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Yamaha updates Vocaloid 3 Editor to v3.0.4.1

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Yamaha has updated Vocaloid 3 Editor to version

VOCALOID3 V3.0.4.1 Update:

  • Fixed the problem of scroll bar when switching part.
  • Added "Show All Libraries" button to Library Import Tool. (For re-importing VOCALOID2 libraries because of replacing a hardware used for activation.).
  • Changed some messages when fail to startup.
  • Fixed problem of competing runtime libraries in specified environment.
  • Fixed the problem that Job plugins might not work or fail to add.

VOCALOID3 V3.0.4.0 Update:

  • Changing of vertical size of Control Parameter.
  • Note control via cursor (up-down).
  • Adjustment of notes and such via ALT key. (e.g. note, song-position...etc).
  • Adjusting the Musical Editor right-click menu.
  • Improving actions while multiple track parts are open in the Track Editor.
  • Improving thumbnail display while dragging parts in the Track Editor.
  • Adding "Each Vocaloid Sequence Track into a Separate File" function during Wave file export. (Consequently, when exporting selected tracks, effect sends are changed to OFF.).
  • Control of PATH files with Multibyte characters during Job plugin execution. (Consequently, this must be corrected as part of the plugin.).
  • Adding Timeout period settings regarding Update confirmation at startup.
  • Improved sound quality when sampling frequency of synthesis engine is set to 96kHz and 48kHz.
  • Improved total stability of software.

VOCALOID3 V3.0.3.0 Update:

  • Added a Level Meter and Peak Indicator in the Mixer Window. (*Not available to Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor).
  • Added the Phoneme Preferred Display.
  • Improved to the transparent display of the background parts. (*Not available to Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor).
  • Added a Phrase Lyric Display.
  • Improved to Insert Lyrics.
  • Released limitations on horizontal scrolling during playback.
  • Released limitations on changing VST plug-ins during playback.
  • Improved the Singer Display order.
  • Added an option to change the Control Parameter drawing actions to be V2 compatible.
  • Improved to the Control Parameter Display.
  • Added color changing to the Control Parameters.
  • Added being able to delete vibrato with the Eraser tool.
  • Added a breakpoint when holding down the Control Parameter Pane with the Pencil tool.
  • Added the "Change Position Here" in the right click menu.
  • Improved actions competing with IME when trying to start playback with the space bar.
  • Added moving only the End Marker by holding down [SHIFT] + left click above the Major Ruler.
  • Added directly inputting the Song Position value.
  • Added moving the Song Position by rotating the mouse wheel in the Song Position.
  • Saving the Quantize setting when the Editor is finished.
  • Maintained the height displayed when moving to another part in the Track Editor. (Movement taking conventional vertical position into consideration uses [ALT] + double click).
  • Added changing the Mute Solo status track by track even on the Track Editor.
  • Improved the Track Editor part display.
  • Improved actions related to the operation of Track Editor parts.
  • Added the current location display in the Track Editor.
  • Added optimizing part length by double clicking the right edge of the part in the Track Editor.
  • Improved the alternative processing of a Singer which can't be found and display when VSQX files are opened.
  • Paste compatibility when inputting serial codes.
  • Added a sub-window automatic layout.
  • No longer necessary to restart the Editor when setting the Mixer Float.
  • The value focused on when pushing [F2] in the Mixer becomes the input value.
  • Added Job Plug-in implementation and sorting of management screens.
  • Added new shortcuts.
  • Improved total stability of software.

VOCALOID3 V3.0.2.0 Update:

  • Improved total stability of software.

VOCALOID3 V3.0.1 Update:

  • Plays guide synthesis voice by clicking the left mouse button on the keyboard.
  • Plays guide synthesis voice by pressing and holding the left mouse button on a note.
  • New function to join two parts.
  • VST plugins that have no custom GUI are available.
  • Enable changing view of control parameters while playing sound.
  • Improved total stability of software.
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