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Westgatesounds releases Anomaly XII - Choirs of the Dead in sfz, SF2 & WAV formats

Westgatesounds has released Anomaly XII, a sample pack that features 60 all new sounds created from the DNR Collaborative Developers Pack and other sources. It is a mixture of single sampled and multi sampled sounds. There are 28 Atmospheres and 32 sounds in the "Choirs of the Dead" for a total of 60 sounds as *.sfz and *.wav files.

Westgatesounds says "Anomaly XII started out as another Atmospheric soundset until I came across the Abstract Vocal samples in the DNR Collaborative Dev Pack. Choirs of the Dead came about as I experimented with those samples. Many of the sounds were made using 2 instances of the Anomaly VSTi, each instance using the 2 Wavseq slots and two separate FX chains. The original samples were, most of the time, pitch shifted higher and re-sampled. Then they were joined to themselves in an audio editor so they could be looped. Then brought back into the Anomaly VSTi to make the finished sounds."

"We hope you enjoy the weirdy, waily goodness we had fun creating. A special thank you goes out as well to Old Boy for additional sources."

Preset Details:

  • There are 50 multi sound presets by Daniel Kemp for Wusikstation/Wusik Engine products Version 5.8.2 and above, as well as 32 single sound template presets for the Choirs of the Dead sounds to use as starting points - for a total of 82 presets.
  • There are 57 multi sounds presets for Dimension Pro, as well as 32 single sound template presets for the Choirs of the Dead - for a total of 89 presets.
  • There are 52 multi sound presets for Rapture, as well as 32 single sounds template presets for the Choirs of the Dead - for a total of 84 presets.
  • There 60 *.nki presets for Kontakt 2 and above and 103 *.nkm presets for Kontakt 3.5 and above. Many of the *.nkm presets take advantage of Kontakt scripting engine to provide wailing harmonization for the Choirs of the Dead.
  • There are 32 single sound presets for the Choirs of the Dead in a *.glo file and 52 multi sounds presets for Absynth 3 in a *.glo file, 32 single sound presets for Choirs of the Dead and 52 multi sound presets as *.ksd files for Absynth 4 and 32 single sound presets for Choirs of the Dead and 52 multi sound presets as *.nabs files for Absynth 5.
  • The *.sf2 version is 60 mono single samples in one *.sf2 file - 90 Mb.


  • The SFZ and WAV version is $20.
  • The SF2 version is $15.
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