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XT Software

XT Software releases energyXT v2.5.2

XT Software has announced the release of version 2.5.2 of energyXT. It includes Live Markers functionality for live production, improved workflow and auto update.

  • Live markers: The new live markers feature enables you to play with arrangements on the fly, making it much easier to experiment with different arrangements of your tracks. Once you find an arrangement you are happy with, you can turn it into a full arrangement with the click of a button. Furthermore, the live markers can be very effective in live situations, when you need to improvise arrangements on the fly.
  • Improved workflow: The new 2.5.2 release features tons of small improvements that add up to a significantly improved workflow.
  • Auto update: It's now easier than ever to ensure that you're running the latest version of energyXT. With the automatic update feature, energyXT can check for available updates and install them for you automatically.

Complete list of changes in energyXT 2.5.2:

  • Live markers in sequencer for live remixing and recording.
  • You can now use png for skinning the main transporter and the mixer volume knob.
  • Direct preview of REX and XTC files in browser.
  • Step recording of notes and drum events.
  • Note preview in piano-roll and drum editor.
  • Drag & drop replace and re-arrange samples in Drum editor.
  • Freeze will now bypass VST instruments also when song is stopped.
  • Added "Recent" VST plugins section to sequencer and mixer.
  • Auto update to latest version (final and/or beta versions).
  • You can now re-arrange tracks by drag & drop.
  • You can now import midifile from file menu.
  • Automation lookahead when starting/loop playback.
  • The sampler is now using note value and not midi number for displaying the org.key.
  • Modular view now has VST plugins on right-click menu.
  • Improved scrollbar behavior in sequencer.
  • When importing drum track xtc files, will now only merge samples if sample set is 100% identical in both file and track.
  • Changed order of EQ bands in mixer from low > high.
  • New shortcut (default '5') to rewind to last play position.
  • New shortcuts (default shift + 'x' and shift + ctrl + 'x') to toggle quantize values.
  • Added shortcut (default 'p') for preview on/off.
  • Importing from MIDI files will now get the midi channel from events if not specified on the track.
  • Added volume control for preview in browser.
  • Added new action for 'loop selection' (CTRL+P), without changing playback.
  • Various bug fixes.
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