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Xhun Audio has released its new product IronAxe and launched a Special Introductory Offer.

IronAxe is a Physical Modeling simulation of one of the most popular and loved electro-acoustic instrument: the Electric Guitar.

Technology Overview

The result of two years of research and development, IronAxe simulates the physics of all the acoustic and electronic components found in the original instrument, preserving the same nuances and multi-techniques playability impossible to perform on standard frozen-sounding sampled instruments.

The main goal of this kind of approach adopted by Xhun Audio is to break with the past - forgetting all the old, expensive, bulky sample libraries to embrace a new generation of alive, expressive, physical modeled instruments.

Make Your Own Instrument

With IronAxe you can build your custom Electric Guitar, choose Pickups type, number and position, set the Tone knobs to get the right sound, select the Plectrum hardness or pluck a String with fingers at any point along its length. And finally take real-time control of all this (and much more...) using a MIDI Keyboard or a real - natively supported - MIDI Guitar.

The included full set of analogue modeled Stompboxes, legendary Amp/Cabinets and Room Simulation, make IronAxe an advanced tool for guitar sound designing, without the need of additional and external software/hardware units.


  • Physical Modeling simulation of real electronic and acoustic components.
  • Sound manipulation at the source core. Sound is actually generated, not sampled.
  • True-to-life sound realism and articulations playability.
  • Super smooth dynamics - no velocity layers.
  • Instrument and Presets load in a flash.
  • Small memory footprint ( for both RAM and Hard Disk ).
  • Installs in less than a minute.
  • An all-in-one complete Electric Guitar + FX / Stompboxes + Amp / Cabinets setup.
  • Make in your productions complete and realistic Electric Guitar tracks with ease.
  • Choose your Guitar model : Solidbody with 2 or 3 Pickups (more will follow).
  • Excitation modeling : select the Plectrum hardness or pluck a String with fingers at any point along its lenght.
  • Strings modeling : independent simulation of each of the 6 (different) strings, with the possibility to choose strings material, set tension values and other.
  • Pickups modeling : select Pickups type (single-coil, humbucker, steelplate), number and place them into Guitar's body.
  • Performer's modeling, allowing real-time multi-techniques playability (Palm Muting, Tapping Harmonics, Strumming, etc...) using a standard MIDI Keyboard.
  • Native Guitar Control : in addition to the classic MIDI Keyboard control system, IronAxe is designed to be an advanced tool for Guitarists - build your custom and physically accurate Electric Guitar and play it through a real MIDI Guitar for high realism.
  • Master Compressor and Equalizer.
  • Four insert effects slots, featuring 10 analogue modeled Stompboxes (more will follow).
  • Amp/Cabinet simulation, featuring 6 legendary Cabinets (more will follow).
  • Full MIDI CC#s mapping.
  • Supported Sample Rates : 44.1 / 48 / 88.1 / 96 / 192 kHz.

Pricing and Special Introductory Offer

Available as a VSTi plugin for Windows with a MSRP of €149, IronAxe is shipping from May 7th, 2012, and for the first two weeks (from May 7th to May 20th) it will be available for a Special Introductory Price of €129 - 15% Off - from the online Xhun Audio Shop.

The Special Offer is valid for IronAxe (as a single product) as well as for the XA Complete Bundle, which includes all Xhun Audio products (LittleOne + IronAxe) in a single package, saving 25% on the final price (€149 instead of €194).

For additional infos, audio demos, video tutorials, visit www.xhun-audio.com.

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