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All KVR Audio news items relating to Kontakt

17 Apr 2014unEarthed Sampling releases "Forgotten Songs" for Kontakt - Cinematically mangled public domain vinyl recordings

17 Apr 2014Sonic Cat 40% Off Intro Offer for Pop Synth - 80s retro pop sound synth for Kontakt

17 Apr 2014Native Instruments releases Rise & Hit – a dedicated instrument for building cinematic tension for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

16 Apr 2014Sonic Cat releases "Pop Synth" - 80s retro pop sound synth for Kontakt with intro offer

16 Apr 2014Replika Sound releases "RSGL04 Acoustic Guitar (Steel String)" Guitar Sample Library for Kontakt

16 Apr 2014AudioThing releases "ChromaKey" for Kontakt and Mac & Win VST & AU

16 Apr 2014Drumdrops releases "Mapex Heavy Rock Kit" - Kontakt 5 pack, Multi-Velocity Pack, Single Hits Pack, Drum Replacement Pack & All Samples Pack

16 Apr 2014FrozenPlain sale - 30% off all Kontakt Libraries

10 Apr 2014Sample Logic releases new TryPack for Kontakt

09 Apr 2014Soniccouture releases "The Attic" for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

09 Apr 2014Indiginus updates StrumMaker IV Acoustic Guitar for Kontakt to v1.4

09 Apr 2014Audiority end of Kontakt line - 50% off Kontakt TOTAL Bundle

09 Apr 2014In Session Audio releases "Soundtrack Acoustic Guitar" for Kontakt, WAV & AIF

09 Apr 2014VSTBuzz: 50% off RAW Power Metallic Percussion for Kontakt by Riverwood Air

09 Apr 2014Sampleism releases 'Cinematic Tension FX 2 - Vol 1 - Bass Flutes' Kontakt Instrument

08 Apr 2014Replika Sound upgrade all their Guitar Kontakt Sample Libraries to v4.0

07 Apr 2014Big Fish Audio releases "Steel & Wood: Songwriter Acoustic Sessions" Construction Kits

07 Apr 2014e-instruments releases "Session Keys Grand S" and "Session Keys Grand Y" for Kontakt Player & Kontakt

07 Apr 2014Synth Magic and Tronsonic release 'J4' - vintage synthesizer emulation for Kontakt 5

07 Apr 2014Precisionsound releases "Jetstream: sound design workstation" for Kontakt

06 Apr 2014Forgotten Keys updates "FK12" to v4.2c

06 Apr 2014Sonic Cat releases "Pop Piano Free" Grand Piano for Kontakt and offers 40% off all products for one week

06 Apr 2014Prodyon announces VOTOX XS for Kontakt and launches 50% off introductory offer

06 Apr 2014Sounds And Effects "Pure Acoustic Guitars Special Edition" 33% Off

04 Apr 2014Ilya Efimov releases "Hulusi" and "Bawu" - Chinese wind libraries for Kontakt

02 Apr 2014Wobblophones releases Tunelle for Kontakt and Live with intro offer

02 Apr 2014VSTBuzz: 45% off "Plectra Series Bundle" - world instruments for Kontakt by Impact Soundworks

02 Apr 2014ThaLoops releases "TLi Acoustic Guitar" - Plug-in and Sample Library

01 Apr 2014Echo Sound Works releases EDM Snares V.1 and EDM Kicks V.1 (Drum Sample Packs and Kontakt Kits)

01 Apr 2014Soniccouture Releases "Concert Kazoos" for Kontakt (Free)

28 Mar 2014bigcat Instruments releases free "Saxophone Collection" for Kontakt, VSTi and Sampletank

26 Mar 2014StrayWorx releases "Teh Fl0ppy" v2.0 for Kontakt, Renoise and SF2

25 Mar 2014Best Service releases Altus - Solo Vocal Library Featuring Countertenor José Hernández Pastor

25 Mar 2014FluffyAudio updates Aurora for Kontakt to 1.1 (33% off until the end of March)

24 Mar 2014Rattly and Raw release "The Stupidly Huge Toy Piano & Friends" for Kontakt 4 & 5

24 Mar 2014Vi-elements releases "Core Kit" Drum Sample Library for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

23 Mar 2014FrozenPlain releases Ancient Chordophone for Kontakt 5

21 Mar 2014Sonokinetic releases sounds of "The Carnival" for Kontakt 4 and 5

20 Mar 2014YummyBeats Massive Evolutions 2 Free Special - Download, Share, Get Rewarded

20 Mar 2014Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v5.3.1

20 Mar 2014Luxonix "Mini Sketcher" for Kontakt 35% Off until 26th March

20 Mar 2014unEArthed Sampling releases "Siege Drum" Cinematic and Epic Medieval Drums for Kontakt with Intro Offer

18 Mar 2014Rattly and Raw 50% Off Sale

17 Mar 2014Prodyon releases "Shortnoise" for Kontakt with intro offer (50% off)

16 Mar 2014Sounds and Effects "The Resonant Drop" March Sale - 33% Off

15 Mar 2014YummyBeats releases "Massive Evolutions II Free" for Kontakt

13 Mar 2014Uppercussion releases "Vocalisms" - vocal drum kits for Ableton Live, Maschine, Geist, Battery, and more

13 Mar 2014Impact Soundworks releases "Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design" for Kontakt

12 Mar 2014Sound Dust releases "GrandThrift autoHarp²" for Kontakt

11 Mar 2014FluffyAudio releases "My KeyGlock" for Kontakt

11 Mar 2014Citron Instruments updates Aqua for Kontakt to v1.3 - Adds Free Valve Dreams Expansion

11 Mar 20148Dio releases CAGE (Custom Aleatoric Group Effects) 66GB Orchestral FX Library for Kontakt

10 Mar 2014Hybrid Samples releases "Hybrid Grooves" for Kontakt with Intro Offer

10 Mar 2014ProjectSAM updates Orchestral Essentials to v1.1 (2.5 GB of new content)

10 Mar 2014bigcat instruments adds Yamaha C5 and Steinway Model B to its Free Piano Collection for Kontakt 5

09 Mar 2014Luxonix "Toys in Wonderland" for Kontakt 40% Off until 19th March

05 Mar 2014AudioThing releases "Soundscapes Vol.2" for Kontakt

05 Mar 2014ThaLoops releases "Cello 4 Hip Hop" for Kontakt

04 Mar 2014Vir2 releases Acou6tics for Kontakt Player

03 Mar 2014Sounds And Effects Electrified! Guitars On Sale

03 Mar 2014WaveShaper releases "Vinyl Toolkit" (vintage drum samples Kontakt instrument) and converts 4 drum sample packs into Kontakt instruments

01 Mar 2014Forgotten Keys updates FK6 for Kontakt to v4.2d

28 Feb 2014Homegrown Sounds releases "Kosmology Awakenings" - Advanced sequencer for Kontakt 5

28 Feb 2014KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - The Results (Better Late Than Never!)

28 Feb 201410 Soundware releases "Mixer Feedback model M K" for Kontakt

26 Feb 2014VSTBuzz: 40% off Jennings for Kontakt 5 by Rhythmic Robot

23 Feb 2014FrozenPlain updates Phoenix and Terracotta Kontakt libraries to v1.1

21 Feb 2014Big Fish Audio releases Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars

20 Feb 2014Soundsdivine releases MM+ for Kontakt (sample library based on the Moog Memorymoog)

20 Feb 2014Wavesfactory releases "W-Glockenspiel" for Kontakt

18 Feb 2014unEarthed Sampling releases "Antique Metal Percussion" Cinematic Ambient Metals for Kontakt

17 Feb 2014Cinematique Instruments releases Gecko Kaleidoscope - Deep Pads and Mellow Spheres for Kontakt

16 Feb 2014DCSI releases free Badass (Kontakt instrument) and Closet Loops Vol.1 & 2 (sample packs)

15 Feb 2014Luxonix 50% Off Intro Offer for Pop Keys - sampled keyboard instruments for Kontakt

15 Feb 2014YummyBeats releases Massive Evolutions II for Kontakt - the Evolution Proceeds

14 Feb 2014Best Service releases Eduardo Tarilonte's "Cantus - Gregorian Chants" for Kontakt Player

13 Feb 2014Bigcat Instruments releases "City Piano" - Free Baldwin Piano for Kontakt 5

13 Feb 2014Sonokinetic releases Guzin - Female Turkish Vocal Samples for Kontakt 4 and 5

13 Feb 2014Orange Tree Samples releases "Pure Jazz Vibes" sample library for Kontakt

12 Feb 2014ADSR releases 15 Sound Packs for Massive, FM8, Sylenth1 and more (+new free Video Tutorials)

11 Feb 2014Luxonix releases 'Pop Keys' sampled keyboard instruments for Kontakt with intro offer

11 Feb 2014Heavyocity releases DM-307 Modern Groove Designer for Kontakt Player

07 Feb 2014Rhythmic Robot release Lambda for Kontakt - a sampled recreation of the Korg Lambda ES50 analogue polysynth

06 Feb 2014Rattly and Raw releases "The CasSYNTHerette" - Cassette Tape-Based Synth for Kontakt 4 and 5

05 Feb 2014Dream Audio Tools releases "Indie Fingers Volume Four: Acoustic" guitar library for Kontakt

04 Feb 2014Realitone updates RealiWhistle for Kontakt

04 Feb 2014Embertone releases Canjo - Free Hybrid Banjo for Kontakt

03 Feb 2014Sound Dust updates "Dulcitone 1884" for Kontakt

01 Feb 2014Bitword announces forthcoming release of FUSE Hybrid Synthesis Library for Kontakt

31 Jan 2014Sample Logic releases "HAVOC: Tools Of Destruction" for Kontakt Player

31 Jan 2014Spitfire releases "BML Mural Symphonic Strings Vol. 1" for Kontakt with a 15% introductory discount

31 Jan 2014Prodyon returns and announces Shortnoise for Kontakt (again)

30 Jan 2014Binary Music adds Reason NN-XT support to current libs and releases free versions for Kontakt, Live, Reason & Logic

30 Jan 2014Crypto Cipher releases Voices Of Ragas Vol-2 for Kontakt 5

29 Jan 2014Homegrown Sounds updates Kosmos Products to v1.5 (+Last Week of the HGS Sale)

28 Jan 2014Spaectrum Arts releases "Percussion Hits" for Kontakt

27 Jan 2014Sonic Reality announces "Alan Parsons Sample Project" - first release to be "Imperial Grand Piano"

27 Jan 2014DCSI releases "Combat Loop Drum Machine" and "V-Koder" free instruments (Kontakt & VSTi Win)

27 Jan 2014Adamastor Virtual Instruments releases Alfama - Portuguese Guitar and Nylon Guitar for Kontakt

26 Jan 2014Ilya Efimov Production releases "Fretless Bass" for Kontakt

24 Jan 2014Best Service announces Eduardo Tarilonte's "Cantus - Gregorian Chants" and "Altus - The Voice of Renaissance" and "Chris Hein Winds Complete Vol. 1-4"

24 Jan 2014Big Fish Audio releases "Neo Folk" - 24 Contemporary Folk Construction Kits (Kontakt, Acid WAV, REX, & Apple Loops)

