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Steinberg have updated Cubase SX to v2.0.2.31 for both Windows and OS X. This version comes with a lot of fixes and enhancements. It also cures the graphical display issue for Mac users on OS X 10.3.x:

New features:

Remote controller (Yamaha DM2000v2/01x, Steinberg Houston/ID, Mackie HUI/Control, Radikal SAC-2K, CM Motormix):

  • Unused motor fader are moved to lowest position.
  • Added "Hold" mode for buttons: Shortly pressing a button toggles it, holding it but pressed longer will turn off the parameter when releasing the button.


  • MIDI Parts play out of time if they were copied where subtle tempo changes are present.
  • It was not possible to copy and paste events in the tempo track.
  • MIDI part overlap problem when copying into tempo altered position in project.
  • Copy/Move multiple parts (ppq) with tempo track active: Parts may be placed at wrong destinations if you move/copy them.
  • Mac: Importing files bigger than 2GB not possible.
  • Copy / Paste between INPUT CHANNELS und AUDIO CHANNELS results in crash.
  • Midex users can make use of the "ignoreportfilter" option now (if the system suffers from the 'early MIDI notes' issue).
  • Mac: improved OMF compatibility.
  • Some macros do not work as expected.
  • Sometimes wrong audio is played if clips are layered.
  • On Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) some buttons disappear.
  • Mac: Certain USB audio interfaces (e.g. Emagic A 26/62) problems.
  • Mac: Improved plug and play detection of USB and Firewire audio interfaces.
  • Under certain circumstances it is possible that on "empty trash" (pool) the application crashes.
  • Score Editor crash: Pressing [CTRL] for note-symbol-pop-up menu.
  • UV22 Plugin can crash if it is inserted in a mono audio channel (Mac only).
  • Crash in List Editor if Length and Data2 values are altered using the [Alt]-Click method.
  • Problem when multiple Plugin windows are open and some of them have "Always on Top" status.
  • Status is altered after saving the project. Can also cause a lockup (freeze).
  • Crash if a PC made project that contains frozen VST Instruments is loaded on a Mac and vice versa.
  • Link/unlink faders does not work when mixer is set to always on top.
  • Switching between different Stereo Pan modes does not work correctly. One side of the stereo channel may get muted.
  • Score: Using function "Blocktext" in the layout modus causes exception.
  • When several sample editors are open and you edit at one a sample it may happen that all sample editors show the same sample.
  • Use the range selection tool in the part editor when multiple lanes are available It does not highlight the selection correctly, instead all lanes are highlighted.
  • Part editor: Copy a marked selection to new lane is not possible.
  • Using track delay feature causes actual audio events to be shifted on the arrange window.
  • The undo history may get messed up if you use macros.
  • Under certain circumstances it may happen that removing DC offset with lots of events selected crashes the application.
  • In some cases it may happen that importing marker track crashes application.
  • Under certain circumstances it may happen that automation is not followed correctly when cycling.
  • DirectX plugins memory issues have been improved by better memory managing.
  • A crash may occur when multiple projects are open and you are closing a project with opened plugin editor.
  • Remote DM 2000: several bugs have been fixed.
  • Remote Roland MCR-8: Crash when Roland MCR-8 remote is active in device setup.
  • When big latency buffer size is set it may happen that samples are missed in audio export which are locate at position 00:00:00:00.
  • WMA - Export with lossless Mode has been fixed.
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