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Torn Sub releases Fanan - Oriental Keys VSTi for Windows

Torn Sub has released Fanan, a virtual analog style lead synth that was created to achieve a wide range of oriental instruments. Fanan Combines 3 oscillators. These oscillators function as three sound engines, each with a bank of 64 waveforms. Each sound engine has a secondary engine which gives the user the ability to morph one waveform with another and to combine the 3 oscillators together.

The feature that is designed to distinguish Fanan from similar products is the main control panel, which functions as a one-click preset manager, which allows manoeuvring between the various instruments with a single button click.

Fanan's synthesis section includes 64 waveforms per oscillator, divided into 8 banks with morphing possible between 2 different waveforms per oscillator, 5 modes filter (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject, peak), filter envelope, octave changer and fine-tuning.

Under the MIDI section, there are 2 new features: Velocity Limiter- the MIDI velocity role to restrict certain maximum power, so that the signal will never pass this value. There is also MIDI Octaver that will allow a user to play two different notes at the same time. This feature is intended to be particularly effective when playing various stringed instruments in eastern and Balkan genre. Likewise, there is an advanced mono mode and portamento effect.

There are 4 built-in effects; tube amplifier, phaser, chorus and delay.

For traditional oriental music players, there is an advanced micro-tuner. this micro-tuner allows a user to play quarter tones or any other fixed tone that appear between +100 to -100 cents. The keyboard can be divided into 5 octaves. Each octave gets it's own page on the panel so the user may wander between pages and change any note separately or use the global controller and change the same specific note in all octaves. The user may also reset each octave to zero or reset all the octaves with only one button click. there is also a possibility to save tunes to a file and load them later.

Full features list:

  • "One click" master menu (instruments, synthesis, MIDI\effects).
  • "One click" preset menu.
  • Traditional preset manager.
  • Load\save bank possibility.
  • "One click" oscillator menu.
  • Oscillator's on-off knob.
  • 1 Main waveforms bank per oscillator.
  • 1 Secondary waveforms bank (for morphing) per oscillator.
  • Master volume knob.
  • Master pitch band range knob.
  • Waveform display window.
  • "Morph waveform 1+2" knob per oscillator.
  • Waveform octave per oscillator.
  • Waveform fine-tune per oscillator.
  • Key velocity (MIDI note's velocity gain) per oscillator.
  • Amp envelope per oscillator.
  • Amp LFO per oscillator.
  • 5 States filter per oscillator (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject, peaking).
  • Filter envelope per oscillator.
  • MIDI "octaver" effect.
  • MIDI limiter.
  • MIDI fixed velocity.
  • Mono mode button (per oscillator).
  • Portamento knob for glide effect.
  • "Hold stolen note" button.
  • "Re-trigger stolen" button.
  • "Re-trigger new note" button.
  • MIDI learn possibility for every Significant knob.
  • Global micro-tuner (-100 to +100 cents per note).
  • Master tube amplifier effect.
  • Master phaser effect.
  • Master chorus\flanger effect.
  • Master reverb effect.
  • Master delay effect.
  • Virtual MIDI keyboard.
  • Zoom menu (on stand alone).

Price: $39 for three computers on the first purchase for both Windows VSTi and stand-alone versions. Each extra license will cost $13.



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