23 Jan 2014Heavyocity announces DM-307 Modern Groove Designer for Kontakt

23 Jan 2014SampleModeling releases Trombone 3 for Kontakt Player & Kontakt

22 Jan 2014Rhythmic Robot release "NanoMod 5: Analog Bass" and "RX5 12-bit digital drum machine" for Kontakt

22 Jan 2014VSTBuzz: 50% off Drumstruck and Unfinished Breaks Vol. 1

21 Jan 2014Sounds And Effects 2 for 1 Special on 3 Kontakt and Reason libraries

20 Jan 2014Spitfire releases Inder Goldfinger Percussion library for Kontakt

20 Jan 2014Rich Douglas releases "Cello of Damascus" cinematic bowed electric guitar instrument for Kontakt

20 Jan 2014Soundiron releases "The Beat Boxer" - Vocal Percussion library for Kontakt - with Intro Offer

20 Jan 2014HandHeldSound releases MAD Drum Kit library series for Kontakt

20 Jan 2014Rattly and Raw releases "The Cassamplerette" for Kontakt

20 Jan 2014Precisionsound releases Multimonica II for Kontakt, EXS24 & SoundFont

20 Jan 2014Sonokinetic releases Celesta for Kontakt

16 Jan 2014Homegrown Sounds updates Kosmos Kontakt products to v1.4

16 Jan 2014Realitone releases RealiWhistle human whistle library for Kontakt

15 Jan 2014VSTBuzz: 50% off The 808 by Samplephonics

14 Jan 2014Simple Sam Samples releases "Vintage Upright" Solo Piano for Kontakt

13 Jan 2014The Art renaissance project extends Xmas deals into the winter time

08 Jan 2014VSTBuzz: 50% off "Tarangs" by Crypto Cipher

07 Jan 2014Icebreaker Audio releases the Akebono Collection for Kontakt

06 Jan 2014Homegrown Sounds releases Kosmonaut for Kontakt and updates All Kosmos Products

05 Jan 2014Waveshaper releases Kontakt versions of 12bit drummer, Plasticid MkII, Kr55 and Algo Operator drum sample packs

04 Jan 2014Homegrown Sounds Sale: Reductions on Kontakt and Sampletank libraries

04 Jan 2014Drumdrops updates Vintage Premier Outfits 54 to Version 2.0 for Kontakt

03 Jan 2014Sounds and Effects Sale: "Pure Acoustic Guitars Special Edition" 33% Off

02 Jan 2014Rompulator Introductory Sale Extended

01 Jan 2014Forgotten Keys releases "FK15" for Kontakt

27 Dec 2013Syntone releases "Rosella Classical Guitar" for Kontakt

27 Dec 2013MaxSynths Kontakt Bundle Sale - 70% Off

26 Dec 2013VSTBuzz: 40% off Acoustic Guitar 2.0 by Pettinhouse

25 Dec 2013Embertone offers a holiday gift: Harmonette for Kontakt (a limited re-release)

22 Dec 2013Luxonix 'Cupid' Intro Offer

22 Dec 2013Ilya Efimov Production X-Mas Sale - Up To 75% Off

22 Dec 2013Darker Digital releases Rompulator for Kontakt

21 Dec 2013The Art renaissance project starts Christmas Sale

20 Dec 2013PlugInGuru.com updates MegaMacho Drums to 1.5 - Adds MIDI Groove Player and 250 more grooves

20 Dec 2013Standard Beat Co. 50% Off Holiday Sale

20 Dec 2013Wobblophones End of Year Sale: 20% discount on all products

18 Dec 2013ProjectSAM releases 'Orchestrator' - 2nd volume in the Symphobia Colours series for Kontakt & Kontakt player

18 Dec 2013Luxonix releases "Cupid" Sampled Virtual Analog Synth for Kontakt with intro offer

17 Dec 2013Sound-Dust releases "the Pendleonium²" - an updated sample instrument for Kontakt

16 Dec 2013Soundiron releases "Little Wooden Flutes" - Ethnic Flute library for Kontakt - with Intro Offer

14 Dec 2013Soundiron releases "Voice of Rapture: The Tenor" for Kontakt

12 Dec 2013Noisefirm releases DigiTape Hybrid Drums for Kontakt

12 Dec 2013Nucleus SoundLab: Xmas 2013 ReFill Bundle - 9 ReFills starting at $1

11 Dec 2013Straight Ahead Samples releases "Straight Ahead! Bass" for Kontakt

11 Dec 2013ProjectSAM releases "Symphobia Colours: Animator" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

10 Dec 2013Sample Logic releases Waterharp 2 for Kontakt

09 Dec 2013ThaLoops releases "Steinway Grand Piano B211" Virtual Instrument

09 Dec 2013Crypto Cipher releases "Voices Of Ragas Vol. 1" for Kontakt and announces 50% Off Sale on Bollywood Harmoniums, Tongue Drum and Tarangs

02 Dec 2013Embertone releases "Blakus Cello" - Solo Cello for Kontakt Player

29 Nov 2013Ilya Efimov Production Black Friday Sale

29 Nov 2013Precisionsound releases "Naeshult Table Piano" for Kontakt & EXS24

29 Nov 2013Native Instruments Thanksgiving XXL limited-time sales special

29 Nov 2013Homegrown Sounds releases "Kosmos Classics" for Kontakt with Intro Offer

29 Nov 2013Binary Music releases PD1000 - Casio CZ1000 Phase Distortion Synthesis Sampled for Kontakt, Live & Logic

28 Nov 2013Audiority introduces Hybrid Bundles series

28 Nov 2013Cinesamples releases "CineStrings" for Kontakt & Kontakt Player with Introductory Price of $429

27 Nov 2013Wobblophones Black Friday Sale: 30% discount on all products

26 Nov 2013Wave Alchemy releases Transistor Revolution MKII for Kontakt Player

26 Nov 2013Syntone releases "Metal Can Drums" for Kontakt

26 Nov 2013Paper Stone Instruments releases "Vibraphone" for Kontakt and updates "The Clap" for Kontakt to v2.0

26 Nov 2013Sound-Dust releases "Ships Piano Mk2" for Kontakt - now with the "Satie-anator"

21 Nov 2013YummyBeats releases the YummyBeats Collection 2

21 Nov 2013MaxSynths releases XS-Bongo for Kontakt/WAV

21 Nov 2013Wobblophones releases Blue Triangle for Kontakt and Live

21 Nov 2013Channel Robot releases "GM//Slice - Underground Techno" for Kontakt 5

19 Nov 2013Zero-G releases "Epica" for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

19 Nov 2013Drumdrops releases "Rogers Big R Dub Kit" sample packs (Kontakt, Multi-Velocity and Single Hits)

15 Nov 2013dadaad an open tuning releases SKIING Sound Collection and SKI-AUTOMAT Kontakt Instrument

14 Nov 2013Native Instruments releases "Action Strikes" for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

12 Nov 2013Soundiron releases "Fountain Wires" - experimental plucked strings, atmospheres and re-synthesized sound design instruments for Kontakt - with Intro Offer

12 Nov 2013Sonokinetic releases "Yiddish" for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5

11 Nov 2013Output releases "REV" - Reverse Instruments In Real Time - for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

06 Nov 2013echo | collective releases "Swell" for Kontakt

06 Nov 2013Sonokinetic releases "Toll" for Kontakt 4 & Kontakt 5

05 Nov 2013Big Fish Audio releases Zodiac for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

05 Nov 2013Luxonix releases 'Mini Sketcher' for Kontakt

04 Nov 2013Samplephonics releases "Nevo Analogue Machines" for Kontakt, Logic and Reason

04 Nov 2013Soundiron Releases Sick IV for Kontakt 5

04 Nov 2013Realitone releases RealiBanjo 2.0 Update

31 Oct 2013Wobblophones releases PriZm for Kontakt 5

31 Oct 2013Dream Audio Tools releases "Indie Fingers Vol. Three: Rhythmic Mayhem" for Kontakt

30 Oct 2013Sound Dust releases "Tiny Binaural Harpsichord MKII" for Kontakt

29 Oct 2013Native Instruments updates all Komplete Instruments and Effects - incl. 64-bit AAX

27 Oct 2013AudioThing releases "Halloween Pumpkins" for Kontakt

25 Oct 2013Soundiron Updates Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble to v2.0

25 Oct 2013Forgotten Keys releases "FK14" for Kontakt

23 Oct 2013Stretch That Note releases 'Killa Kits' - Urban, Dance & Electronica Drum Library for Battery and Kontakt

23 Oct 2013Root-sounds releases "Percussive Innuendo" multi-format percussion library

21 Oct 2013FluffyAudio releases AURORA - Hybrid and organic instruments and soundscapes for Kontakt

18 Oct 2013Soniccouture release Vibraphone for Kontakt Player & Kontakt

18 Oct 2013Sample Logic releases "Morphestra Generations" for Kontakt Player & Kontakt

18 Oct 2013Zero-G release Classical Vocal Operatic Vocal Phrases

18 Oct 2013100 Akres releases Timmy Rickard's Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Volume 2 for Kontakt 5

17 Oct 2013Sounds And Effects releases Netherworld Bundle

16 Oct 2013Wavesfactory releases "Little Harmonium" for Kontakt

15 Oct 2013Cinematique Instruments releases Fabrique - Real Time Pattern Module for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

14 Oct 2013FluffyAudio announces Aurora - Hybrid and organic instruments and soundscapes for Kontakt

14 Oct 2013Tronsonic releases "Solino String Proto Ensemble mk1" for Kontakt 5

13 Oct 2013Channel Robot updates "Grid Machine Slice - House Percussion" to v2.0 (and reduces price)

13 Oct 2013Luxonix Sale Until 31st October: 20% Off Purity; 70% Off Cajon and Toys in Wonderland

10 Oct 2013echo | collective releases "The Free Collection" for Kontakt 5

10 Oct 2013Twisted Tools releases Metamorph - Sample library that fuses electroacoustic and designed sound effects

10 Oct 2013Loopmasters release "Deep Groove House Vol.2"

08 Oct 2013Best Service releases "Shevannai - Voice of Elves" by Eduardo Tarilonte for Kontakt Player & Kontakt

08 Oct 2013Luxonix releases 'Cajon' for Kontakt

07 Oct 20138Dio announces 8W (The Eighth Wonder) - Sampled Symphony Orchestra for Kontakt

05 Oct 2013Channel Robot releases Percussion Factory for Kontakt 5+

04 Oct 2013AudioThing releases "Toy Marimba" for Kontakt

03 Oct 2013Wavesfactory releases "DrumCircle" for Kontakt

01 Oct 2013Luxonix releases 'Cajon free' for Kontakt and SoundFont

27 Sep 2013No Dough Samples releases "Marc Poppckes - Melodic, Deep & Tech House" sample pack

27 Sep 2013Wave Alchemy releases Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 1

26 Sep 2013Icebreaker Audio releases "Akebono: Plucked" for Kontakt

25 Sep 2013Loopmasters release Kasra "Critical DnB" Vol.2

25 Sep 2013Native Instruments releases Kinetic Metal for Kontakt and Maschine

25 Sep 2013Sonokinetic releases "Minimal: Cinematic Orchestral FX & Textures" for Kontakt 5

25 Sep 2013Ilya Efimov releases "Armenian Duduk" for Kontakt

19 Sep 2013Sounds And Effects releases Netherworld II with Fright Violin Effects for Kontakt & Reason

18 Sep 2013The Art renaissance project relaunches "Three as ON Kontakt libraries deal"

18 Sep 2013Precisionsound releases MBira bva Zimbabwe for Kontakt and EXS24

16 Sep 2013Rhythmic Robot releases "Godwin" String Synth for Kontakt

16 Sep 2013Zero-G release "Perpetuo Live Flute Phrases" for Kontakt

16 Sep 2013The Coil releases "Indecent Machines" - sci-fi sample collection with Kontakt kits

13 Sep 2013Glitchmachines releases "Vulcan" fantasy sound effects pack

12 Sep 2013ProjectSAM updates Lumina to v1.1

12 Sep 2013Impact Soundworks Releases Free Trial Pack for Kontakt

11 Sep 2013Soundiron releases "Voice Of Gaia: Strawberry" - Female solo vocal library for Kontakt featuring the voice of Linda Strawberry

