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All KVR Audio news items relating to Cubase

09 Apr 2014Steinberg updates Cubase to v7.5.20

28 Feb 2014KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - The Results (Better Late Than Never!)

14 Feb 2014Steinberg Valentine's Day Sale: 50% Off HALion Sonic 2, WaveLab Elements 8, The Grand SE 3 & More

10 Feb 2014NAMM 2014 Report - Optimism in Anaheim

06 Feb 2014Steinberg updates Cubase 7.5 to v7.5.10

04 Feb 2014Steinberg updates Cubase 7 to v7.0.7

21 Jan 2014Steinberg releases Cubase iC Pro for Android

29 Nov 2013Steinberg announces Cubase 7.5 and Cubase Artist 7.5

19 Nov 2013Steinberg releases Cubase iC Air - Control Cubase with hand gestures

25 Oct 2013Steinberg updates Cubase Elements, AI and LE to v7.0.6 and releases a trial version of Cubase Elements 7

16 Oct 2013Steinberg releases "Allen Morgan Signature Drums Volume 2" for Groove Agent ONE

18 Sep 2013Steinberg updates Cubase and Cubase Artist to v7.0.6 and Nuendo to v6.0.6

03 Sep 2013Steinberg ends development of VST 2

26 Jul 2013Steinberg Cubase Upgrade Summer Special: Save up to 40% on upgrades to Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7

