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 Bitwig Studio by Bitwig is an Audio Plugin Host. It can host VST Plugins and VST 3 Plugins.
Bitwig Studio
Bitwig Studio Bitwig Studio Bitwig Studio Bitwig Studio
Product Bitwig Studio
Developer Bitwig
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$449.99 / €329.00 / £279.00
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Bitwig Studio is a multi-platform music-creation system for production, performance and DJing, with a focus on flexible editing tools and a super-fast workflow.

Features in v1.0:

  • Multitrack recording: Record and produce your music in a super-fast, intuitive workflow. Bitwig Studio's arranger is a perfect mix of editing power, ease of use and flexibility.
  • Arranger clip launcher: A non-linear environment that lets you trigger clips in real-time. Perfect for sketching your songs more spontaneously.
  • Mixer clip launcher: An alternative view of the clip launcher aligned with the mixer, optimized for live performance and DJing.
  • Generic tracks: Tracks accept any kind of material. Audio and notes can live on the same track. You can bounce note clips to audio in place.
  • Clip automation: In addition to traditional track automation, automation can also be recorded and packaged inside clips, both on the clip launcher and the arranger.
  • Per-note automation: Pitch variations can be applied to individual notes directly in the piano roll. You can also edit a note's panning, timbre and volume curves.
  • Simultaneous multitrack editing: Edit contents of multiple tracks together. You can see them all juxtaposed and isolate only the ones you want to edit.
  • Multiple audio events per clip: An audio clip can contain multiple audio events. You can chop and edit audio files inside a clip non-destructively and loop it all as a package.
  • Real-time time stretching: Bitwig Studio's proprietary technology lets you match any audio material to the document tempo and get everything in sync.
  • World-class sound devices: Let's put it this way: You're gonna love these instruments and effects. Get great sounds in a matter of seconds.
  • Device nesting: Devices can contain other devices, and the whole package can be saved as a preset. Many of our instruments and effects use nesting in new and powerful ways.
  • 32/64-bit VST support: Use your beloved VST plug-ins. In case of a plug-in crash, a protective mechanism prevents the application from crashing and you from losing your work.
  • Metadata-based browser: Find your musical material quickly. Add tags and search by content type.
  • Open multiple documents: Exchange musical material between documents. Drag and drop, copy and paste back and forth.
  • Multi-monitor support: Bitwig Studio offers flexible screensets to take full advantage of your monitor configuration.
  • Slick user interface: Bitwig Studio's user interface has been meticulously crafted to make your music creation experience fun and intuitive.

Features coming after the 1.0 release
Bitwig Studio's base technologies already support the following features, which will be released in a later version:

  • LAN multi-user jamming: Multiple users can jam on the same document, and everything can be captured in the document's arrangement.
  • Multi-user music production over the Internet: Multiple users can compose music on the same document from different locations. Bitwig Studio keeps everything in sync.
  • Native modular system: Create your own instruments and effects or modify existing ones. Design their appearance and share them with the world.
Latest User Reviews Average user rating of 4.00 from 6 reviews

Reviewed By lriv5
November 21, 2017

All-around excellent DAW. Purchased Bitwig not long after seeing the announcement for Ableton Live 10 and being very disappointed. I've been a Live user since Live 7. It's been a great tool, but lacked a lot of workflow features that Bitwig simply nailed. The one flaw in Bitwig is that some of the buttons and functions onscreen aren't clear and can be a bit confusing. I find myself hovering over the buttons a lot to see if it's the function I want. That aside, it's a superb DAW with a great GUI, runs quickly with no crashes (yet) and the modulation possibilities are insanse. It allows for the intuitive and quick workflow of Live with excellent MIDI editing (like FL Studio). I was on the fence when it first launched. Got the demo version and wasn't terribly impressed, but with version 2, it really won me over. Highly recommend Bitwig.

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Reviewed By senioreglyde
May 7, 2017

I started using Bitwig 2 after obtaining the Roli Seaboard 49. After a while, I sold the Roli because Bitwig does MPE really easily with a mouse so after learning how it works, I went with the Nektar. Apparently, they need to re-calibrate Nektar to Bitwig 2 as the browser and presets have errors on them and some plugins won't work the same like the Korg Mono/Poly. It was mapped for Bitwig 1. That's really isn't saying much about Bitwig itself as software though. What I can say is that I have just fell right in love with it. The workflow is so well thought of. My favorite part is the clip launcher as it feels like a traditional DAW with automation and recording. Ableton wasn't as easy to use coming from Studio One V3. The Bitwig sampler works great with looping, the filter sounds the best that I have heard on a VST. I am used to Falcon by UVI and have a EMU 6400 Ultra and its quite close to that when it comes to holding the low end. The FX are really well done. Very usable. I also use a lot of UAD plugins so comparing to them, they fit well in the mix and not feeling that I need to purchase any other UAD plugs. Only reason why there is no 10 is because they still have some fixing to do with CPU compared to Studio One 3 which runs Imposcar at 10-15% of my CPU (i7 with 16 gigs of ram) That is even on every mode with Bitwig for Plugins settings. It spikes and it's about 25-50%. However, I don't leave plugins going all day long as I bounce when happy and re-sample if needed. Overall, workflow with Nektar is amazing still and when they fix up everything, itll be that much better but tbh, I use the mouse on things that slow me down with Nektar so its the ebst of both worlds. Programming synths it does amazing and if you save ur presets to bitwig browser then it's like having Komplete Kontrol for Bitwig. Oh, Bitwig Drum Machine, you can load VST Synths into it :D. You should download Bitwig 2 demo, it's a game changer. Very inspiring.