11 Sep 2013Syntone releases "Piano Impacts FULL" for Kontakt

05 Sep 2013Sound Magic releases "China Impression" - Chinese instruments Bundle

05 Sep 2013Impact Soundworks Releases "Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano" for Kontakt

04 Sep 2013Good Loops releases “Guitar Kitchen Vol. 1” Indiepop sample library

04 Sep 2013Pure Shift Productions releases "Eccentric Autoharp" for Reason and Kontakt

03 Sep 2013Syntone launches with 3 Percussion Libraries and 1 Free Library for Kontakt

03 Sep 2013Sample Katra launches with five new Kontakt Instruments (including a freebie)

02 Sep 2013Versilian Studios and Soundemote release "VS Xylophone" for Mac, Win, and Kontakt (Free for today: September 2 2013)

02 Sep 20138Dio releases "Dobro Solo" and "Bassoon Virtouso" for Kontakt

30 Aug 2013MaxSynths releases Orgelwerke for Kontakt

29 Aug 2013Cinematique Instruments updates Ronroco for Kontakt to v1.1

28 Aug 2013Art Vista releases "GrooveMaster - the Tony Newton Bass Libraries" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

28 Aug 2013Sound Magic releases "Bamboo Dreams BaWu" for Kontakt and updates "Headphone Mix" for Windows to v3.0

26 Aug 2013Antisample updates "Cinematic Grand" for Kontakt to v1.1

26 Aug 2013Realitone releases Acoustic Lite for Kontakt

26 Aug 2013Standard Beat Company "Back to School" Sale. One day only, 50% off everything

22 Aug 2013Loopmasters releases "Histibe - Underground Dubstep & Breaks" sample pack

21 Aug 2013VSTBuzz: 40% off The Modular Piano by Audiority

15 Aug 2013Binary Music releases Electrophonics for Kontakt, Live and ESX24

15 Aug 2013Sounds And Effects: 2 for 1 special

13 Aug 2013Replika Sound launches Guitar Sample Libraries for Kontakt

13 Aug 2013Analogue Drums releases "BlackSmith" Sampled Metal Drumkit for Kontakt

12 Aug 2013Antisample releases "Cinematic Grand" for Kontakt

12 Aug 2013Audiority releases Marimbula for Kontakt

07 Aug 2013Soniccouture release Geosonics ft. Chris Watson for Kontakt Player

06 Aug 2013Weirding Module releases "Casio MT-68" sample library for Kontakt and SFZ

06 Aug 20138Dio celebrates 2nd Anniversary - Composer Contest, New Release "Claire - Bassoon Virtuoso" for Kontakt & More

05 Aug 2013Samplephonics releases Bundle Deals

05 Aug 2013Native Instruments releases "Drum Lab" for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

05 Aug 2013Sample Logic releases "Impakt – Cinematic & Concert Percussion" for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

03 Aug 2013HandHeldSound updates "FlyingHand Percussion" for Kontakt to v1.5

03 Aug 2013Sample Machine releases "Analog Claps" for Reason, Battery and Kontakt

02 Aug 2013Precisionsound releases "Greek Lira V2 – Kementze" for Kontakt & EXS24

01 Aug 2013Ilya Efimov Summer Sale - Save up to 35%

31 Jul 2013Sonokinetic releases "Qanun" for Kontakt 4 & 5

31 Jul 2013Virtuasonic releases Twisted Beatbox (400+ Loops and 11 Kontakt instruments)

31 Jul 2013Luxonix releases "Toys in Wonderland" for Kontakt with Intro Offer

26 Jul 2013Embertone releases "Intimate Strings Solo Cello LITE" - free Kontakt instrument for their Facebook fans

26 Jul 2013Impact Soundworks releases "Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools" for Kontakt Player

26 Jul 2013Soniccouture Announce Free KSP Script Downloads + New Price for Scriptorium

26 Jul 2013Pluggotic releases SoS24 and Prillo Garlante for Kontakt

25 Jul 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Trash Standard 1" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats

24 Jul 2013Soundiron Powered-By-Kontakt Player libraries on sale: nearly $80 off Requiem Light & Requiem Light Player Edition

23 Jul 2013VSTBuzz: Flash sale - 40% off Paper Stone Instruments Bundle

21 Jul 2013Precisionsound releases "Nordic Psalmodikon" for Kontakt, EXS24 & SoundFont

18 Jul 2013Impact Soundworks Offers Deep Discounts with Modern Composer Bundle

17 Jul 2013Glitchmachines releases "Spiral" hi-tech sound effects pack for Kontakt

17 Jul 2013VSTBuzz: Save 40% on Ancient Duo Bundle by Taleweaver Orchestra

16 Jul 2013Best Service releases Peter Siedlaczek "Complete Orchestral Collection" for Kontakt Player & Kontakt

16 Jul 2013Front Porch Band releases "Front Porch Washtub Bass" for Kontakt

16 Jul 2013Forgotten Keys releases "FK13" for Kontakt

16 Jul 2013Sound Magic releases "Laurel Pipa" for Kontakt 5 and updates "Neo Plasma" for Win VST to v1.3

15 Jul 2013Boxed Ear releases OSCar for Kontakt

11 Jul 2013AudioThing releases "Organetta" for Kontakt

11 Jul 2013Noisefirm releases "NF-01 Classic Synthesizer" for Kontakt, EXS24, and Ableton Live

10 Jul 2013Simple Sam Samples releases "Signor Paganini Solo Violin" for Kontakt

10 Jul 2013Realitone releases RealiBanjo for Kontakt

09 Jul 2013StudioWeapon releases "Underscore" for Kontakt 5

04 Jul 2013Ilya Efimov Full Strum Bundle - 50 Euro Discount

03 Jul 2013Soundiron releases "Street Bukit" DIY Urban Drum Kits for Kontakt

02 Jul 2013PlugInGuru releases "MegaMacho Drums" for Kontakt 5

01 Jul 20138Dio releases "Clarinet Virtuoso" and "Mandolin Strummer" for Kontakt

01 Jul 2013Ilya Efimov releases "Retro Bass" for Kontakt

28 Jun 2013Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v5.2.0

28 Jun 2013Native Instruments releases "Discovery Series – Cuba" and "Abbey Road 50s Drummer" Kontakt instruments

28 Jun 2013Drumdrops updates Premier Outfit 54 Kit - Multi-Velocity and Single Hits Packs to v1.1

27 Jun 2013Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Electric Bass - Rick" sample library for Kontakt

24 Jun 2013Soniccouture release "Clav" for Kontakt Player

23 Jun 2013Sound Magic releases "China Story Erhu" for Kontakt 5

23 Jun 2013Tronsonic releases "Kork M500 Micro Preset Synthesizer" for Kontakt

23 Jun 2013Rhythmic Robot releases "NanoMod 1: Rich Pads" for Kontakt

21 Jun 2013Impact Soundworks releases Forest Frame Drums for Kontakt

19 Jun 2013Save 40% on The Music Box by Bad Cat Media Group (extended until July 2)

18 Jun 2013Sounds And Effects "The New World" Sale - 33% Off

17 Jun 2013Signo SFX-Instruments releases "Rumbles" for Kontakt & EXS24

16 Jun 2013Digital Sound Factory releases Steinway and Yamaha Grand Pianos for Kontakt

16 Jun 2013Precisionsound releases "Gothenburg Reed Organ" for EXS24 & Kontakt

16 Jun 2013Standard Beat Co. "No Class" 30% Off Summer Sale

13 Jun 2013Sample Logic releases "Thunder Springs" for Kontakt

12 Jun 2013Save 30% on Bluegrass Banjo by BolderSounds

11 Jun 2013Cacophony Inc. releases 'Cinematic Tension FX' - Suspense FX Morphing Engine for Kontakt

10 Jun 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Dropstep" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats

10 Jun 2013Soundiron releases "Voice Of Rapture: The Soprano" - complete operatic solo vocal library for Kontakt

10 Jun 2013Cinematique Instruments releases "EK470 Mark2" for Kontakt

04 Jun 2013Samplephonics releases "Lithium Beats" for Kontakt at introductory price

04 Jun 2013Save 40% on Percussion Grid by Functional Machines

04 Jun 2013Cinematique Instruments releases free "Junk Drum" and "Guiro" instruments for Kontakt

02 Jun 20138Dio releases "EDM Trap" for Kontakt

02 Jun 2013Glitchmachines releases "Microsphere" science fiction sound effects library

01 Jun 2013Soundiron releases "Olympus Elements" virtual symphonic choir for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

30 May 2013Rhythmic Robot releases "Shortwave" radio wave synthesiser for Kontakt

25 May 2013Ilya Efimov releases "Classic Bass" for Kontakt

24 May 2013YummyBeats releases "Vintage Castanets" for Kontakt

24 May 2013Ilya Efimov updates Accordion for Kontakt

24 May 2013Samplephonics releases Deep Textures for Kontakt 5

24 May 2013AudioThing releases "Glass" for Kontakt

23 May 2013Zero-G releases "The London Sessions" sample library

22 May 2013dboxSamples releases "dmoox" for Kontakt

22 May 2013Gospel Musicians releases "Neo-Soul Keys 5X Ultimate" for UVI and "Neo-Soul Dyno Expansion" for Kontakt

22 May 2013Samplephonics releases "909 Rhythm Composer" for Kontakt, Ableton Sampler, EXS24 and NN-XT

21 May 2013Wavesfactory releases "W-Cajon" for Kontakt and EXS24

21 May 2013PaperStone Instruments releases "Palm Mute Piano" for Kontakt

17 May 2013Tronsonic and Synth Magic release BANK 2 for the System1000M modular-style synth for Kontakt

15 May 2013Sonokinetic releases "Accordion" for Kontakt

13 May 2013Ilya Efimov Production releases Zhaleika, a Free Single-Reed Hornpipe Library for Kontakt

11 May 2013Bolder Sounds releases "Pure Mandolin" for Kontakt 4+

10 May 2013Loopmasters add Andrea Bertolini to Artist Series roster and releases "Progressive House Tools"

09 May 2013Embertone announces "Friedlander Violin" for Kontakt Player with Pre-order offer: Get a 20% Voucher for next Embertone purchase

