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All KVR Audio news items relating to Battery

13 Mar 2014Uppercussion releases "Vocalisms" - vocal drum kits for Ableton Live, Maschine, Geist, Battery, and more

28 Feb 2014KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - The Results (Better Late Than Never!)

20 Dec 2013Standard Beat Co. 50% Off Holiday Sale

29 Nov 2013Native Instruments Thanksgiving XXL limited-time sales special

18 Nov 2013Standard Beat Company releases "CPI" in WAV, REX, Reason ReFill, Battery 4, Ableton Live, and Apple Loop formats

04 Nov 2013Groove Monkee Releases "Big Easy" MIDI Drum Loops

29 Oct 2013Native Instruments updates all Komplete Instruments and Effects - incl. 64-bit AAX

23 Oct 2013Stretch That Note releases 'Killa Kits' - Urban, Dance & Electronica Drum Library for Battery and Kontakt

10 Oct 2013Twisted Tools releases Metamorph - Sample library that fuses electroacoustic and designed sound effects

27 Sep 2013Wave Alchemy releases Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 1

26 Aug 2013Standard Beat Company "Back to School" Sale. One day only, 50% off everything

03 Aug 2013Sample Machine releases "Analog Claps" for Reason, Battery and Kontakt

25 Jul 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Trash Standard 1" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats

28 Jun 2013Groove Monkee releases "Breakbeats 1" MIDI Drum Loops

28 Jun 2013Drumdrops updates Premier Outfit 54 Kit - Multi-Velocity and Single Hits Packs to v1.1

16 Jun 2013Standard Beat Co. "No Class" 30% Off Summer Sale

10 Jun 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Dropstep" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats

15 May 2013Native Instruments updates Battery to v4.0.2

29 Apr 2013Wave Alchemy releases "Synth Drums" Drum Sample Library

15 Apr 2013Uppercussion and Icebreaker Audio release "Bitkits" - Ten free 8-bit drum kits for Maschine, Live, Geist and more

11 Apr 2013Native Instruments releases Battery v4.0.1 and Solid Mix Series v1.0.1

03 Apr 2013Sample Machine releases Classic Analog Drums for Reason, Kontakt and Battery

28 Mar 2013Groove Monkee releases "Blues Rock" MIDI loops

25 Mar 2013Thaloops releases "Ethnic Voices 1" - Traditional Singing Samples

11 Mar 2013Native Instruments Announces Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate (incl. Monark Monosynth & Battery 4 Drum Sampler)

11 Mar 2013Thaloops Releases 'Piano Shots 1' Piano Samples

01 Mar 2013Uppercussion releases "Conundrums" and "Monstrosities" for Maschine, Live, Geist, Battery, and more

25 Feb 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Black Surface Volume One" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats

13 Feb 2013Soundtrack Loops announces "Fresh Mood" Multi-format Loops and Samples

05 Feb 2013Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 05 by Delect" - Free Multi-Format Electronic Drum Kits

04 Jan 2013Groove Monkee releases "Country 2" MIDI Drum Loops

06 Dec 2012Homegrown Sounds releases "Virus Kits" for Battery & Kontakt and announces 50% Sale

23 Nov 2012Native Instruments 50% Off Komplete Instruments and Effects, Maschine Expansions and Traktor Pro 2

04 Nov 2012Groove Monkee releases "Hard Rock" MIDI Drum Loops

30 Oct 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 04 by Tonebuilder" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS24

21 Aug 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 03 by EVAC" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS24

08 Aug 2012Standard Beat Company releases free "Artifact 01" in Battery and WAV formats and announces 20% Off Summer Sale

18 Jul 2012Standard Beat Company releases "Plus Kit" in Battery, Kontakt, and WAV formats

24 Jun 2012Standard Beat Company releases "In Search Of Angels" in Battery and WAV formats

11 Jun 2012Standard Beat Company releases "Boiler Room Beats" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV and REX formats

07 Jun 2012Joe Satriani - Balancing Real-time with Non Real-time in the Real World

14 May 2012Standard Beat Company releases "Doom Dub" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV and REX formats

