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ToneBoosters has announced that all its VST plug-ins have been updated to version 2.6 which also sees the release of a new plug-in, TB ReelBus, priced at €10.

TB ReelBus is an analog tape recording simulator that aims at accurate simulation of all properties related to tape, including its frequency and level dependent saturation, inter-modulation effects, bias dependencies, tape hiss, asperity noise, wow and flutter, and clipping of electronic circuitry. It is especially suitable for bus processing (including the master bus) to subtly sweeten and enhance the sound.

TB ReelBus currently contains 7 preset recorder simulations, which can be adjusted individually by offsetting the tape hiss, asperity noise, amount of spectrum and saturation processing, and alike.


  • Very low-latency processing (only 4 samples delay).
  • Support of all sampling rates from 44.1 up to 192 kHz.
  • Adjustable record level with auto level makeup option.
  • Accurate simulation of existing reel-to-reel recorders with different tape speeds.
  • Adjustable tape hiss and asperity noise levels.
  • Adjustable tape spectrum and tape saturation.
  • Adjustable wow and flutter strength.
  • Option to amplify bias strength for overbiasing.
  • Simulation of both tape saturation as well as analog circuitry clipping.
  • Calibrated analog VU meters.
  • Each and every processing element carefully modeled after analog circuits and filters.
  • Based on the VST 2.4 specification to allow compatibility with virtually all host programs.

Changes in v2.6:

  • All plugins:
    • Reduced CPU load if GUI is not visible and/or with silence as input.
    • Added info buttons.
    • Fixed mouse wheel operation for knobs with non-linear/logarithmic behavior.
    • Fixed compatibility with Adobe Premiere CS5.5 – x64.
    • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Barricade:
    • Resolved peak hold issue with digital silence input signals.
    • Redesigned user interface.
  • Reverb: Added modulation option for a more natural reverberation tail.
  • DeEsser:
    • Added new stereo link, attack and release controls.
    • Improvements in sibilance detection algorithm.
  • EBULoudness: Fixed compatibility with some hosts on stereo tracks (Steinberg Wavelab).
  • IsoneSurround: Fixed compatibility with some hosts on stereo tracks (e.g. Steinberg Wavelab).
  • Equalizer:
    • Spectrum view now switches to bar graph if analyzer bandwidth >= 0.3 octaves.
    • Resolved subtle zipper noises resulting from spectrum analyzer bandwidth changes.
  • ReelBus: First release.
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