08 May 2013Drumdrops releases "1963 Premier Outfits 54 Kit" Sample Packs

07 May 20138Dio releases "Adagio Strings Bundle" for Kontakt

03 May 2013Straight Ahead Samples releases "Straight Ahead! Brushes & Mallets" for Kontakt 5 with Intro Offer

03 May 2013Sounds And Effects releases "Distressed Vinyl" for Kontakt & Reason

02 May 2013Rhythmic Robot release "New Rhythm Box" analogue drum machine for Kontakt

29 Apr 2013Audiowiesel releases 'Hammered Acoustic Guitar' for Kontakt 5

29 Apr 2013Wave Alchemy releases "Synth Drums" Drum Sample Library

29 Apr 2013Front Porch Band releases "Front Porch Banjo 2" and "Front Porch Tuba" for Kontakt

26 Apr 2013Signo SFX-Instruments launches Winter SFX Big Bundle "End of winter deal"

26 Apr 2013Human Touch Technology releases "Darbukator Dance" for Kontakt

24 Apr 2013Loopmasters add Piatto to Artist Series and release "Italo Techno"

24 Apr 2013Inspire Audio releases "FX Pearls 2.0" Sample Pack

24 Apr 2013Wavesfactory releases "W-Buzz" for Kontakt and EXS24

23 Apr 2013Soundiron releases Bamblong 2.0 with Update Sale & Demo-writing contest (Plus 20%-30% Off 7 Kontakt libraries through May 1st)

22 Apr 2013echo | collective releases "Squelch" Instrument and Sample Library for Kontakt

22 Apr 2013Tronsonic and Synth Magic release "The System1000M" for Kontakt

22 Apr 2013Sample Logic releases "Cyclone" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

21 Apr 2013AudioThing introduces SampleThing - Kontakt Instruments Subscription

19 Apr 2013TSD - Austin releases "CleanTele" and "WackAss" Beat-Sliced Guitar instruments for Kontakt

18 Apr 2013Universal Sampling releases Euphoria - Hybrid Percussive and Tonal Scoring Library for Kontakt

18 Apr 2013Fingerpushers releases "VZone" for Kontakt 4

16 Apr 2013Heavyocity releases "AEON Collection" for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

15 Apr 2013Sounds And Effects "Electrified! Guitars" April Sale (33% Off)

15 Apr 2013Sample Logic announces "Cyclone" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player with Pre-order Discount

15 Apr 2013Spitfire Audio announces Hg2O for Kontakt

15 Apr 2013Signo SFX-Instruments releases Outdoor Skating Male SFX-Instruments Bundle for Kontakt & EXS

15 Apr 2013Channel Robot releases "Grid Machine//River" - Phrase Player for Kontakt

15 Apr 2013Detunized introduces Universal Formats

15 Apr 2013Uppercussion and Icebreaker Audio release "Bitkits" - Ten free 8-bit drum kits for Maschine, Live, Geist and more

12 Apr 2013drumasonic LUXURY released for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

12 Apr 2013MaxSynths releases "Synth Sequences" sample pack for Kontakt

12 Apr 2013Westgatesounds.net releases Anomaly XVI - Multi-Format Sound Expansion

12 Apr 2013Functional Machines release Tech Vocals - Grid for Kontakt 5+

11 Apr 2013Dream Audio Tools releases Dream Circle for Kontakt

11 Apr 2013Channel Robot releases Cinematic City for Grid Machine//Slice V2 and Kontakt 5+

10 Apr 2013Art Vista releases "Art Vista Back Beat Bass" for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

09 Apr 2013ProjectSAM releases Symphobia 3: Lumina for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

08 Apr 2013Stretch That Note releases "DruMM Elements Series 4: Hats" for Kontakt

07 Apr 2013Echo Sound Works releases The MPC Keys for Kontakt

06 Apr 2013Homegrown Sounds launches Infekted for Kontakt Group Buy

05 Apr 2013Homegrown Sounds releases Infekted for Kontakt and launches with a Group Buy

04 Apr 2013AudioThing releases "Bells" for Kontakt

03 Apr 2013Sample Machine releases Classic Analog Drums for Reason, Kontakt and Battery

02 Apr 2013Signo SFX-Instruments releases Footsteps Metal Surface-1 Bundle for Kontakt and EXS24

01 Apr 2013Pluggotic releases TrueBlue for Kontakt

29 Mar 201310 Soundware releases "Mixer Feedback model Y MM30 K" for Kontakt

28 Mar 2013Ilya Efimov Production releases "Accordion" library for Kontakt

26 Mar 2013FluffyAudio releases "My Log Drum" free Sample Library for Kontakt

26 Mar 2013Soundiron releases Acoustic & Electric Saz libraries for Kontakt

25 Mar 2013Thaloops releases "Ethnic Voices 1" - Traditional Singing Samples

25 Mar 2013Samplephonics 808 released for Kontakt

22 Mar 2013Cinematique Instruments releases "Kasimir und Karoline Gecko" for Kontakt

18 Mar 2013Bitword releases "Cobalt Blue" abstract FX library for Kontakt

18 Mar 2013Channel Robot and Noise Factory release "Big Room Loops" for Kontakt

15 Mar 2013YummyBeats releases "Trap Pack - Harlem Shake It" for Massive

13 Mar 2013Signo SFX-Instruments releases "Burning Y Sky" for Kontakt & EXS24

11 Mar 2013Pluggotic releases ToyBoy for Kontakt

11 Mar 2013Native Instruments Announces Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate (incl. Monark Monosynth & Battery 4 Drum Sampler)

11 Mar 2013Thaloops Releases 'Piano Shots 1' Piano Samples

10 Mar 2013Precisionsound releases Gospel Drawbars for Kontakt and EXS24

07 Mar 2013Sound Dust releases "Steel Drum Percussion Room" for Kontakt

06 Mar 2013Zero-G releases "Vocal Lix" sample library

04 Mar 2013Channel Robot releases Kick Factory for Kontakt

04 Mar 20138Dio releases Wrenchenspiel for Kontakt

01 Mar 2013Uppercussion releases "Conundrums" and "Monstrosities" for Maschine, Live, Geist, Battery, and more

01 Mar 2013Dargalon Instruments Studio releases "Kangling - The Sound of Death" for Kontakt

01 Mar 2013Rhythmic Robot release "Snaps'n'Claps PRO" - Fingersnap and Handclap Generator for Kontakt

28 Feb 2013Loopmasters releases Benny Page & Dope Ammo Artist Series pack

27 Feb 2013Soundiron releases Olympus Micro Choir 2.0 upgrade

26 Feb 201310 Soundware releases "Mixer Feedback model B K" for Kontakt

25 Feb 2013Soniccouture releases Grand Marimba for Kontakt Player

25 Feb 2013Standard Beat Company releases "Black Surface Volume One" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV, REX and Maschine formats

21 Feb 2013Embertone releases Sensual Saxophone and Infinity Bells for Kontakt

21 Feb 2013Soundiron releases The Musique Box for Kontakt

21 Feb 2013Sample Logic releases ASSAULT for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

21 Feb 2013Audiority releases "Pills #1: Metal Leads" for Kontakt

20 Feb 2013Loopmasters release "Dauwd House & Electronica" Artist Series pack

19 Feb 2013Glitchmachines releases "Fragment"

19 Feb 2013echo | collective releases "Little Boxes" sample and instrument library

18 Feb 2013Samplephonics releases "Slice Machine 001 // Histibe Future Breaks" for Kontakt

17 Feb 2013dboxSamples releases "Aid01 / MC-808" Free Sample Pack

15 Feb 2013Tronsonic releases Microtapes 10-16 for Kontakt

14 Feb 2013Binary Music releases "Crosswave" - Ensoniq SQ80 sampled for Kontakt, Live and EXS24

13 Feb 2013Soundtrack Loops announces "Fresh Mood" Multi-format Loops and Samples

09 Feb 2013Ilya Efimov releases "Modern Bass" for Kontakt

07 Feb 2013Stretch That Note releases "DruMM Elements - Claps" for Kontakt

06 Feb 2013Soundiron releases Ambius 1 Transmissions v2.0 Upgrade for Kontakt

05 Feb 2013Soniccouture releases Konkrete 3 - Drums & Percussion for Electronic Music for Kontakt Player

05 Feb 2013Dargalon Instruments Studio announces "Kangling - The Sound of Death" for Kontakt

05 Feb 2013FluffyAudio releases "My Vibes" for Kontakt

05 Feb 2013Sonokinetic releases "Ney: Traditional Middle Eastern Bamboo Flute" for Kontakt

05 Feb 2013Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 05 by Delect" - Free Multi-Format Electronic Drum Kits

05 Feb 2013S&V Studio releases Wooden Horn Tenor (Vladimirsky rozhok) for Kontakt 5

02 Feb 2013Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Rosewood Grand" sample library for Kontakt

02 Feb 2013Precision Sounds releases "Ukrainian Bandura" for NI Kontakt and Logic EXS24

01 Feb 2013HybridTwo releases Project ALPHA - Musical Cinematic Sound Design for Kontakt

28 Jan 2013Rhythmic Robot releases "Elektrik Kalimba" - African Themed Electric Piano for Kontakt

28 Jan 2013Les Productions Zvon releases "Marching Band Horn" for Kontakt

28 Jan 2013Crypto Cipher releases Bollywood Harmoniums for Kontakt

24 Jan 2013Analogue Drums releases "Fat Stacks" Drum Library for Kontakt & Trigger

22 Jan 2013FluffyAudio announces "My Vibes" for Kontakt

20 Jan 2013Cinematique Instruments releases Ronroco & 8string Ukulele for Kontakt

17 Jan 2013Native Instruments releases "Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

17 Jan 2013Production Voices releases "Production Grand" - Piano Sample Library for Kontakt

16 Jan 2013Wavesfactory releases 'Classic Rock Drums' for Kontakt

12 Jan 2013dboxSamples releases Xp03 / Complex-Shots for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and Reason

10 Jan 2013Prodyon announces Shortnoise for Kontakt

04 Jan 2013Sonokinetic updates "Da Capo - Multi Sampled Symphonic Orchestra" to v1.2

04 Jan 2013Tronsonic releases VCO for Kontakt (Free to Tronto and DCO owners only)

03 Jan 2013Audiority releases "Abstract Textures" for Kontakt

30 Dec 20128Dio announces "Free Angels" and "8W (The Eighth Wonder) - Symphony Orchestra" Sample Libraries for Kontakt

29 Dec 2012Virtuasonic New Year Bundles Party (up to 50% Discount)

23 Dec 2012Embertone releases Harmonette for Kontakt - Free Holiday Instrument for Facebook users

21 Dec 2012Soniccouture release Thunder Drum for Kontakt

21 Dec 2012StrayWorx releases Fujiya MC-3A Toy-Synth for Kontakt (Free)

21 Dec 2012Homegrown Sounds releases Starburst for Kontakt and Sampletank

21 Dec 2012S&V Studio releases "Bayan Jupiter Solo" - Push-Button Accordion for Kontakt

20 Dec 2012Cinematique Instruments updates GECKO to 2.0

20 Dec 2012Tronsonic releases Organatron V2 - Vintage Rock Organ for Kontakt - 50% off during Xmas Sale

20 Dec 2012Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v5.1.0 - Adds AAX Support (Native 32-bit)

20 Dec 2012Precious Sound releases PreBrute for Kontakt 5 with Intro Offer

19 Dec 2012Wave Alchemy releases "Transistor Revolution" for Kontakt Player

19 Dec 2012realsamples releases "German Celesta" Sample Library

19 Dec 2012Native Instruments releases "Abbey Road Vintage Drummer" (Kontakt Player) and "Electric Vice" (Maschine Expansion)