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Reviewed By seipster
October 28, 2016

I have owned BitWig since the first day of its release and must admit it was love at first sight. (So you might already see how this review is gonna conclude...)

What BWS provided me was what I had not found in Ableton, a fast workflow that bridged the way I worked in other my other DAWS (Cubase and Reaper) and live performance.

After some time I also found that the native plugs and instruments is really powerfull with a lot of functionality and sounds good.

I still use Reaper for tracking (Since its by far the fastest DAW I ever worked with for tracking), but all production, mixing and performance I now do in Bitwig.

I also love the fact that you get three licenses when you buy it so that you can have the Software both on a desktop machine in your studio and on a laptop (plus av bkup-laptop for redundancy) for live performance.

(And a big plus for giving the Linux crowd a really good pro DAW.)


+ Superfast intuitive workflow.

+ Very good for production, mix and live performance (I would use another DAW for tracking)

+ A lot og good native plugs and instruments.

+ Good multi-platform support (big plus for Linux)

+ Very good support for a wide vareity of controllers and open-source API for scripting new controllers.

+ Plus for giving three liscenes for three PCs/MACs when you buy it.

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Reviewed By yoshi303
September 21, 2015

hello, i will use the google trad button [FR>uk-us] to traduce what i really think about BITWIG STUDIO 1.2. If u can learn french u'll notice some differences...

lets go, .



(let's) BACK TO THE pH'UTURE ! (a new vulture is born)

(most people are afraid to step forward ...)

On which configuration you use this software?

Linux.. & also Win 10 x64 - i7 2600k - 16 GB RAM - 1 SSD 256 MB + 3x 1TB HDD ...

Saffire Pro 24 soundcard
4 synths HW .. twenty plugs (not more)

For what kind of use and music?

Electronic music...

Is it stable?

Yes always ! Bitwig never plant a current project or even the backups, it is programmed to display only one way INTERFACE "AND SEPARATELY treat all other AUDIO signals ds a different process. This makes it unique (level stability).
which means ... => if a plug plant just clik "reboot CE PLUG" program not crash. NO SOUND AND CUT IN LIVE. (no loss!)

Resource hungry?

no more than another xworkstation to my knowledge ...

Is the software well documented?

yes if you understand English / German or Japaneze which becomes mandatory spent these years ......

Is it easy to handle and to use?

SO !! This is unheard of, let's say .... finally cubase was nice (if u know how to fast do it well), studio one v2 also ... ableton live was not bad but too limited ds workflow that is "ke do what we think in less than 'a second".....

another +: I like to work on multiple projects simultaneously ds the same window (with a system of tabs ...), where I can insert from one to the other track / groups / effects .. "dessuite" as well .. !!!

The effects, instruments and sounds they are included good quality?

MADe IN GERMANY, Berlin !!!! (I mean it's SERIOUS!)

-the instrumentals included I tested too, just to point out that they are MODULAR / MODULAR ..... (More on bitwig)

-The factory sounds: we have some GOOD drum kits, of which the best known
I too tested the electro pianos (if y '?) ..

(all is downloadable from the update "collection tab"...)

+ EFFECTS (1A). (COME IN TO THE FACT!) -> Ki so for those accustomed to clik on a KNOWN button and pull the wheel UP DOWN .... you will POINT disoriented ...... (or not at all)

(found in most of Ableton Live plugs) but not all !!! for example it must be reported: you must disbursed to third plugin (3rd party) to have a "beat repeat" like Ableton Live .... ds
(this is where I find the price of bitwig a bit expensive compared to direct competition: live studio ....) 700€ vs 300...

+ EFFECTS BITWIG (1d) => Ableton' limit where you (for example) ds time a phaser over time .... LETS YOU BITWIG MODULATE ALL PARAMETERS OF EACH DEVICE INCLUDED !!! YES ALL .... !!! Over time, the delay, the wet / dry ... EVERYTHING .... ALL THAT IS INCLUDED so !!!! WELCOME 2020: D.

(enjoy MOD devices !!)

you can get out of the effects of ill ............ stuff follies, we're just limited by our imaghination and not by the program.

free AT LAST !!!!
(I never felt that way for almost 40 years spent on the synths and DAWS !!)


What are the things you enjoy most and least?

Ds + version 1.1 lacked groups (groups of groups etc ...)

