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u-he launches Bazille Patch Competition #3

The u-he patch competitions have returned. With Bazille currently in public beta, u-he looks to stir your creative juices with a series of patch competitions leading up to the release. The first and second parts have already finished with the winners announced - you can see and download all submissions and find out who won in Part 1 and Part 2.

Now, Part 3 of the Bazille Patch Competition is starting – your chance to get involved and win u-he products. As always, this competition is divided into categories to showcase different features of Bazille.

For Part 3 you can enter patches in one or all of the following 4 categories:

  1. The Modular Lead - Synth sounds that beg to be played on a Keytar, patches that invite virtuosity yet still bear the Bazille 'stamp'.
  2. Drums & Percussion - One-shot drum and percussion sounds. Realistic or otherwise. No loops, but expressive percussion sounds, kits, bongos or even church bells.
  3. Mod Sequencer Abuse - The technical innovation category: the Modulation Sequencer. Can it make a sound on its own? How far can you go beyond one-finger-melodies?
  4. Monster From The Deep, episode 3 - This is the freestyle category. RELEASE THE BEAST.

Score Brownie points. Make sure that your patches:

  • use ModWheel, Velocity and Aftertouch to do audible things.
  • have their output volume set sensibly i.e. peak somewhere around -6dB for one voice (monophonic patches) or three voices (polyphonic patches) at full velocity.
  • don't have a prefix with your name that we need to edit out.
  • have a distinctive name. This can be descriptive, but shouldn't be too bland ("Pluck 1" or similar).

If two presets are competing for a prize, Brownie points will apply.


Patch design must start from the initial state of Bazille, or the included initialize patch - i.e. don't start by modifying someone else's preset.

To participate: download the latest Bazille beta, warm up the speakers, load up on coffee and get patching.

When you are ready, send submissions via e-mail to competitions@u-he.com – and please mention "Bazille PC#3" and the category in the subject line, e.g. "Bazille PC#3 Drums & Percussion". This means that if anyone wants to take part in all categories, 4 separate emails are needed. You can send up to 3 patches for each category. If more than 3 presets are sent per category, 3 of them will be randomly chosen.

Of course each email submission must contain the name of the participant. Author names will be stripped from the presets in the voting phase, and added back in afterwards.

Deadline: You have about 10 days. The deadline is July 17th at 12.59 pm Central European Time. If you send on the 16th, you'll be on the safe side:-)

Voting: Once submissions are closed, it will take a couple of days for the downloads to be prepared. When ready, all presets will be posted in the u-he support forum, anonymized, along with a public poll for each category. Everyone can name their favourite preset in each category. Those votes will be counted and the preset with the most votes is the winner in that category.

Fine Print: Participants agree that u-he reserves the right to make received presets publicly available without further consent, either as download or bundled with the final version of Bazille itself.

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