21 Apr 2012Standard Beat Company releases Dark Downtempo 4 in Battery, WAV and REX formats

11 Apr 2012Twisted Tools releases Micro Kits 02 by Glitchmachines

31 Mar 2012Groove Monkee releases Afro-Cuban Percussion MIDI (Battery)

26 Mar 2012Uppercussion releases Bomblastic - Hip Hop Drum Kits for Maschine, Battery, Geist and more

22 Mar 2012Native Instruments announces time-limited special upgrade offer on Komplete 8 (299 USD/EUR)

21 Mar 2012ModernBeats releases 'Supreme Snarez 2' Drum Samples

12 Mar 2012SoulViaSound releases Percussive for Maschine, Live and Battery

28 Feb 2012Twisted Tools releases Micro Kits 01 by Si Begg - Drum Kits for Maschine, Ableton, Kontakt and more

25 Nov 2011SoulViaSound Libraries releases Azalera - Unconventional Drum Library for Maschine and Battery

21 Nov 2011Twisted Tools releases Transform Sample Library by Jedsound

10 Nov 2011Groove Monkee releases "R&B 1 MIDI Beats" - Multi-format Loops

08 Nov 2011Loopboutique announces 35% Discount Offer and releases "Afri-Tech 2" Sample Pack

01 Sep 2011Native Instruments releases Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate

02 Aug 2011Native Instruments announces Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate

11 Jul 2011Native Instruments updates Battery to v3.2.2 (incl. Mac VST 64-bit)

07 Jul 2011Les Productions Zvon offers Summer Bundles

13 Jun 2011SoulviaSound releases Pathfinder drum library for Maschine and Battery

02 Jun 2011Native Instruments launches "Dive Into Summer" Special Offer for its Komplete Instruments and Effects range

23 May 2011Surround SFX releases Transistor Rhythm - High-End Drum-Library for Maschine, Battery and EXS-24 & 3 Free Kits

06 May 2011Groove Monkee releases Metal 2 - MIDI Loops

04 May 2011Twisted Tools releases "Glitchmachines: Elements" for Reaktor, Kontakt, Maschine, EXS and more (incl. MP16b Reaktor Ensemble)

21 Apr 2011Wave Alchemy releases Tape KPR-77 free sample pack of drum samples in Battery 3, Kontakt, and WAV formats

19 Apr 2011Uppercussion Releases Digicussion 1 - Synthetic drum kit library

31 Jan 2011Native Instruments releases Public Betas of Maschine v1.6 (incl. VST/AU Hosting) and Battery v3.2 (both for registered users)

13 Jan 2011Twisted Tools releases Richard Devine's Analogue Microcosm (incl. MP16 Reaktor Ensemble)

17 Dec 2010SoulviaSound releases Anamorphic for Maschine, Battery 3 and Kontakt 4

11 Nov 2010Channel Robot releases Solid Drums for Kontakt, Guru and Battery

20 Oct 2010Wave Alchemy releases "Deep Tech & Progressive" for for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ

14 Oct 2010Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 supports Native Instruments Komplete 7

13 Oct 2010Beatserv releases (h)IDM sound pack [WAV|Battery|Live]

13 Oct 2010MoReVoX releases DriveDrums V2 and ULTRADIMENSIONS for Drumagog 5 and Battery 3

09 Sep 2010plasticAge music releases MPC Battery I [MPC|Battery|WAV]

21 Aug 2010Native Instruments releases Battery 3.1.1 (incl. Mac 64-bit)

09 Jul 2010Loopmasters releases Audio Injection Vol. 2 [WAV|ACID|AL|REX|...]

17 Jun 2010ASK Video releases Battery 3 Tutorial

15 Jun 2010Native Instruments Launches the "Kickstart Your Summer" Special

23 Mar 2010Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 supports Native Instruments Komplete 6

15 Feb 2010MoReVoX releases Kaleidoscope - Drum Library [WAV|GOG|BAT]

22 Jan 2010Beatserv releases "Detroit" [WAV|BAT|LIVE]

18 Dec 2009Goldbaby Productions releases MPC60 Vol 3 (Finale) [BAT|GURU|...]

02 Oct 2009Native Instruments releases Absynth 5, Guitar Rig 4 Pro, Kontakt 4, and Komplete 6 (Kontakt v4.0.1 update available)

18 Sep 2009Native Instruments updates Battery to v3.0.6 (incl. x64)

02 Sep 2009Bitword releases Oxide Kits Vol. 2 [KON|BAT|...]

27 Aug 2009Goldbaby Productions releases CustomDMX - Drum Sample Library [BAT|WAV|GURU|REFILL]

10 Jul 2009Native Instruments releases Battery v3.0.5 public beta (for registered users)

03 Jul 2009Groove Monkee releases 'Rock 3: Contemporary' MIDI Beats Library

02 Jul 2009Native Instruments launches "Kompletely Insane" Special Offer for Komplete 5

12 Sep 2008Blue Sound Studios & GotchaNoddin.com release Club Bangin Kicks Vol.1 [KON|EXS|HAL|...]

22 Aug 2008Interview with Daniel Haver and Stephan Schmitt of Native Instruments

09 May 2008MoReVoX releases Elektromorph 2 [GOG|BAT|WAV]

30 Apr 2008Pettinhouse releases free Vinyl Drumkits - Electronic [BAT|KON|SF2]

22 Jan 2008GotchaNoddin releases Soul Vocals Vol.2 [KON|HAL|...]

17 Jan 2008Native Instruments announces four new Kore Soundpacks

17 Jan 2008Native Instruments updates Battery (v3.0.4), Elektrik Piano (v1.5.0 R4), B4 II (v2.0.4), PRO-53 (v3.0.5) and Kontakt Player (v2.2.4)