27 Jun 2013Steinberg updates Nuendo to v6.0.5 and Cubase to v7.0.5

26 Jun 2013Steinberg releases Cubase Elements 7

15 May 2013Steinberg updates Cubase and Cubase Artist to v7.0.4

18 Apr 2013Steinberg releases "Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 1" for Groove Agent ONE

04 Mar 2013Steinberg updates Cubase to v7.0.2 and releases fully functional trial version

23 Jan 2013Steinberg releases "Cubase iC Pro" Remote Control App for iOS

22 Jan 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases "DMS Progressive Psytrance Cubase Project 02"

20 Dec 2012Steinberg updates Cubase to 7.0.1 (pre-release), HALion Sonic SE to 1.6.3 and sonote beat re:edit to 1.0.1

18 Dec 2012Steinberg releases Cubasis for iPad

05 Dec 2012Steinberg releases Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7

21 Nov 2012Steinberg announces "sonote beat re:edit" Plug-in for Cubase 7

14 Nov 2012Steinberg announces Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7

13 Sep 2012Steinberg Cubase 6.5.4, Cubase Artist 6.5.4 and Nuendo 5.5.5 pre-releases now available

18 Apr 2012Steinberg updates Cubase 6 to v6.0.7

17 Apr 20122012 Musikmesse Report - Lost in Frankfurt

10 Apr 2012Steinberg Cubase Artist 6.5.2 Pre-release update now available

22 Mar 2012Steinberg releases Cubase 6.5 Trial Version

14 Mar 2012Steinberg Cubase 6.5.1 Pre-release and Cubase 6.0.6 updates now available

02 Mar 2012Dance MIDI Samples releases "DMS Cubase Psy-Breaks Project"

29 Feb 2012Steinberg releases Cubase 6.5 and Cubase Artist 6.5

19 Jan 2012Steinberg CI2+ Production Kit now available

19 Jan 2012Cakewalk Announces SONAR X1 Producer Crossgrade

05 Dec 2011Steinberg bundles Cubase 6 and HALion 4: creates "Music Production & Sound Creation Suite"

21 Nov 2011Steinberg updates Cubase to v6.0.5

12 Nov 2011Steinberg releases 4 new VST Sound Loop Sets: Dubstep, Indie Rock, Nu Metal and Urban

14 Oct 2011Steinberg releases ElekDrums VST Sound Instrument Set for Groove Agent ONE

21 Sep 2011Steinberg Elements Pack Now Available

09 Sep 2011Steinberg updates Cubase to v6.0.4 (hotfix)

28 Jul 2011Steinberg updates Cubase to v6.0.3

27 Jun 2011Steinberg releases Cubase Elements 6 trial version

17 Jun 2011Steinberg releases four VST Sound Loop Sets for Sequel and Cubase

26 May 2011Steinberg releases Cubase Elements 6

03 May 2011Steinberg updates Cubase to v6.0.2 and WaveLab to v7.1

06 Apr 2011Steinberg announces Cubase Artist Plus Pack limited edition

06 Apr 2011Steinberg announces Cubase Elements 6

30 Mar 2011Steinberg updates Cubase 5 to v5.5.3

08 Mar 2011Steinberg releases Cubase 6 Trial Version

14 Feb 2011Steinberg announces VST SDK v3.5 Now Available for Developers

13 Jan 2011Steinberg announces Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6

09 Nov 2010Steinberg updates Cubase and Cubase Studio to v5.5.2

11 Sep 2010Digital Music Doctor updates "Cubase - Know It All!" for Cubase 5.5

27 Jul 2010macProVideo releases new TNT tutorials for Cubase and Komplete

25 Jun 2010macProVideo announces new Live 8 & Cubase 5 Tutorials

21 Jun 2010Steinberg releases Cubase 5.5 and Cubase Studio 5.5

29 Apr 2010ASK Video announces Cubase 5 Level 3 Tutorial (pre-order, save 20%)

24 Mar 2010Steinberg releases 'Alternative Rock' and 'Jazzy Latin' Sequel / Cubase Content Sets

24 Mar 2010Steinberg announces free 5.5 Update for Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5

19 Mar 2010macProVideo.com launches Cross-Platform Software Tutorial Site: Nonlineareducating.com

14 Jan 2010Steinberg releases Cubase 5 Trial Version

14 Jan 2010E-MU announces 0404 USB 2.0 and Tracker Pre USB 2.0 now shipping with Updated Software Bundle

12 Dec 2009Steinberg updates Cubase to v5.1.1

04 Dec 2009Steinberg releases New Sequel Content Sets: World Beatz, Electronic Dance and Groovy 70s

04 Dec 2009ASK Video releases Cubase 5 Level 2 Tutorial Video

29 Sep 2009Steinberg announces CI2 Advanced Integration USB Studio now shipping

25 Sep 2009Steinberg launches VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers (HALion ONE expansion)

15 Sep 2009Steinberg releases eLCC successor to Syncrosoft LCC software

24 Aug 2009Steinberg releases Cubase Essential 5

24 Aug 2009Steinberg updates Cubase to v5.1 (+updates for MR816 CSX, MR816 X and CC121)

21 Aug 2009PC Publishing releases Cubase 5 Tips and Tricks by Keith Gemmell

30 Jun 2009ASK Video releases Cubase 5 Level 1 Tutorial DVD

05 Jun 2009Steinberg releases Cubase iC iPhone and iPod Touch controller application

01 May 2009Steinberg launches Cubase Producer Pack

30 Apr 2009Steinberg releases new Sequel Content Sets: Chillout, Orchestra and Reggae

09 Apr 2009Digital Music Doctor releases Cubase 5 - Know It All! Video Training Course

08 Apr 2009Steinberg updates Cubase to v5.0.1

01 Apr 2009Steinberg launches three new Sequel Content Sets

27 Mar 2009Protonfx updates Curemo for Cubase to v1.1

15 Jan 2009Steinberg announces Cubase RC (iPhone and iPod Touch controller application for Cubase 5)

15 Jan 2009Steinberg announces VST Expression technology to be supported by leading sample content producers

15 Jan 2009Steinberg announces Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5

07 Jan 2009Protonfx releases Curemo - Universal Software Controller for Cubase

28 Nov 2008Steinberg releases 80s Pop and Hip Hop 2 Sequel Content Sets

10 Oct 2008Steinberg updates Cubase Essential to v4.5.2

02 Oct 2008Steinberg releases Funky and Elektro Content Sets for Sequel / Cubase

12 Sep 2008Steinberg updates Cubase to v4.5.2

04 Sep 2008Steinberg ships MR816 CSX/X and CC121 Advanced Integration Hardware

29 Aug 2008Steinberg releases Cubase and Cubase Studio v4.5 (v4.5.1 update available)

29 Aug 2008Cakewalk announces $99 DAW Synth Upgrade Offer for Dimension Pro and Rapture

09 Jul 2008Digital Music Doctor updates Cubase 4 - Know it All! to cover Cubase 4.1

09 Jul 2008Steinberg restructures pricing for Cubase 4

04 Jul 2008Yamaha announces Music Production Power Pack

03 Jun 2008Native Instruments launches 'Komplete Your DAW'

27 Mar 2008Steinberg discontinues DTS and Dolby Digital Encoders (+releases final updates)

12 Mar 2008Steinberg announces a new generation of integrated audio products (MR816 CSX, MR816 X & CC121)

11 Mar 2008Steinberg releases Cubase and Nuendo v4.1.3.853 (hotfix)

29 Feb 2008Steinberg releases Cubase Essential 4

18 Feb 2008Steinberg presents Classroom Resource Pack

05 Feb 2008Steinberg updates Cubase and Nuendo to v4.1.2

17 Jan 2008Steinberg announces Cubase Essential 4

17 Jan 2008Solid State Logic releases Pro-Convert

09 Jan 2008Steinberg introduces Classroom Resource Pack

06 Dec 2007Steinberg releases Leopard compatible installers for Cubase 4, Cubase Studio 4 and Sequel (+updates Cubase Studio to v4.1.1.749)