17 Dec 2012Ilya Efimov releases "Bayan" for Kontakt

17 Dec 2012Soniccouture releases Samulnori Percussion for Kontakt

17 Dec 2012Bolder Sounds releases "Bluegrass Banjo" for Kontakt and EXS24

17 Dec 2012Sounds And Effects releases "The Resonant Drop" for Kontakt

17 Dec 2012PinkNoise Studio releases ORANGE Kontakt Edition

12 Dec 2012Soundiron releases "Ambius 2: Systematik" ambient groove synth for Kontakt with intro offer + special combo deals on 4 libraries

11 Dec 2012Embertone releases "Tomato Paste Kalimba" for Kontakt and offers exclusive gift to all Facebook fans

11 Dec 2012Impact Soundworks releases "Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar" for Kontakt Player

10 Dec 2012Gospel Musicians releases MKSensation - MKS-20 and 80s Digital Piano library for Kontakt Player

10 Dec 2012Wave Alchemy announces "Transistor Revolution" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

09 Dec 2012AudioThing releases "Xmas Beer Bottles" for Kontakt

07 Dec 2012Tronsonic releases Microtapes 4-9 for Kontakt

06 Dec 2012Sound Magic releases "China Story Erhu" Virtual Instrument for Mac & Win in VST, AU and Kontakt formats

06 Dec 2012Homegrown Sounds releases "Virus Kits" for Battery & Kontakt and announces 50% Sale

06 Dec 2012FluffyAudio releases My Piano - Upright Piano for Kontakt

06 Dec 2012Dream Audio Tools releases "Indie Fingers Volume Two: The Neck" for Kontakt

05 Dec 2012Ilya Efimov X-mas Sale (25-44% Off)

05 Dec 2012StrayWorx releases DruMOD for Kontakt

04 Dec 2012Pluggotic releases DeeDeeTee for Kontakt

29 Nov 2012Noisefirm releases "Complete Shaker & Tambourine" for Kontakt and EXS

24 Nov 2012Human Touch Technology releases "Arabian Beats" and "Orientech" for Kontakt

23 Nov 2012Native Instruments 50% Off Komplete Instruments and Effects, Maschine Expansions and Traktor Pro 2

23 Nov 2012Tronsonic releases DCO - 'Precision' Synth for Kontakt

23 Nov 2012Sonokinetic releases "Da Capo - Multi Sampled Symphonic Orchestra" for Kontakt

20 Nov 2012Soundiron announces "Mercury Symphonic Boychoir for Kontakt Pre-Order Sale" and "30% Store-wide Thanksgiving Sale"

19 Nov 2012Sonokinetic announces "Da Capo - Multi Sampled Symphonic Orchestra" for Kontakt arrives November 22, 2012

16 Nov 2012Best Service releases Chris Hein Horns Pro Complete for Kontakt Player & Kontakt

15 Nov 2012YummyBeats re-releases "Bluesy Guitar Loops" with Kontakt 5 version - Half Price until Nov 30th 2012

15 Nov 2012AudioThing releases "Environments - Temple of Mercury" for Kontakt

14 Nov 2012Native Instruments releases "Session Horns" for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

14 Nov 2012Boxed Ear releases "Sys100" for Kontakt

14 Nov 2012Rhythmic Robot releases "SuperDrums" for Kontakt - 8-bit Digital Drum Machine based on Korg DDM-110

14 Nov 2012Synth Magic release "Sounds of the Korg Delta" for Kontakt

12 Nov 2012KVRDC12: Bedroom Producers Blog & Rhythmic Robot Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions DELUXE (Kontakt 4 + SFZ + Zampler)

12 Nov 2012Embertone releases "Shire Whistle" for Kontakt

11 Nov 2012KVRDC12: Total Composure - The Total Composure Orchestra - Full orchestral sample library for Kontakt

09 Nov 2012Cinematique Instruments releases Grand 3P for Kontakt

04 Nov 20128Dio announces "Adagio Cellos Vol. 1" for Kontakt

01 Nov 2012Ilya Efimov releases "Domra alto" for Kontakt

31 Oct 2012Soundiron releases Angklung - Indonesian Tuned Bamboo Percussion Library for Kontakt

30 Oct 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 04 by Tonebuilder" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS24

30 Oct 2012Soundiron releases "Sick 3: Dark Places" for Kontakt

29 Oct 2012Citron Instruments releases PIRA - Percussion, Drums and FX for Kontakt

26 Oct 2012Samplephonics releases 'Brushed Grooves' for Kontakt 5

25 Oct 2012Rhythmic Robot release "WurliBeat" Analogue Drum Machine for Kontakt

24 Oct 2012Crypto Cipher releases "Tongue Drum" for Kontakt

23 Oct 2012Tronsonic releases Micro Packs Vol. 1-3 for Kontakt (with customisable tape machine emulation)

23 Oct 2012Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul EX5 Expansion for Neo-Soul Keys

22 Oct 2012Studiolinkedvst releases "Modern Billboard 2" for Kontakt and Reason

18 Oct 2012Glitchmachines releases "Biomorph" ($59) and "Cybernetics" (Free) - Alien Sci-Fi Sound Effects Sample Libraries

18 Oct 2012SampleOddity releases Thrash DI - Electric Guitar Library for Kontakt

17 Oct 2012Wavesfactory releases "StrumGTR Vol. II. Acoustic" for Kontakt and EXS24

17 Oct 2012Sounds And Effects announces Netherworld for Kontakt and Reason October Sale (33% Off)

17 Oct 2012Signo SFX-Instruments releases "Snowshoes SFX-Instruments" footsteps sound effects for Kontakt & EXS24

14 Oct 2012Gemini Audio releases "Virus Blue Vol.1" for Kontakt and updates "KultComp" for Nebula 3

13 Oct 2012Sonokinetic releases "Bagpipes" for Kontakt

12 Oct 2012Native Instruments releases "Action Strings" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

11 Oct 2012Soundiron releases "The Drinking Piano" - Vintage Acoustic Upright Piano Library for Kontakt

09 Oct 2012Embertone releases "The Kitchen" (Free) and "Jug Drums Complete" ($25) for Kontakt

08 Oct 2012Ilya Efimov releases Contrabass Balalaika for Kontakt

05 Oct 2012Sonokinetic releases "Kemençe" - Middle Eastern Violin for Kontakt

05 Oct 2012Fingerpushers releases "Electro Bass" for Kontakt 4

04 Oct 2012Stretch That Note release "DruMM Elements" for Kontakt

03 Oct 2012AudioThing releases "TX-101" for Kontakt

03 Oct 2012Tiki Records Hawaii releases "Concert Ukulele Strummer" for Kontakt

02 Oct 2012Vir2 Instruments releases "Studio Kit Builder" for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

02 Oct 2012Sample Logic releases "Cinematic Guitars 2" for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

01 Oct 2012Precious Sound releases PreSid for Kontakt and Maschine

01 Oct 2012QESounds releases PhoenixB Cinematic SFX library for Kontakt 5

01 Oct 2012Soundiron releases "Rust 1" v2.0 with a Demo Songwriting Contest to win the Pulse Surface MIDI Controller

01 Oct 2012Cinesamples releases CineWinds Pro Expansion for CineWinds for Kontakt

30 Sep 2012Cinematique Instruments releases "Basic Marimba" for Kontakt

30 Sep 2012Channel Robot releases "Grid Machine//Slice - Drums & Bass" Demo Version for Kontakt

27 Sep 2012Wavesfactory releases "Body Percussion" for Kontakt and EXS24

25 Sep 2012Precisionsound releases "Angelic Vocal Pads 5" for Kontakt

24 Sep 201210 Soundware releases "Mixer Feedback model Y EM-90A K" for Kontakt

24 Sep 2012Channel Robot releases "Grid Machine//SLICE - House Percussion" Demo for Kontakt

23 Sep 2012Ilya Efimov releases Russian Domra for Kontakt

18 Sep 2012Sample Logic announces Cinematic Guitars 2

17 Sep 2012Tronsonic releases 'Tronto' - Tape Saturated Vintage Style Polyphonic Synth for Kontakt 5

17 Sep 2012Rhythmic Robot releases "Jennings" 1946-era valve synthesiser for Kontakt

17 Sep 2012Channel Robot release "Grid Machine Pulse" for Kontakt

14 Sep 2012Signo SFX-Instruments releases "The Trekking Boots Bundle-1" for Kontakt and EXS24

13 Sep 2012SoulViaSound releases SKRUM - Drums for Kontakt 5

12 Sep 2012Weirdingmodule releases "Danger" for Reaktor and Kontakt

12 Sep 2012Fingerpushers releases "Superstructure" for Kontakt 4

12 Sep 2012Channel Robot releases demo version of Grid Machine//Slice - IDM Drum Machine for Kontakt

07 Sep 2012Wave Alchemy releases "Bass Pedals" synthesizer for Kontakt

04 Sep 2012AudioThing releases "Strings" for Kontakt and Iris

03 Sep 2012PinkNoise Studio releases Voyager Kontakt Edition

03 Sep 2012Soundiron releases "Tuned Micro" for Kontakt and announces "Labor Day Sale" (15% off everything; Sep 3-4, 2012)

03 Sep 20128Dio releases Adagio Violins 1.1 for Kontakt (24GB Upgrade)

31 Aug 2012Channel Robot releases "Grid Machine Chain" for Kontakt

30 Aug 2012Wavesfactory releases "Ukulele Finger" for Kontakt

30 Aug 2012YummyBeats releases Massive Evolutions for Kontakt and Massive

28 Aug 2012Ilya Efimov releases Russian Balalaika for Kontakt

27 Aug 2012Gospel Musicians "Neo-Soul Keys" Original Version on Sale for $59.99

26 Aug 2012Bad Cat Media Group releases "The Mini Keys" and updates "The Music Box" for Kontakt and EXS 24

23 Aug 2012Soundiron releases "Rust 3" - Deep Metallic Percussion Library for Kontakt

21 Aug 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 03 by EVAC" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS24

19 Aug 2012Straight Ahead Samples releases "Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums" for Kontakt

19 Aug 2012Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys 3X Electric Piano for Kontakt Player with Introductory Offers

