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Synthmaker v0.9.5l released

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Outsim has released Synthmaker v0.9.5l.

New Components:

  • Linear Gradient
  • Radial Gradient
  • System Fonts

New Modules:

  • Label
  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse
  • MIDI to Poly
  • Hz to 0-1
  • 0-1 to Hz

Additions and fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when using Time Info to get sample rate in schematics that use ASIO Out.
  • ADSR was hanging the application when using negative sustain values.
  • When using the Drag Accumulate components the mouse capture can fail to release under very specific (but rare) circumstances.
  • The GetPixel and SetPixel components were not handling out of range coordinates.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging from the toolbox and dropping outside of the target window.
  • Bitmaps were not being copied when dragging modules to the toolbox.
  • CPU meter was sometimes giving figures above 100%.
  • Improvements to the update mechanism to improve performance when editing large schematics.
  • Front panel off-screen feedback, force visible and fine mouse.
  • Fixed a small bug in the navigator which was making it draw incorrectly in between loading schematics.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when using the Synchronise Painter inside a synchronised module.
  • The 2K wavetables for the built in sawtooth and triangle oscillators are now written to a file to improve startup times.
  • The automatic conversion from String to String Format wasn't working through module outputs.
  • When using the Font component, Arial is now used in the event of you specifying a typeface that is not available on the host system.
  • Updated all the built in modules to include the recent updates.
  • Filled Round Rectangle and Round Rectangle components were not drawing correctly.
  • Knob module ctrl click to acquire default value was not working.
  • Switching off Direct Sound Out and ASIO Out will prevent automatic recompiling when editing which can sometimes cause a lag.
  • New frequency modules for switching between Hz and normalized (0-1) systems.
  • Enhancements to Front Panel editing for out of view items.
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