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TallKite Software releases alt-tuner 1.0 - Microtonal MIDI Jesusonic Plug-in for Reaper

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TallKite Software has released alt-tuner, a Jesusonic plug-in which retunes a MIDI keyboard or softsynth microtonally.

  • Recreate historical tunings like pythagorean, meantone and well-temperaments.
  • Stretch piano tuning -- create custom Railsback curves.
  • Explore ethnic tunings like Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Indian and Indonesian.
  • Investigate experimental tunings like 22 notes to the octave, etc.
  • Or just use the adaptive just intonation feature to make "normal" music sound smoother.


  • Switch tunings mid-song via pedals and keyswitches.
  • Retroactive retuning window allows retuning of notes already played.
  • Multi-keyboard and multi-player support: retune multiple synths at once.
  • Novice-friendly "point-and-click" interface.
  • Immediate visual feedback with lattice, graph and table views.

Example tunings:

  • Traditional 5-limit just intonation.
  • 7-limit just intonation, 11-limit just intonation, etc.
  • Historical temperaments like meantone and well temperament.
  • Stretched piano tunings -- create your own Railsback curves.
  • Tempering of any comma or group of commas.
  • Adaptive just intonation (just chords, but tempered modulating intervals).
  • Adaptive tuning (tempered chords, and differently-tempered modulating intervals).
  • EDOs (equal division of an octave) like 5-EDO, 19-EDO, 22-EDO, etc.
  • Fine tuning of individual notes via pitchbend wheel or mouse clicks.
  • Stretched/compressed tunings (all intervals are widened or narrowed proportionally).
  • Remapped tunings (in which the keys run out of order).
  • Non-octave tunings (tunings that repeat at intervals other than an octave).
  • Non-12 tunings (tunings that repeat after more or less than 12 keys).
  • Non-octave AND non-12 tunings like Bohlen-Pierce (tempered or just).

Alt-tuner is a Jesusonic plug-in that runs inside Reaper. Users of other DAWs must use Rewire, and a virtual MIDI cable.

Price: $99 - $150 sliding scale.

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