18 Aug 2012MaxSynths releases Alien Soundscapes (WAV, Kontakt, Wusikstation, Soundfont and sfz)

12 Aug 2012Wavesfactory releases 'Ukulele Strum' for Kontakt and EXS24

10 Aug 2012Audiority release The Modular Piano for Kontakt

08 Aug 2012Sonokinetic announces "Da Capo" - Full Orchestral Section Sampled Library - Coming Q4 2012

08 Aug 2012Sampleism releases free Ocean Harp instrument for Kontakt

08 Aug 2012Samplephonics releases World Percussion Soundtrack 2 for Kontakt

06 Aug 20128Dio announces "Hybrid Tools 2" and Crowd-Based "Free Radicals" for Kontakt

06 Aug 2012Soundiron releases "High School Drumcorps" v2.0 for Kontakt

30 Jul 2012Zero-G release "Sax Supreme" - Vintage Soprano Sax for Kontakt

30 Jul 2012HelloSamples releases RawVermona Sample Pack (incl. Kontakt, Maschine & MPC versions)

29 Jul 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Analog Piano for Kontakt

29 Jul 2012Synth Magic releases FZed for Kontakt

29 Jul 2012StrayWorx releases "TeH Tul0k" for Kontakt

23 Jul 2012MaxSynths releases aPiano for Kontakt

23 Jul 2012Crypto Cipher releases "Tarangs" - Indian Tuned Percussion Instruments for Kontakt

23 Jul 2012Soundiron releases The Struck Grand - 88-String Tuned Percussion Library for Kontakt

18 Jul 2012Standard Beat Company releases "Plus Kit" in Battery, Kontakt, and WAV formats

17 Jul 2012Precisionsound releases (Roland) EP-30 for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont

16 Jul 2012Analogue Drums releases "Big Mono Redux" for Kontakt

16 Jul 2012QESounds releases QES Phoenix for Kontakt

14 Jul 2012Nine Volt Audio releases TAIKO 2 for Kontakt – Promo Price Ending

14 Jul 2012Total Composure releases "Definitive Bell Lyre" for Kontakt

12 Jul 2012YummyBeats releases "Massive Evolutions Free" for Kontakt and Massive

12 Jul 2012Cinematique Instruments releases "The Bowl" for Kontakt

12 Jul 2012Sampleism gives away 560MB of Free Loops, Kits, MIDI and Kontakt Instruments

11 Jul 2012Embertone releases 8 instruments (2 Free) for Kontakt

10 Jul 2012Soniccouture releases CrowdChoir instrument to aid Red Cross

09 Jul 2012Time+Space announce Cinematic Strings Competition

05 Jul 2012ILIO announces Ocean Way Drums Special Offer - Save up to $100

03 Jul 2012Native Instruments updates Reaktor to v5.7 and Kontakt to v5.0.3

02 Jul 2012Precisionsound releases Hedberg Travel Organ for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont

02 Jul 20128Dio announces Composer Contest (win an iPad) & releases "Basstard" for Kontakt

29 Jun 2012Fingerpushers releases "Infected" for Kontakt 4

26 Jun 2012Soundiron releases Street Erhu - Chinese Folk Violin Phrase Sample Library for Kontakt

26 Jun 2012Cinematique Instruments releases Specimenphone for Kontakt

25 Jun 2012Wavesfactory releases W-Bagpipes for Kontakt

22 Jun 2012Wavesfactory releases BlackToms for Kontakt and EXS24

21 Jun 2012Rhythmic Robot releases SpecTone Chip Music Synthesiser for Kontakt

19 Jun 2012Sonokinetic releases "Sultan Drums" Middle Eastern Percussion for Kontakt

19 Jun 2012Orange Tree releases "Lap Steel Guitar" sample library for Kontakt

18 Jun 2012Boxed Ear releases "Mighty M5" Kontakt sample pack + free CR-78 samples

13 Jun 20128mosphere releases "Crystal Bowls - The 13 Cosmic Rays" for Kontakt Player

11 Jun 2012Standard Beat Company releases "Boiler Room Beats" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV and REX formats

08 Jun 2012Sound Magic releases "Liang's Pipa" for Win & Mac VST, AU and Kontakt

07 Jun 2012QESounds releases QES Metals RAW 2-6 for Kontakt 4+

07 Jun 2012Neocymatics releases Hybrid Strings for Kontakt - Solo and Section Strings

06 Jun 2012Precisionsound releases Tranzitone for Kontakt

05 Jun 2012StrayWorx releases "Bad Bassist" for Kontakt

04 Jun 20128Dio releases Post-Apocalyptic Guitar for Kontakt

01 Jun 2012Synth Magic releases 'Digital Love Child' for Kontakt 4 and above

01 Jun 2012Rhythmic Robot releases LEL 8-bit Soviet drum machine for Kontakt

28 May 2012Nine Volt Audio releases Solo Guitaret - Free Instrument for Kontakt 4/5

28 May 2012Icebreaker Audio releases PortaSynth, Calc-U-Synth and the ToyBreaker Bundle for Kontakt 5

25 May 2012Tone Arm Instruments releases Dirty Mouth Vocal Instrument for Kontakt

24 May 2012Rhythmic Robot releases SpecTalk 8-bit Robot Voice Synthesiser for Kontakt

21 May 2012Westgatesounds.net releases Anomaly XIII - Multi-Format Sound Expansion

21 May 2012Native Instruments releases "The Giant" Upright Piano for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

21 May 2012Wavesfactory releases Marxophone for Kontakt

21 May 2012QESounds releases QES Metals RAW1 for Kontakt

18 May 2012Orange Tree Samples updates Evolution Acoustic Guitar Steel Strings for Kontakt

18 May 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Loopscape Tape Loop Synthesiser for Kontakt

17 May 2012Soundiron releases Olympus Micro Choir for Kontakt for $9.99

15 May 2012Binary Music releases Solina String Ensemble for Kontakt 4

15 May 2012Stretch That Note release EPIC Series 1 for Kontakt

14 May 2012Soniccouture releases EP73 Deconstructed - Electric Piano instrument for Kontakt Player

14 May 2012Standard Beat Company releases "Doom Dub" in Battery, Kontakt, WAV and REX formats

13 May 2012Bedroom Producers Blog releases Yamaha DD-10 Toy Drum Machine Sessions

11 May 2012Ilya Efimov releases TC Electric Guitar and TC Strum for Kontakt

09 May 2012Resonance Sound releases SOR Clicks & FX Vol.1

09 May 2012Sonokinetic release "Delphi" Historical Ancient Greek Ensemble for Kontakt

08 May 2012Soundiron releases Requiem Light v2.5 update for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

07 May 20128Dio releases Adagio Violins for Kontakt

03 May 2012Orange Tree Samples updates Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry for Kontakt

02 May 2012StrayWorx releases "TeH Fl0ppy" sound library for Kontakt, Renoise and SF2/SFZ players

27 Apr 2012Ian Boddy launches Analogue Workshop series with 'Distortion & Feedback' for Kontakt

25 Apr 2012Soundiron releases Venus Symphonic Women's Choir for Kontakt

23 Apr 2012Bedroom Producers Blog releases Yamaha SHS-10 Toy Keytar Sessions for Kontakt and Shortcircuit

22 Apr 2012Soniccouture releases GlassWorks2 : Cristal Baschet / Glass Armonica Instrument for Kontakt Player

21 Apr 2012Ilya Efimov releases "LP Strum" for Kontakt

20 Apr 2012QESounds releases QES Metals Lite for Kontakt

19 Apr 2012Cinematique Instruments releases Low Banda Brass for Kontakt

18 Apr 2012Sonokinetic releases "Nevel" Biblical Harp for Kontakt

17 Apr 2012Ilya Efimov releases LP Electric Guitar for Kontakt

17 Apr 2012AudioThing releases FFrum, Acoustic Bundle and up to 20% discounts for its birthday

16 Apr 2012Handmade Sounds releases Bouzouki 8-string Acoustic for Kontakt

12 Apr 2012Resonance-Sound releases Audio Boutique Electric Elements 3.0 in WAV, AppleLoops, and REX formats

12 Apr 2012Spitfire Audio releases "Orchestral Grand Piano" and announces "Steven Devine's Harpsichord" for Kontakt

11 Apr 2012Twisted Tools releases Micro Kits 02 by Glitchmachines

10 Apr 2012Analogue Drums releases Monotown and Gorilla - Motown and 80s inspired Drum Kits for Kontakt

05 Apr 2012Bedroom Producers Blog releases Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions Part 2 for Kontakt and Shortcircuit

04 Apr 2012Sample Logic releases Synergy X for Kontakt

01 Apr 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Skyline - Analog Keys and Rhythms for Kontakt

31 Mar 2012Wavesfactory releases StrumGTR (Electric) for Kontakt and EXS24

31 Mar 2012Groove Monkee releases Afro-Cuban Percussion MIDI (Battery)

30 Mar 2012AudioThing releases "Pipes" for Kontakt

28 Mar 2012Zero-G releases Luminoso: Live Violin Phrases for Kontakt

27 Mar 2012Channel Robot releases "GRID MACHINE//MATRIX - Volume 1" - Grid-based Sequencing Instrument for Kontakt

26 Mar 2012Uppercussion releases Bomblastic - Hip Hop Drum Kits for Maschine, Battery, Geist and more

25 Mar 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Drawbar 350 Transistor Organ for Kontakt

22 Mar 2012Total Composure releases Enigma - Curious Percussion Sample Library for Kontakt

22 Mar 2012Native Instruments announces time-limited special upgrade offer on Komplete 8 (299 USD/EUR)

22 Mar 2012Spitfire Audio releases Albion v2.0 and announces v3.0

21 Mar 2012ModernBeats releases 'Supreme Snarez 2' Drum Samples

19 Mar 2012Ambient Source releases Klang Bang, Klik Klak and Space Rock "73" sample libraries for Kontakt

16 Mar 2012Stretch That Note release DruMM Series 3 for Kontakt

16 Mar 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Doctor 110 Analog Rhythm Machine for Kontakt

15 Mar 2012Soundiron releases Breaker - Electro-Acoustic Breakbeat Drum Library for Kontakt

15 Mar 2012Prodyon relaunches: releases Votox for Kontakt and announces Group Buy for Votox, Enchoir & Polypitch

13 Mar 2012Samplemodeling releases "French Horn & Tuba" for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

13 Mar 2012Native Instruments updates George Duke Soul Treasures to v1.2 and launches Time-Limited Special Offer (50% Off)

12 Mar 2012Wavesfactory releases W-Shaker for Kontakt

12 Mar 2012Besound releases "Deep Electro Vol. 2" for Kontakt

10 Mar 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Hohner Bass 3 key bass synth for Kontakt

10 Mar 2012Nine Volt Audio releases Big Bad Guitars V2 & Big Bad Bass Guitar V2 in Stylus RMX, REX, Kontakt, Acid & Apple Loop formats

09 Mar 2012Bolder Sounds releases "Harmoniums of the Opera" for NI Kontakt 4+

08 Mar 2012Cinematique Instruments releases Clap Trak for Kontakt

04 Mar 20128Dio releases Studio Solo Violin for Kontakt

03 Mar 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Cheetah SpecDrum for Kontakt

02 Mar 2012Stretch That Note releases L.E.W.D - Low End Warp Device for Kontakt

01 Mar 2012Impact Soundworks releases Resonance: Emotional Mallets for Kontakt 4

28 Feb 2012Twisted Tools releases Micro Kits 01 by Si Begg - Drum Kits for Maschine, Ableton, Kontakt and more

27 Feb 2012Native Instruments releases Heavyocity Evolve for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

27 Feb 2012Samplephonics releases World Percussion Soundtrack for Kontakt

23 Feb 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Logan String Melody II emulation for Kontakt

20 Feb 2012Rhythmic Robot releases ShelTone Suitcase Organ for Kontakt

17 Feb 2012Citron Instruments releases AQUA - Pads, Textures and Motions Library for Kontakt

17 Feb 2012Synth Magic releases Polychrome Synthesizer for Kontakt

16 Feb 2012Sampleism releases Silver Glockenspiel for Kontakt

15 Feb 2012Soundiron releases "Tuned Artillery" Harmonic Percussion Library for Kontakt

12 Feb 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Typewriter for Kontakt

11 Feb 2012Sonokinetic releases "Vivace - Cinematic Orchestral FX & Textures" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