04 Jan 2008Goldbaby Productions releases The Tape909 [Battery|iDrum|Guru|...]

20 Dec 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt 2 (v2.2.4), Battery (v3.0.3) and KORE 1 Controller Driver (v1.6.7)

12 Dec 2007Muse Research now shipping Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside

16 Oct 2007Soniccouture releases Brush Kit for Kontakt and Battery for Free

05 Oct 2007Muse Research announces Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside at AES

04 Oct 2007Native Instruments introduces new pricing structure

13 Sep 2007Native Instruments announces new Komplete range (Komplete 5, Komplete Synths, Komplete Classics)

05 Sep 2007Goldbaby Productions releases The Tape808 [BAT|iDrum|Guru|...]

30 Aug 2007Bitword releases Oxide Kits Volume One for Live, Battery and ReDrum

02 Jul 2007Muse Research announces Receptor with Native Instruments Komplete 4 Pre-installed

18 Jun 2007Native Instruments releases free Battery 3 library add-on with exclusive artist kits

08 Jun 2007Native Instruments updates Battery to v3.0.2

16 May 2007GotchaNoddin releases Reggaeton Drums Vol.4 [KON|HAL|...]

02 May 2007Modern Beats releases Tru Bass 1 - Electric Six [KON|HAL|EXS|...]

08 Mar 2007Soniccouture release Konkrete 2 - Drum & Percussion Library (KON|HAL|EXS|BAT)

07 Feb 2007Precisionsound releases ARTificial Drums & Percussions (HAL|KON|BAT|008)

19 Jan 2007Native Instruments announces the NI Education Program

23 Nov 2006Native Instruments releases Battery 3 demo version

17 Nov 2006Native Instruments updates Battery to v3.0.1

24 Oct 2006Pettinhouse releases Vinyl Drumkits for Battery and Kontakt

16 Oct 2006Native Instruments releases Massive, Absynth 4, Battery 3, FM8 and Komplete 4

14 Sep 2006Native Instruments announces Komplete 4 (+discontinues Intakt & Kompakt)

14 Sep 2006Native Instruments announces Battery 3 (incl. Universal Binary)

28 Jul 2006NI Battery v2.1 now available on Receptor (User Installable)

13 Jul 2006Native Instruments releases Battery v2.1.5

01 Feb 2006Soniccouture releases Abstrakt: Konkrete (KON/BAT/HAL/EXS/NNXT)

14 Dec 2005Soniccouture Christmas Offer (+ Free Kontakt2 downloads)

24 Oct 2005Soniccouture announces release of Variable Ambience Drums (KON/BAT)

24 Oct 2005ModernBeats releases Brass Elementz 2 (HAL/KON/EXS/BAT)

10 Oct 2005Native Instruments launches NI Essentials

10 Oct 2005Native Instruments announces updated NI Komplete product range

19 May 2005ModernBeats releases Brass Elementz 1

25 Apr 2005NI releases Synthetic Drums 2

06 Apr 2005Native Instruments announces Synthetic Drums 2

23 Mar 2005ModernBeats releases Vintage Machinez 1

15 Mar 2005NI Komplete Sound now available in stores

20 Jan 2005Native Instruments announces NI Komplete Sound

16 Dec 2004NI Battery v2.1 released

07 Dec 2004Native Instruments announces NI Komplete Care 2005

06 Dec 2004NI Komplete 2 now includes Battery 2 and Absynth 3

11 Nov 2004NI Battery 2 demo version now available

25 Oct 2004Native Instruments Battery 2 released

15 Oct 2004IK Multimedia releases Six Sonik Capsules

12 Oct 2004ModernBeats releases Vinyl Scratchez 2

01 Oct 2004Native Instruments announces Battery 2

05 Aug 2004Okinawan Tradition (Sample CD) released

26 Jul 2004New banks for Battery, EXSP24 & RMIV

12 Jan 2004Native Instruments Battery v1.3.2 released (OS X)

14 Dec 2003Native Instruments Battery updated to v1.3.1 (OS X)

06 Nov 2003NI Kontakt v1.5 & Battery for OS X released

22 Sep 2003New patches/kits for Battery, Crystal and Reaktor

10 Sep 2003New banks for Ambience, Angelina and Battery

09 Jul 2003New banks for Albino, Battery and Neon

08 Feb 2003FXpansion DR-008 Crossgrade Offer

10 Jan 2003TR-808 kit for Battery/HALion/Kontakt/LM-4 1 & 2

23 Nov 2002SoundZone.info : Free Kontakt, Battery & LM-4 banks/patches

31 Oct 2002New Battery Drum Kit

29 Oct 2002New banks for Absynth, Battery, Slayer and MonoPoly 16

09 Sep 2002Native Instruments Synthetic Drums now shipping

06 Apr 2002New tutorials added

03 Mar 2002Manytone Music Acoustic MutiSampled Drums for Battery

17 Jan 2002NAMM News: Sound Line content for Battery & FM7

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