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Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.1.1

Steinberg has released a new maintenance update for Nuendo 5, the native audio post-production solution. Nuendo 5.1.1 includes improvements for more stable program behavior as well as a faster operation during daily work.

In addition, to a number of improvements in areas such as OMF, AAF, video engine, editing, media management / network collaboration, graphical user interface, VST plug-ins and audio engine, several small yet valuable functional enhancements have been added. For example, Cycle Markers can now be check marked at once in order to accelerate the audio mixdown batch export.

The following issues have been fixed in version 5.1.1:

  • OMF:
    • Wrong clip positions on import from Apple Final Cut Pro.
    • OMF from Nuendo in some cases couldn't be imported to Pro Tools.
    • import failed when referenced files used language-specific special characters.
  • AAF:
    • Import from Avid Mediacomposer: Some clips referenced wrong audio files.
    • Import from Avid Mediacomposer: Some clips had wrong offsets.
  • Editing Functions:
    • Clip Packages created from "VST Sound" archive resulted in silent clips on import.
    • Pool - Process Audio - Remove DC Offset failed when applied to multiple files at once.
    • Insert silence command failed when the range was only a few frames long.
    • Copying range selections did not always maintain the exact position.
    • Network Collaboration: Grid definition changes were not transferred.
    • Pool: Renaming clips and emptying trash took a long time to complete.
    • "Automation follows event" didn't work when event was moved by [crtl] + [Arrow] shortcut.
    • Track Delay in milliseconds was applied doubled.
    • "Snap point to cursor" acted slow with range tool + edit mode.
    • Scissor Tool was not working correctly on MIDI parts inside folder tracks.
  • GUI:
    • Jerky cursor on second monitor fixed.
    • Mouse Cursor sometimes shows wrong icon (Mac only).
    • After loading a foreign project, the play cursor was out of sync.
  • Media Management:
    • Network Collaboration - crash fixed for MIDI tracks.
    • Network Collaboration - Audio/Bounce Selection did not not copy media files.
    • Network Collaboration - transferred files sometimes got corrupted.
    • Audio CD import sometimes crashed.
    • MediaBay - all drives were scanned unintentionally.
    • Pool - Crash when emptying the trash fixed.
    • VST Preset Browser window was corrupt in some cases.
    • MediaBay column setup was not remembered.
    • Sometimes audio files were unintentionally erased from pool.
    • MediaBay scan disabled Autosave.
  • Transport / Timeline / Sync:
    • Playback start was often inaccurate.
    • Export Markers to CSV with project offset was not correct at 23.98 fps.
  • Video:
    • Y-channel (Red) was missing from Apple Jpeg Codec (through a Blackmagic card).
    • Some h264 coded videos could not properly be imported.
    • Heavy GUI activity and Stationary Cursor caused video picture to stutter.
    • Jerky playback over Blackmagic and AJA video cards fixed.
    • Picture aspect ratio was incorrect with some video files.
    • Jerky playback over firewire DV converters fixed.
  • VST / Plugins / Audio Engine:
    • Crash when loading a project using TC Powercore plugins when hardware is not present - fixed.
    • Crash when previewing plug-in as offline process - fixed.
    • Cut Routing for a "mono to stereo" plugin was not saved.
    • Postfilter forgot slope setting.
    • Duplicate Tracks+ alt+shift removed plug-in.
    • Possible VSTBridge crash fixed.
    • MediaBay did not show RoomWorks / RoomWorks SE presets.
    • MixerDelay plugin always overwrote existing automation.
    • Link-state of mixer channels gets lost using the mouse-wheel to adjust fader.
    • Host-synced plug-ins sometimes went out if sync.
  • System and Connectivitiy: Potential crash after some minutes "without reason" fixed.
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