08 Feb 2012Audiority releases Epic Pig Guiro for Kontakt

08 Feb 2012Precisionsound releases Orfeo Accordion for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont

06 Feb 20128Dio releases Deep-Sampled Legacy Grand Piano for Kontakt

03 Feb 2012Best Service releases Nitron - Sample-based Synth for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

02 Feb 2012Icebreaker Audio releases HandySynth for Kontakt 5

01 Feb 2012Rhythmic Robot releases Boss DR55, Magnus Reed Organ and StyloDrum Kontakt Instruments

29 Jan 2012Soundiron releases Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble for Kontakt

23 Jan 2012Tronsonic releases 'Stoner Planet T' tape sampled Electric Piano for Kontakt

20 Jan 2012Rhythmic Robot launches with 8 new Kontakt instruments

19 Jan 2012Native Instruments releases Abbey Road Drummer Series

18 Jan 2012Native Instruments updates Kontakt (5.0.2), Reaktor (5.6.2), Guitar Rig 4 (4.2.2), Kore Player (2.1.4; incl. 64-bit), Upright Piano (1.4) and Vienna Concert Grand (1.4)

18 Jan 2012Tronsonic release "Organatron m100" for Kontakt

17 Jan 2012Sample Logic releases "TryPack" for Kontakt

12 Jan 2012Cinematique Instruments releases Sapphire 60 Organ for Kontakt

12 Jan 2012Binary Music releases "Valve 4 Op" for Kontakt

11 Jan 2012AudioThing releases Soundscapes Vol.1 for Kontakt

02 Jan 20128Dio announces Adagio Orchestral String Series for Kontakt

27 Dec 2011Puremagnetik releases "B-System: Atmospheres" for Live, Kontakt, Logic and Renoise

22 Dec 2011Vir2 Instruments releases "Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

21 Dec 2011Gospel Musicians partners with Overloud to offer VKFX plug-in with Neo-Soul Keys

21 Dec 2011Loopmasters releases 8 new sample packs for the holidays

21 Dec 2011ProjectSAM releases Orchestral Essentials for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

18 Dec 20118DIO releases Rhythmic Aura Vol. 2 "Synthetic" for Kontakt

12 Dec 2011Heavyocity Media Evolve Mutations Bundle Now downloadable

12 Dec 2011Soniccouture re-releases Abstrakt Vol.1 as a free download for Kontakt

11 Dec 2011Wave Alchemy releases Wave Alchemy Pro II Synth for Kontakt and Reason (+Live Pack soon)

07 Dec 2011Gospel Musicians releases "Neo-Soul Keys" electric piano library

06 Dec 2011Soniccouture announces Xmas Sale - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

05 Dec 2011Sample Logic releases Fanfare - Marching & Cinematic Brass Library for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

05 Dec 20118Dio launches '25 Days of Christmas' Promo, announces 'Rhythmic Aura Vol. 2 Synthetic' for Kontakt and forthcoming 'Groundbreaking Announcement'

02 Dec 2011Soundiron releases "Twine Bass" for Kontakt

28 Nov 2011Prominy releases V-METAL - Virtual Electric Guitar Plug-in

25 Nov 2011Sounds Of Revolution releases "Abstract & Weird Vol.2" Sample Pack (SOR micro series)

24 Nov 2011Cinematique Instruments releases Jetlag for Kontakt

21 Nov 2011Twisted Tools releases Transform Sample Library by Jedsound

21 Nov 20118DIO announces "Mega Sale" and "iPad 2 Giveaway" and releases "Bulbul Tarang" for Kontakt

15 Nov 2011Synth Magic releases Logan Big Band for Kontakt

14 Nov 2011Soundiron releases Sick II for Kontakt

09 Nov 2011Orange Tree releases "Passion Flute" Jazz-Rock flute sample library for Kontakt

09 Nov 2011Sonokinetic releases New Vocal Libraries for Kontakt: "Aliye" Eurasian Female, "Rojin" Traditional Kurdish and "Yemenite" Ethnic Male

08 Nov 2011Loopboutique announces 35% Discount Offer and releases "Afri-Tech 2" Sample Pack

30 Oct 2011BeSound releases "Deep Electro Vol.1" for Kontakt - FREE until Nov 30

26 Oct 2011No Dough Music launches NDS-3 Classic FM Sample Pack

21 Oct 2011PinkNoise Studio releases Analogue Monsters Kontakt edition

20 Oct 2011ProjectSAM announces Orchestral Essentials

19 Oct 2011AudioThing releases TapeStation for Kontakt

18 Oct 2011Soundprovocation announces Sound Library Super-Sale

14 Oct 2011ProjectSAM updates Symphobia 2 to v1.3

12 Oct 2011Sample Magic releases "SM27 Techno" in WAV, RX2, RMX, AL, EXS24, NN-XT and Kontakt formats

12 Oct 2011Cinematic Tension releases "Jungle Flute FX" for Kontakt

12 Oct 2011Bolder Sounds releases "Buffalo Drum Freebie Loops for Kontakt"; 6 other Bolder Free Sound Libraries now available in SFZ format

12 Oct 2011Nine Volt Audio releases "The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition" in REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID & Apple Loop formats

11 Oct 2011Native Instruments announces Damage by Heavyocity for Kontakt Player and Kontakt

10 Oct 2011Cinematique Instruments releases Upright Piano for Kontakt

08 Oct 2011Best Service releases Chris Hein Horns Compact

06 Oct 2011Soniccouture "Opens The Attic" - releases Broken Wurli and Philicorda and re-issues Omnichord

03 Oct 2011Synth Magic releases "Logan Vocalist" for Kontakt

03 Oct 2011Sound Magic releases "Fazioli Brunei" for Kontakt

03 Oct 20118DIO/Troels Folmann releases "Progressive Metal Guitar" for Kontakt and "Rhythmic Aura RMX" for Stylus RMX

26 Sep 2011Sounds of Revolution releases "Hats & Tops Vol.1" loop library

23 Sep 2011Tronsonic releases "Dark Horse" for Kontakt and ESX24

22 Sep 2011AudioThing releases "Pong Glockenspiel" for Kontakt

07 Sep 2011Precisionsound releases Hybrid Factory for Kontakt

05 Sep 2011EdgeSounds releases "DrumMashines" for Kontakt and GigaStudio

05 Sep 2011QESounds releases "Aqueous" Kontakt library for Ambient & Atmosphere Sound Designers

05 Sep 20118DIO/Troels Folmann releases Hybrid Tools for Kontakt

02 Sep 2011Soniccouture releases "The Conservatoire Collection" for Kontakt Player

02 Sep 2011Native Instruments releases Five New Instruments and Effects - Kontakt 5, Guitar Rig 5 Pro, Studio Drummer, Solid Mix Series and Transient Master

01 Sep 2011Puremagnetik releases SixVoice for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Renoise and Logic

01 Sep 2011Native Instruments releases Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate

31 Aug 2011Cinematic Tension releases "THE DOOR" for Kontakt

29 Aug 2011Cinematique Instruments releases DRUMBOXES line for Kontakt

29 Aug 2011Sonokinetic releases Project Infinity Cinematic SFX Instrument for Kontakt

25 Aug 2011Ilya Efimov Sound Production releases "The Strum" libraries for Kontakt

22 Aug 2011Cinematic Tension releases TENSION SNARE library for Kontakt

18 Aug 2011Mutekki Media releases Big Room Tools Vol.1 Sound Library

15 Aug 2011Cinematic Tension releases Claved library for Kontakt

10 Aug 2011Rich Douglas Music releases free "Dryer Drum of DEATH" library for Kontakt

08 Aug 2011Sample Logic releases Rumble - Marching & Cinematic Drums

02 Aug 2011Native Instruments announces Kontakt 5

02 Aug 2011Native Instruments announces Studio Drummer

02 Aug 2011Native Instruments announces Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate

02 Aug 2011Zero-G releases "Perception: Cinemascapes"

02 Aug 2011Binary Music releases "ARP Odyssey" for Kontakt 4

02 Aug 2011Kreativ Sounds releases "RAW Textures" dark and light multi-format ambient sounds library

29 Jul 20118DIO and composer Troels Folmann launch premium sampling line containing over 40 deep-sampled products for Kontakt

28 Jul 2011Puremagnetik releases Devil07 - Modified TR-707 for Live, Kontakt, Renoise and Logic

28 Jul 2011QESounds updates "Altered Reality 1/2/3 Fx" for Kontakt to v3.0

28 Jul 2011Bolder Sounds releases Buffalo Drum Loops & Hits for Kontakt, Stylus RMX and REX

28 Jul 2011Cinematique Instruments releases "Cement" and "Geiger Counter" for Kontakt

21 Jul 2011Ilya Efimov Sound Production releases Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar library for Kontakt

18 Jul 2011AcousticsampleS updates E-Pian and VibysM

15 Jul 2011EdgeSounds releases Electric Piano Sample Library for Kontakt and Giga

15 Jul 2011SoulViaSound releases Stylo for Kontakt 4

15 Jul 2011Zero-G releases Electro Glitch Essentials

09 Jul 2011QESounds releases Altered Reality 4 Fx sample library for Kontakt

09 Jul 2011Brickwall Audio releases Syklix - Free Library for Kontakt

07 Jul 2011Les Productions Zvon offers Summer Bundles

05 Jul 2011Sonokinetic releases Hurdy Gurdy for Kontakt

28 Jun 2011Puremagnetik releases Grainscapes Ambient Textures Library

27 Jun 2011Loopmasters releases Bomb Squad: Tactical Beats And Sample Artillery

24 Jun 2011Tronsonic releases Rhodetron73 for Kontakt 4.2.2 and ESX24

21 Jun 2011Native Instruments introduces "Discovery Series: West Africa" for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

19 Jun 2011Virtuasonic releases Drums From a Car for Kontakt

19 Jun 2011EdgeSounds releases Studio Grand for Kontakt and GigaStudio

17 Jun 2011AudioThing releases MilkShake and Wood for Kontakt

11 Jun 2011A visit backstage at the Beatles LOVE Show

07 Jun 2011Soniccouture releases Pan Drums for Kontakt Player (Major update of SC Hang Drum instrument)

02 Jun 2011Native Instruments launches "Dive Into Summer" Special Offer for its Komplete Instruments and Effects range

27 May 2011Native Instruments releases Session Strings Pro

26 May 2011Native Instruments updates Reaktor to v5.6 (incl. 64-bit) and Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.2.3

25 May 2011Les Productions Zvon releases Reed Organs for Kontakt and sfz

23 May 2011AcousticsampleS releases Olyx Xylophone for ASPlayer, Kontakt, EXS & sfz and updates ASPlayer to v2.1 (incl. 64-bit Win & Mac)

23 May 2011Sonokinetic releases Tutti - Cinematic Orchestral FX & Textures for Kontakt

23 May 2011Precisionsound releases Maestrovox Ps-Mod. for Kontakt

20 May 2011CFA-Sound releases Reload 01 - Virus TI Thrillogy-1 for Kontakt, EXS, HALion, Reason & SFZ

19 May 2011AudioThing releases SX1500 for Kontakt 4.2.2

16 May 2011PinkNoise Studio releases VIROLOGY Kontakt edition

09 May 2011Virtuasonic releases Sinori Live for Kontakt 4

06 May 2011Tonehammer releases Bowed Bucket Bass for Kontakt

06 May 2011Tronsonic releases Waveform 72 for Kontakt and ESX24

04 May 2011Twisted Tools releases "Glitchmachines: Elements" for Reaktor, Kontakt, Maschine, EXS and more (incl. MP16b Reaktor Ensemble)

