inserts a stereo audio file on a stereo track.
  • Closing the window after exporting MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Exporting a 5.1 surround audio mixdown with the option "Wave split file" no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • A visibility problem of the "Resolve Missing Files" window has been corrected.

Instrument tracks:

  • The agent "Hide muted tracks" now works on muted instrument tracks.
  • The name of the main output of an instrument is now shown correctly on audio returns.
  • Unmuting folder tracks involving instrument tracks work now as expected.
  • Muting instrument tracks and MIDI sub-tracks now works as expected.
  • The "Mute" key command now works for instrument tracks in the Project window as expected.
  • The preference "Select Track on Background Click" now works properly for audio return tracks.
  • Copy-pasting MIDI data now works for instrument tracks on the Project page.
  • Selecting all inputs in the VST Instrument Rack now selects the correct instrument track.


  • Print out now works as expected in Cubase Artist.
  • Activating the function "Animate Note Cursor" now works as expected.
  • Key commands for all symbol palettes are now available.
  • A problem with redundant and missing key commands has been resolved.
  • Zooming behavior of the zoom tool now works as expected.
  • Filter checkboxes now update as expected when key commands are used.
  • The box symbol in the replace mode is printed as expected.
  • Chord Assistant: The state of the cadence mode is now recalled correctly.


  • Clicking on the EQ bypass button while holding the Option/Alt keys now works as expected.
  • Load/save EQ presets are available again in the Channel Settings window.
  • The solo defeat function of instrument tracks now works as expected.
  • A problem with the visibility syncing between MixConsole and Project window regarding instrument audio returns has been corrected.
  • The function "Deactivate all mute states" now works as expected after selecting "Mute input" on virtual instruments.
  • It is now possible to switch the visibility of collapsed folders that contain other folders inside the MixConsole.
  • A rare graphical glitch on the horizontal scroll bar of the MixConsole has been corrected.
  • Inputs and outputs can now be assigned using QuickLink on MIDI channels.
  • A problem involving the visibility of the horizontal scroll bar in the MixConsole has been resolved.
  • The preference "Select channels/track on solo" now works as expected when enabling the solo input of VST instruments.
  • The solo button now works on external instruments as expected.


  • The function "Activate/deactivate write (read) for all tracks" now affects the Quick Controls, too.
  • Read mode is now enabled when pressing the write button.
  • The command "Show used automation on a selected track" no longer opens the automation of the selected track's group channel.
  • "Delete automation of selected tracks" and "Delete all automation in project" are now available for audio returns of instrument tracks.


  • The loading time of projects using HALion 5 has been improved.
  • The Phaser plug-in works now as expected.
  • An issue in VST Connect SE that may render the application unreliable under OS X 10.9 has been resolved.
  • Saving the project under OS X while VST Connect SE is connected to VST Connect Performer now works properly.

* Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7.5 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7.5.

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