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TSC updates Tracktion to v5.3.6

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Tracktion Software Corporation recently updated Tracktion to v5.3.6.

Changes since v5.2.4


  • Enabled colour editor.
  • fix for new marker clip type on track pop-up menu.
  • fix for recording MIDI in merge mode not updating immediately.
  • fix for rendering racks with no audio inputs.
  • fix for track meters on external MCU devices.
  • fix for ReWire output channels not updating.
  • improved controller mappings editor text colour.


  • clean-ups in marker track and tempo track right-click menu.


  • fix for dragging clip edges with seconds/milliseconds display time.
  • fix for dragging MIDI notes with a loop-offset.
  • added an option to auto-show the note automation editor.


  • fix for restoring automation curve visibility.
  • ensured only fades within the marked region are copied when using "Copy Marked Section".


  • fix for note lengths when apply grooves to selected notes.
  • fix for position of new rendered tracks.
  • fix for stuck notes with certain synth plugins when using the hold pedal.
  • added a setting to avoid reloading Edits upon launch (in the General Settings page).


  • added an option to position the transport when dragging in the timeline.
  • fix for track location when pasting multiple clips including marker clips.
  • fixed a crash when rendering certain plugins.
  • fix for alternative key mappings.
  • fix for CPU usage of plugins on muted tracks.
  • fix for length of rendered clips.
  • fix for BWAV start time of recorded files.


New Features:

  • new high quality audio thumbnails (these can be turned off from the options menu).
  • new feature: Plugins side panel. Quickly search your plugins and drag them to a track.
  • new feature: Clip rendering. Quickly render multiple clips (including MIDI or step) to new audio clips.
  • new feature: MIDI Comping. Edit MIDI takes using swipe comping.
  • new feature: Create audio comps. Select any number of clips to create a new audio comp.
  • new feature: Record to note automation. Record MIDI CC messages directly to note automation for easier editing.
  • new feature: Multi-channel MIDI output. Select a number of channels to output overlapping MIDI notes to. Great in combination with note automation to get true polyphonic pitch bends.

Fixes and misc improvements:

  • fixed scanning for plugins that show windows during the scan.
  • fix for making new clips the size of the marked region.
  • fix for copy and pasting automation.
  • fix for recorded MIDI note lengths.
  • fix for a project not closing from the projects page.
  • fix for duplicating comps clips.
  • fix for edit clips being forced to re-render on project launch.
  • fix for the "Pass Through Filters" option not being used in track and edit clip renders.
  • improved audio comp rendering and allowed for creating copies of comps.
  • added a progress wheel and stop control to the file browser.
  • added support for MIDI polyphonic aftertouch. Select the current note by clicking on the piano keys.
  • add the ability to render multiple tracks together.


  • fix for recorded MIDI note lengths.
  • fix for exporting MP3s with quoted ID3 tags.
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