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Steinberg releases WaveLab 6.1 and WaveLab Studio 6.1

Steinberg has released free version 6.1 updates for WaveLab 6 and WaveLab Studio 6. These updates feature a new internet publishing toolkit, including full support for the RSS 2.0 standard, integrated FTP client and a range of easy-to-use templates.

WaveLab 6.1 changes


  • Podcast creator. This is a rather large feature, please refer to the addendum documentation.
  • Better optimizations for Intel Core 2 Duo processors.
  • Batch processor: new « Audio Injector » plugin. This plugin allows to insert an audio file before or/and after the files to process, with an optional cross-fade process. The file(s) to inject must have the same number of channels and sample rates as the source files, and must not be longer that 60 seconds.
  • Batch processor: new « Trimmer » plugin. This plugin allows to cut a specific time at the head or/and tail of the audio file. It can be useful when combined with the Silence plugins, Fade-in/out plugins, and reverb-like plugins.
  • Waves VST plugins are now supported from the Master Section (must be using the latest VST shell).
  • Audio Montage: it is now possible to navigate in the zoom/cursor/scroll history using the more standard key shortcuts Alt+Left/Right arrow keys. Some extended keyboards have dedicated keys for this. Same thing for mouse Back/Forward buttons (mouses with 2 additional buttons on the side). In other words, it is possible to navigate in the zoom/cursor/scroll history using the same shortcuts as e.g. in Microsoft internet explorer.
  • Audio Montage: better display when using Control + left/right arrow (allow to navigate from clip boundary to clip boundary).
  • Audio Montage / Wave : Key shortcut added for « Move edit cursor to position... » : < ! >
  • Key shortcut added for « Live input... » : < Control + Shift + I >

Bug fixes:

  • Crytal Resampler: bug fix and slightly improved quality in « Ultra » mode.
  • Burning an Audio Montage using Track effects, and with the option « Render to temporary file before burning », had for effect to apply the track effects twice.
  • CD-Text issue fixed.
  • When moving a Xfade left and right, the volume envelope points don't move anymore.
  • Improved look and installation under Vista.
  • Problem fixed with some plugins used with a mono file.
  • Audio CD grabbing: the last audio track of a CD-Extra could not be grabbed and its length was wrongly displayed.
  • Opening the Live Input window while a meter window was open, caused a crash.
  • Recording audio to a mono track of an Audio Montage, was systematically adding a new track to the montage.
  • Fixed problem that could happen when exporting text in Excel format (e.g. Clip list)
  • Audio Montage: playback can now start even if some audio peak files are being built.
  • Improved compatibility when saving « ulaw » and « alaw » audio files with a WAV file header.
  • In the montage "Files" tab, the file date's day and month were exchanged.
  • It was not possible to erase a Montage track name.
  • Batch renaming of clips and markers: the initial value of the « counter » procedure was ignored.
  • Useless peak files with a null size could sometimes be created for some audio files.
  • Auto Split: useless audio files with a null size could be created, in certain cases.
  • Master Section slot key commands above 3 where not selectable.
  • Auto Split: in mode « Cut Head and Tail », the option « Insert silence at start or end » was ignored.
  • Silence plugin: (batch processor). The plugin works nice correctly.
  • Loudness distribution: the dB value displayed at the mouse cursor position, did not take into account the AES17 preference.
  • Opening a copy of an Audio Montage, would change the date of the original montage.
  • Audio file path is now remembered when opening an audio file as a montage.
  • Audio Montage: saving a clip will now always set the right file extension (« clip »).
  • Audio Montage: the colour condition feature was not working.
  • Other minor problems.

The update is available now to all registered WaveLab 6 and WaveLab Studio 6 users.

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