(ds rectified this version 1.2 Beta7 now in my hands: D)

- I know if I get to get used to this new way ...BIG BROWSER media bay cubase .... I preferred that of the 1.1 ke k 'this is my opinion!

What aspects or functions did you choose this program over another?

+ I could also go to PRESONUS STUDIO ONE V3 TOP to me for contriving MASTERING (work in 64-bit audio !!!!)

+ but when it is .. CREATION, THE BASIS OF ITS ALL. I could not miss the session mode included ds=IN the arrange the window of bitwig ....
+ modular .......... syncronisables effects.

+stable core interface (can't crash, can you ?), stable 32-bits + 64-bits audio processes... like i said.

+ To sognaler: communaté DEVS ki supports PUSH FOR BITWIG, APC 40 FOR BITWIG etc ....

+ Is a console to edit MIDI controller etc ....


THE GERMAN BITWIG' are world champions. (I think they got tired of looking at it on the side when they hang redeeming feature in Ableton) so they created <<DAW>> for THE ULTIMATE DJ,



9.7 / 10.

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Reviewed By jaredf
June 29, 2014

Bitwig shows much promise however still lacks many basic features, multitimbral instruments, VST3 support, MIDI routing, automation tools, grouping, fades... + many more. But what it does do it does extremely well. Awesome modular system with incredible containers. I can't wait for this DAW to come of age and shed it's bugs.

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Discussion: Active
19 January 2012 at 8:43pm

This looks exciting! MAybe it will be the new king in town?

29 January 2012 at 4:09am

This does look like something I might buy! I can't wait to see how this program progresses!

Bill H.
Bill H.
30 January 2012 at 10:08am

Has anyone tried contacted them? I asked them (politely :) ) a few questions about sound quality and stability, no answer after more than a week.. :(

3 February 2012 at 3:45pm

Looks alot like Ableton Live... Interesting.

22 April 2017 at 3:07pm


9 February 2012 at 5:40pm

looks like something that the linux audio production world has been waiting for a long time. Interesting.

30 April 2012 at 4:43pm

still waiting for the Beta. I suggested a few features they should definitely have. Fingers crossed!

22 April 2017 at 3:07pm


5 June 2012 at 8:55am

Any news?

11 October 2012 at 2:44pm

Seeing as there is to be a Linux version can anyone confirm Bitwig will support JACK?

I wonder if those who signed up as beta testers and got chosen had to agree to an NDA?

11 October 2012 at 2:57pm

Yes it does support JACK.

22 April 2017 at 3:07pm


30 October 2016 at 12:34am

Hate to be that negative guy, but this DAW is a beta with a lot of problems for so many people (just read the forums). It has the potential to be the best but with heavy CPU-spikes, random crashes and lost songs and settings it is to stay away from... No need to start another debate, if it works for you, great! Just saying.

30 October 2016 at 2:34am

I have been pretty vocal about some of the crashes but they are quick to make things right. It has the best workflow I have experienced, very intuitive for me. It's worth sticking with if you want bleeding-edge features. Don't read into forum feedback too much, it is pretty solid overall. Adobe Creative Cloud stuff crashes from time to time too, and they are generally well-regarded as being stable and mature.

3 November 2016 at 4:12am

No legato clip mode. (http://answers.bitwig.com/questions/271/legato-clip-launch-mode?page=1#7487)

Touch mode is just for show, not for work as it misses a lot of critical functionality. (http://answers.bitwig.com/questions/6493/touch-screen-suggestions-tablet-mode?page=1#6501)

But finally this is a great product, with a lot of cool features comparing to ableton.

Mickey keys
Mickey keys
22 January 2017 at 7:40pm

Please we need a paint tool in the piano roll of BWS...... Its really important for drum sequencing... I think that's a big missing tool in BWS.... Especially considering hiphop trap producers that are many in this new age...

22 April 2017 at 3:08pm


22 January 2017 at 8:38pm

And I would love some sort of "auto-tune" for audio. I love BWS but when recording certain instruments I have to bounce the track to a file, move it into Logic on another computer, apply appropirat tuning, bounce that down to a new file and import that file into my Bitwig project. Takes a few extra minutes with a USB stick handy, but as I said it would be really great to do everything inside Bitwig.

11 March 2017 at 11:19am

I am sure you heared that before, but what about playing/singing the part in the desired tune in the first place?

BW2 also has a pitch shifter device added, that may help you with importing material...

10 August 2017 at 3:29pm

I could not make it work in Fedora. I installed the JRE, I activated it as standard Java application, I did everything (apparently) correct. When I call it via terminal or via shortcut, it opens only the splash and nothing else ...

27 October 2017 at 9:39pm

foooking great!!!!!!.

31 December 2017 at 12:41am

It's almost 2018 and Bitwig can't change time signature by events, which is a pretty basic thing for any DAW. I really like everything, but this one thing makes Bitwig useless for me.


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Bitwig Studio

Average user rating of 4.00 from 6 reviews

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