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XT Software releases energyXT v2.06

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XT Software has released version 2.0.6 of energyXT.

Changes in v2.0.6:

  • Added tempo to MIDI mapping.
  • When using Multi-effect as insert FX, automation of power and wet/dry didn't work, now fix.
  • Removed VST entry from Shortcut list in Options, didn't have any actions associated with it.
  • Changed default shortcut for Loop to "L" and Record to "R" (more laptop friendly).
  • Country specific characters wasn't supported in Rename and File dialogs, now fixed.
  • MIDI controlling synthesizer didn't update the value boxes, now fixed.

Changes in v2.0.5:

  • Added Ctrl + B as default shortcut for "Bounce to new audio track".
  • Mixer filter popup was showing"Comps" instead of "Components", fixed.
  • Cancel Bounce to track would create an empty audio file, now delete from disk.
  • Shortcut text for scroll up/down octave in Setup was reversed, now fixed.
  • Added limit to zoom-in.
  • Saving a project with audio folder to new location, will make copy of files in audio folder and store it in the new location.
  • You can now copy linked files to audio folder, without having to create the audio folder first. (Project must be saved).
  • You can now copy ALL samples to audio folder.
  • Added icons to browser.
  • Added option to add/change VST plugin folder(s) when opening a project with VST not found.
  • Some shortcuts keys wasn't displayed properly in options (INS, PAGEUP/DOWN, END).
  • Read/write AIF files.
  • Comps in Browser renamed to "Components", Comps in Tab bar renamed to Modular (only in New projects), Duplicate renamed to Repeat.

Changes in v2.0.4:

  • You can now route MIDI tracks to audio and drum (for automation over multiple clips).
  • Record automation directly from VST GUI and mixer channel.
  • You can now copy samples to project audio folder.
  • Added option to remove and delete unused samples from project.
  • Render to wav will now set project name as default filename.
  • Add audio track will now automatically route default audio in to the track.
  • Position/time display in transporter.
  • External MIDI out (win).
  • You can now map MIDI cc to transporter play, stop, rew and record (double-click to MIDI learn).
  • You can now customize GUI.
  • Added time-sig to sequencer.
  • Fixed. Clicking on a multi-sample audio part while the Direction or the Resample dropdown menu is open causes a crash.
  • Fixed. Crash when you add a VST with no audio outs as a send effect.
  • Fixed. Previewed (clicked in browser) samples aren't released from memory.
  • VST version: removed settings for audio/MIDI from the Setup window, not needed.
  • Drop sample in sequencer will now update audio pool.
  • Freeze, render to track and audio recording will now auto create audio folder for project if needed.
  • Added MIDI input sensitivity on MIDI and drum tracks.
  • Changing track while playing MIDI keyboard resulted in hanging notes, now fixed.
  • Metronome out of sync if jumping to locators while playing, now fixed.
  • Tab and return key didn't work with RGB values in color dialog, now fixed.
  • Some VST MIDI only plugins didn't work properly, now fixed.
  • Fixed bug with dragging file form browser in VST version.
  • Saving project with missing or faulty plugins could corrupt project, now fixed.
  • Project folder in browser now only shows folders with xt files (also hiding audio folders).
  • Tooltip is now displayed in the main toolbar, also showing the shortcut key.
  • Changing the keyboard shortcuts wasn't saved, now fixed.
  • The File dialog was not showing long filenames properly, now fixed.
  • Browser will now hide all sub folders that doesn't contain VST plugins.
  • Browser will now show only files of interest for presets, plugins, clips and samples.
  • Using plugin folders with '[' and ']' in the folder name didn't show in browser, now fixed.
  • Browser listing wasn't alphabetical on all file systems, now fixed.
  • Drop preset in synth will now replace current preset, unless when in the "Bank" page.
  • Added undo support for drag & drop synth preset.
  • Added ctrl up/down as shortcuts for move tracks up/down.
  • Size of browser is now a global setting and not saved per project.
  • Popup piano roll didn't scroll all the way down to C-2, now fixed.
  • Added about menu link to tutorials and homesite.
  • Save synth program, will now suggest program name as file.
  • Added drag & drop window.
  • VST effect version didn't have any sound in some hosts (Live, FL Studio), now fixed.
  • In VST version tempo and loop was still locked to host when external sync disabled, now fixed.
  • Scrolling in-track MIDI track didn't update piano display, now fixed.
  • Jamstix didn't sync and update GUI properly because of timeinfo incomplete, now fixed.

Changes in v2.0.2:

  • Added triplets to arpeggiator.
  • Fixed automation bug.
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