06 Nov 2007Cubase 4.1 Free London Masterclass

25 Oct 2007Steinberg releases Cubase 4.1 64-bit Preview version for Windows Vista 64-bit editions

24 Oct 2007Steinberg releases Cubase 4.1 and Cubase Studio 4.1

05 Oct 2007Steinberg premieres Nuendo 4 at AES (+Cubase 4.1 sneak preview)

05 Oct 2007Cakewalk announces Sonar 7 Crossgrade Pricing

26 Mar 2007Six new Hal Leonard MusicPro Guides DVDs released (Logic, Cubase, PT and Reason)

21 Mar 2007Steinberg releases Cubase Studio v4.0.2.2217

02 Mar 2007Steinberg updates Cubase to v4.0.2

21 Feb 2007Steinberg releases Internal Mixing tutorial DVD-ROM series

18 Jan 2007Steinberg and Yamaha announce Cubase AI4

29 Nov 2006Cakewalk announces Special Cross-grade Pricing on SONAR 6

10 Nov 2006Digital Music Doctor releases Cubase 4—Know It All!

02 Oct 2006Steinberg releases Cubase v4.0.1.2074 update

21 Sep 2006Steinberg unveils VST3

21 Sep 2006Steinberg announces Cubase 4 & Cubase Studio 4 (incl. VST3 and Universal Binary)

12 Apr 2006Steinberg updates Cubase SE to v3.0.3.658

24 Mar 2006Novation ReMOTE SL Goes Live

19 Jan 2006Steinberg commits to development for Mac/Intel

01 Nov 2005Steinberg updates Cubase System|4

22 Sep 2005Steinberg announces Cubase SE3 release

07 Sep 2005Steinberg ships Studio Case II worldwide

31 Aug 2005Steinberg releases Cubase SL/SX v3.1

11 Aug 2005Steinberg announces Studio Case II

21 Jul 2005Steinberg unveils Cubase SX/SL 3.1

15 Jun 2005Steinberg Offers New Upgrade Programs

27 May 2005Digital Music Doctor releases interactive training courses

10 May 2005Cubase SX3 Unleashed online and CDROM tutorial

20 Apr 2005ASKVideo completes Cubase DVD series with Level 3

12 Apr 2005Fast Guide to Cubase SX Third Edition now available

24 Mar 2005Steinberg updates Cubase SX/SL to v3.0.2 build 622

06 Jan 2005Nuendo and Cubase v2.2.0.39 pre-release updates available

16 Dec 2004Steinberg releases Cubase SX3.0.1

22 Oct 2004Steinberg announces Cubase SL3 release date

03 Sep 2004Steinberg Cubase SX 3 announced

16 Jun 2004Steinberg Cubase System|2 released

04 Jun 2004Steinberg Cubase & Nuendo v2.2.0.35 released

14 May 2004Steinberg Cubase SL/SX & Nuendo v2.2 released

25 Mar 2004Steinberg Cubase SX v2.0.2.31 released

02 Mar 2004Steinberg releases Cubase SE

20 Nov 2003Steinberg Cubase SL 2.0 released

06 Nov 2003Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.0.10 & Cubase v2.0.1.10 (Mac) released

28 Oct 2003Steinberg Cubase v2.0.1.10 & Nuendo released

14 Oct 2003Steinberg Cubase SX v2.0.1 and Nuendo v2.1 released

07 Sep 2003Steinberg Cubase SX 2 now shipping

28 Aug 2003Steinberg Cubase SX 2.0 announced

30 Jun 2003Steinberg Cubase SL v1.06 update available

20 Jun 2003Cubase SX updated to v1.06

16 Jun 2003Cubase SX Video Manual and Tutorial CD-ROM Set for the Mac now shipping

23 Jan 2003Steinberg SL/SX v1.052 for OS X released

22 Dec 2002Competition: Win Cubase SX Complete [Book]

13 Dec 2002Steinberg Cubase SX/SL v1.051 released [OS X]

09 Dec 2002Steinberg Cubase SX/SL v1.051 released

28 Nov 2002Steinberg Cubase SX/SL v1.05 for OS X released

22 Nov 2002New book: "Cubase SX Complete" now shipping

06 Nov 2002Steinberg Cubase SL for Mac OS X now shipping

21 Oct 2002PCAudioLabs releases Cubase SX Video Manual & Tutorial CD-ROM Set

20 Sep 2002Steinberg Cubase SX for OS X to ship on 10th October

29 Aug 2002Steinberg Cubase SL v1.031 released

21 Aug 2002Steinberg Cubase SL\SX v1.03 released

09 Aug 2002Steinberg Cubase SX demo version

18 Jul 2002Steinberg Cubase SL released and SX updated to v1.02

26 May 2002Steinberg Cubase SX is now shipping

Discussion: Active


2 August 2012 at 7:14amslobojanko

Is the product Cubase 6.5 available in Steinberg on line shop full version for price 250 eur (plus local tax), or you must add efects like halion sonic or halion symphonic orchestra for full version and the price is therefore almost 500 eur? Does anybody know?

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