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Steinberg updates WaveLab to v7.2.1

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Steinberg recently released a maintenance update for all three versions of WaveLab 7. The 7.2.1 update addresses some crash bugs and other issues.

Issues fixed in WaveLab 7.2.1:

  • Play: While playing a mono file, clicking on the bottom part of the waveform could cause distortion sounds.
  • Compatibility issue with Waves plug-ins: Unloading a Waves plug-in could cause an error or crash in WaveLab. Using Waves plug-ins in the batch processor could lead to a crash. If the marker was placed beyond the end of the last clip, it was not always possible to change its time value.
  • Using Control+Click to reset a slider: Master Section's Leveler and Peak Master plug-ins: using Control+Click to reset a slider to its default value could cause the mouse pointer to move to the expected position, but the parameter itself would not change.
  • Show/hide: Showing and hiding plug-ins several times could cause a shift of the graphics by one pixel (Mac only).
  • Show/hide: After hiding certain Master Section plug-ins ("Carbon" plug-ins), switching back and forth from WaveLab to other applications could cause a graphical error within the plug-in’s user interface (Mac only).
  • Direct X: Direct X plug-ins could not be rendered (Windows only).
  • Master Section/Audio Input: Removing the "Audio Input" plug-in from the Master Section slot could cause a crash.
  • MP3 encoding with Lame: Choosing Lame encoder within the encoder dialog could cause a crash (Windows only).
  • Batch-processing workflow: Each time when double clicking on a batch-processor document, a new batch-processor workspace was created, rather than opening an existing batch-processor workspace (no matter if WaveLab was already running or not). The same program behavior applied to podcast documents.
  • Spectrum editing: When selecting a frequency range containing 0 Hz (lowest possible frequency) and applying a LowPass filter to the process, the resulting audio signal could end up in distortion.
  • Audio Montage plug-in parameters: Editing a VST 3 plug-in during playback was not possible in the Audio Montage. Closing the plug-in window did not save the changes made (Windows only).
  • Reordering plug-ins within the Audio Montage: Having some plug-in windows opened, a crash could randomly and asynchronously happen after re-ordering plug-ins within a clip or on a track.
  • CD Wizard dialog: selecting the last three marker naming modes from the menu did not enable the name text field.
  • Plug-in menu: A plug-in menu could appear partially out of screen in case too many plug-ins were listed.
  • Localization: Two localization errors in the German start-up screen have been fixed.

WaveLab 7.2
The 7.2 update provided seamlessly integrated remote control support for Steinberg’s advanced CI, CMC and CC121 models and also supports up to three MIDI-compatible hardware devices. Other highlights include 64-bit versions for Mac and Windows platforms, an Export-to-SoundCloud function, an updated version of the Dirac 3.5 time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithm and several workflow and user interface improvements.

Features (selection) at a glance:

  • WaveLab 7.2 comes with a comprehensive remote control support for CC121, CI series, CMC and others*.
  • The WaveLab family is now available in 64-bit versions for Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7 platforms.
  • WaveLab 7.2 comes with a new optional start up dialog**.
  • DIRAC 3.5 - The latest version of the award-winning Dirac timestretching algorithm.
  • Direct Upload-to-SoundCloud functionality - share your music with people around the world.
  • WaveLab 7.2 features an enhanced DDP file workflow**.
  • Easily create and name markers and regions in your project**.
  • WaveLab’s "Save As" function now includes a useful "Save Copy" option.
  • Improvements with regards to the CD Wizard and CD tool window.
  • Several workflow improvements and fixed issues (please see full version history).

*limited feature in WaveLab Elements 7.2

**only in WaveLab 7.2, not available in WaveLab Elements 7.2

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