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Tone2 releases BiFilter v1.0

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Tone2 has announced the release of version 1.0 of BiFilter.

BiFilter is a stereo filter VST effect plug-in for Windows which uses a high precision "direct form 2" filter model with a "ripple less than 1dB". It supports linear behaviour over the whole frequency range from less than 20 Hz up to 20000 Hz and brilliant, controllable resonance.


  • 28 filter types:
    1. Lowpass 30dB
    2. Highpass 30dB
    3. Bandpass 15dB
    4. Notch
    5. Fat lowpass octave
    6. M-Shape
    7. Dual Formant
    8. Waldorv Lowpass
    9. Fat highpass
    10. Para bandpass
    11. Equalizer
    12. Vocals
    13. Vocal A
    14. Vocal U
    1. Vocal E
    2. Vocal I
    3. Vocal O
    4. Phaser
    5. Low shelf
    6. High shelf
    7. Fat lowpass
    8. Fat lowpass 7th
    9. Lowpass like
    10. Highpass like
    11. Elliptic Lowpass
    12. Elliptic Highpass
    13. Peak EQ wide
    14. Peak EQ tight
  • 7 distortion types (anti-aliased):
    1. Bypass
    2. Hard clipping
    3. Tube amp
    4. Presence
    1. Wave wrapping
    2. Wave shaping
    3. Bit crushing
  • Input mono/stereo; Output stereo.
  • Ray-traced GUI.
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