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Musikmesse 2011

Musikmesse 2011: Tekky Synths releases Fly-Drums v1.0

Fly-Drums by Tekky Synths is a drum-machine to make drum patterns on the fly. It has no hidden controls, everything is there, on the front panel.

fly-drums-v1.0.gif Designed to quickly create drum grooves ranging from dancehall and dubstep, to trance and techno, passing thru pop, Fly-Drums fits well in the "I need a beat... fast" VST folder for everyday composition crisis... With lots of random options (samples, pitch, pan, decay, pattern, etc.), real-time MIDI control, an intuitive GUI, an efficient workflow, automatic save/recall presets when closing/opening projects in host, an open architecture to load user drum-kits, Fly-Drums is a flexible, convenient and creative drum-machine.

As Fly-Drums accepts all wav files (44100Hz, 16-/24-bit Wav), users cannot only load their own sample-based drum-kits, but they can also load vocal samples, drum loops or entire songs. Fly-Drums becomes then the perfect tool for stutter effects, glitchy sequences or sliced/reordered new creative patterns. Add a complete multi-pole filter section with StepLFO modulation and a powerful FX unit to that.

Fly-Drums features:

  • Loads any 44100Hz, 16-/24-bit Wave file.
  • 4 instruments (players).
  • Loads 1 entire sample folder in memory per player (convenient to build drum-kits e.g. 1 folder for kicks, 1 for hihats, 1 for snares and 1 for toms).
  • Individual random sample selection per player.
  • 1 detuner per instrument (octave/semi-tone).
  • Random option for individual detuners.
  • Mute for each instrument.
  • 4x 16 steps sequencers.
  • Individual timing selection per sequencer.
  • Individual Random pattern option per sequencer.
  • 2 "Lock 'n' Load" user patterns per sequencer with selection by any MIDI CC (with MIDI learn).
  • 1x initiate pattern button.
  • Shift pattern option per sequencer (left/right).
  • Individual decay, pan and gain for each player.
  • Main detuner with (semi-tone/fine).
  • Comprehensive random options: 1x no player1 random button (apply random on player 2.3.4 sequencer patterns, to keep the kick pattern for example), 1x full random button (apply random on all sequencer patterns), samples, pitch, etc.
  • Global shift (left/right) and 2 pattern alteration mode (with/without player 1).
  • 1x multi-pole filter (12/24db) with cutoff, reso, pitch tracking, high-shelf filtering and boost level.
  • 1x StepLFO filter modulation controlled by the master filter envelope: with adjustable timing, 16 steps, shift left/right, random, 8 lock 'n' recall memory slots. Can be turned on/off with any CC and patterns can also be selected with any CC (thru MIDI learn).
  • Simplified FX rack controlled by random - click until you like...
  • 1x stereo widener/boost FX based on random settings.
  • 1x reverb based on random settings.
  • 1x BPM delay with feedback and mix level control knobs, and random option.
  • 1x phaser unit.
  • Accurate MIDI sync.
  • Complete new MIDI learn system implementation (now works in Cubase5).
  • New double-click on knobs to restore default value.
  • Collect samples feature: copy all used samples in /Fly-Drums kit folder. (handy to create drum-kits from various samples banks.
  • 2 banks to get started (15 trance patches & 15 break patches).

Pricing & Availability

Fly-Drums costs €45 and is available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.

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