04 May 2011Nine Volt Audio updates Stickbreakers Vol 1 Tom Edition for Kontakt (new patches and IRs)

27 Apr 2011Imperfect Samples releases Steinway 1908 Walnut Concert Grand Piano (Plug-in, Kontakt & EXS)

26 Apr 2011Puremagnetik releases Onda for Kontakt, Live and EXS

26 Apr 2011Analogue Drums releases Plastique and Kingpin Kontakt drum sample libraries

23 Apr 2011Sample Magic releases "Nu Disco" and "Dubstep" Sample Libraries

21 Apr 2011Wave Alchemy releases Tape KPR-77 free sample pack of drum samples in Battery 3, Kontakt, and WAV formats

19 Apr 2011Uppercussion Releases Digicussion 1 - Synthetic drum kit library

19 Apr 2011Soundprovocation releases Vocalotheque for Kontakt and EXS24

07 Apr 2011Nine Volt Audio Announces Two-for-One Sale

05 Apr 2011Vir2 announces RiG: Urban Workstation

05 Apr 2011Puremagnetik releases Vintage Organs Volume 2 for Live, Kontakt and Logic

04 Apr 2011Zero-G releases "Spiritoso: Live Cello Phases" for Kontakt

04 Apr 2011Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage X: Electric Guitar Samples Reloaded for Kontakt

04 Apr 2011Sample Logic releases Morphestra Direct Download at a New Low Price

31 Mar 2011Nine Volt Audio releases Stickbreakers Vol 3: Sync'd Cymbals Plus for Kontakt 4

31 Mar 2011Bolder Sounds releases Music Maker V2 - Free Dulcimer Library for Kontakt

30 Mar 2011Voxengo releases AcuDrums Drum Sample Library for Kontakt, Session Drummer, SFZ & WAV

29 Mar 2011Native Instruments releases Maschine 1.6 with Plug-in Hosting

28 Mar 2011Sonicouture releases Omnichord for Kontakt and EXS24 - All proceeds to Japan Tsunami Appeal

25 Mar 2011Nine Volt Audio releases Duo Steel Tongue for Kontakt

25 Mar 2011Cinematique Instruments completes the Gecko family with the release of Complex Environs

25 Mar 2011Soniccouture releases Ondes for Kontakt Player

25 Mar 2011Ilya Efimov Sound Production releases Ilya Efimov Nylon Guitar for Kontakt

23 Mar 2011Cinematique Instruments releases "Cheap Keys", "Metal Strings" and "Eerie Textures" "Gecko instruments" for Kontakt

14 Mar 2011Cinematique Instruments releases three Gecko instruments - Odd Mallets, Glitchy Rhythmer and Warm Pad - for Kontakt

14 Mar 2011Bolder Sounds releases Virginal for Kontakt and EXS24

14 Mar 2011Plughugger releases Bassmasters 2010 for Kontakt, EXS24, Structure, and Reason

10 Mar 2011SampleOddity releases Monster Cookie Tins - Percussive Library for Kontakt

10 Mar 2011Mutekki Media releases Tribal Progressive Revolution Volume 1 Sound Library

08 Mar 2011Precisionsound releases Knutby Church Organ for Kontakt, HALion and EXS

07 Mar 2011SoulviaSound releases REDD Hybrid Synthesizer for Kontakt

02 Mar 2011Sonokinetic releases Sultan Strings - Middle Eastern Performance String Ensemble for Kontakt, HALion and EXS

02 Mar 2011Puremagnetik releases Opus - Vintage Strings, Organ and Brass for Ableton Live, Kontakt, and Logic

02 Mar 2011Audio Impressions announces Brillanti Philharmonic and Early Brass

24 Feb 2011Native Instruments updates Guitar Rig to v4.1.2 (incl. Mac 64-bit) and Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.2.2 (incl. Mac 64-Bit VST)

24 Feb 2011Native Instruments releases Scarbee Funk Guitarist

23 Feb 2011Brickwall Audio releases Raw Steel, a free Kontakt library

22 Feb 2011CFA-Sound releases MonoGrizzly, FilterGrizzly LITE and Rom-Tron Expansion 01 - Northwood Grand (incl. Kontakt version)

16 Feb 2011Tonehammer releases Liberis - Angelic Choir for Kontakt

14 Feb 2011Puremagnetik releases Microtron XL - Mellotron Library for Live, Kontakt & Logic

03 Feb 2011Puremagnetik releases PM-70 Electric Piano Library for Kontakt, Live & Logic

03 Feb 2011PinkNoise Studio releases Deepflight Kontakt edition

03 Feb 2011Cinematique Instruments releases Guitar Harmonics for Kontakt

31 Jan 2011Precisionsound releases Indian Santoor for Kontakt, EXS24 & HALion

19 Jan 2011Sonokinetic releases Arpeggio Concert Harp for Kontakt

16 Jan 2011Sonic Reality releases "Infinite Workstation Gold" for Kontakt Player

13 Jan 2011PinkNoise Studio releases MATRIX for Kontakt

13 Jan 2011Twisted Tools releases Richard Devine's Analogue Microcosm (incl. MP16 Reaktor Ensemble)

07 Jan 2011Sonokinetic releases Maasai sample library for Kontakt

06 Jan 2011Puremagnetik releases Vespine for Live, Kontakt & Logic

17 Dec 2010SoulviaSound releases Anamorphic for Maschine, Battery 3 and Kontakt 4

16 Dec 2010Tonehammer releases "Small Epic Percussion Vol. 2" for Kontakt and announces: "Gnomehammer Celebration"

10 Dec 2010Native Instruments Maschine v1.6 (incl. VST/AU hosting) and Kontakt v4.2 Now in Beta

07 Dec 2010Native Instruments releases Abbey Road Modern Drums

30 Nov 2010Best Service announces "Ethno World Selection" FireSale

30 Nov 2010PinkNoise Studio releases Revolver for Kontakt and launches KontaktBanks.com

29 Nov 2010Bolder Sounds releases Handbells V2 for Kontakt 3+ and Bolder Pianos and Granular Voices for Motif XF

29 Nov 2010Sonokinetic releases Voices Of Israel for Kontakt

25 Nov 2010Vir2 Instruments releases Q (Instruments and sound design for the big screen)

23 Nov 2010Sample Magic release SM20 Electro for Kontakt, EXS and more

23 Nov 2010TeamDNR releases Sonic Physiology: Anatomy01 - Fractal + Sine Hybrids for Kontakt

18 Nov 2010Best Service releases Voices & Choirs (Kontakt Player)

16 Nov 2010Cinematique Instruments releases Sägezahn for Kontakt

16 Nov 2010Fable Sounds releases Broadway Lites - Contemporary Winds Virtual Instrument

16 Nov 2010Soniccouture releases Morpheus for Kontakt and EXS

11 Nov 2010Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.1.3

11 Nov 2010Channel Robot releases Solid Drums for Kontakt, Guru and Battery

08 Nov 2010AcousticsampleS updates ASPLayer and releases WoodBox for Kontakt and ASPlayer

03 Nov 2010Cinesamples releases Voxos: Epic Virtual Choir

03 Nov 2010Imperfect Samples releases Brasted Broken Upright VST/AU (+EXS24/Kontakt)

03 Nov 2010Puremagnetik releases 3 Free Sound Sets for Live, Kontakt & Logic

01 Nov 2010TeamDNR releases Symmetry Pro for Ace, updates Ammunition for Kontakt to v1.1 and announces "Constant Update" Program

27 Oct 2010Native Instruments releases George Duke Soul Treasures

25 Oct 2010Tonehammer releases Montclarion Hall Piano for Kontakt

22 Oct 2010Vir2 Instruments announces Q

21 Oct 2010BooTweak Designs releases BooTweak for Kontakt

20 Oct 2010Wave Alchemy releases "Deep Tech & Progressive" for for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ

15 Oct 2010Sonokinetic releases Toccata - Epic Pipe Organ for Kontakt

14 Oct 2010Tonehammer releases Plucked Grand Piano and Bowed Grand Piano for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

14 Oct 2010Nine Volt Audio releases "Shimmer & Shake" in REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID Wav and Apple Loop formats

14 Oct 2010Precisionsound releases Sonic Laboratory Sound Effects Library for Kontakt and HALion (+WAV)

14 Oct 2010TeamDNR releases Ammunition for Kontakt 4

12 Oct 2010Pettinhouse announces UkuleleGuitar for Kontakt

05 Oct 2010Precisionsound releases "The Skinny Organ Collection - Eminent 275" [WAV|REX2|Kontakt|...]

05 Oct 2010Nine Volt Audio releases Organ Explosion: 9V-B3 Edition in REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID Wav and Apple Loop formats

03 Oct 2010realsamples releases Italian Harpsichord III [KON|HAL|EXS|GIG]

28 Sep 2010Cinematique Instruments releases Bowed Guitars for Kontakt

23 Sep 2010Impact Soundworks releases Koto Nation: Classical Instruments of Japan for Kontakt

21 Sep 2010Sounds and Effects releases "Ocarinas and Clay Flutes" for Kontakt and Reason

21 Sep 2010Sound Magic updates Imperial Grand3D to v1.2 and releases "Liang's Pipa" for Kontakt

21 Sep 2010Soniccouture releases Xtended Piano for Kontakt Player

15 Sep 2010Precisionsound releases Indian Surmandal for Kontakt, HALion & EXS24

15 Sep 2010Sample Logic releases Cinematic Guitars

13 Sep 2010Tonehammer releases "The Ranch" and "Luminabells" for Kontakt

13 Sep 2010Puremagnetik releases Toy Box 2 for Live, Kontakt and Logic

11 Sep 2010Audio Genetics Lab releases "Magnus Chord Organ" for Kontakt

04 Sep 2010Native Instruments releases Komplete 7 and Komplete 7 Elements

04 Sep 2010Native Instruments releases Five New Instruments and Effects

02 Sep 2010Tonehammer release Requiem Pro for Kontakt

02 Sep 2010Sonic Reality releases Neil Peart Drums Vol. 1: The Kit

30 Aug 2010Sonokinetic releases Desert Voice for Kontakt

25 Aug 2010Soniccouture releases Tingklik for Kontakt, EXS and Live

25 Aug 2010Nine Volt Audio releases "Duo - Tingklik" and "Stickbreakers Vol 1 Tom Edition" for Kontakt

25 Aug 2010Best Service announces "Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices" and "Epic World - Cinematic Landscapes"

25 Aug 2010Tonehammer releases Requiem Light for Kontakt Player

25 Aug 2010Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.1.1

25 Aug 2010Native Instruments releases Abbey Road 80s Drums

20 Aug 2010Bolder Sounds releases BOB Celtic Pipes V2 and Thumb Piano for Kontakt

20 Aug 2010Imperfect Samples releases Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand for EXS24 & Kontakt

17 Aug 2010Sample Logic announces Cinematic Guitars for Kontakt Player

15 Aug 2010Audio Genetics Lab releases Native Flute for Kontakt

12 Aug 2010QESounds updates its Kontakt Sound Libraries to v2.0

11 Aug 2010ProjectSAM updates Symphobia to v1.2 and announces Symphobia v2.0

11 Aug 2010Puremagnetik releases Artifact Micropak for Live, Kontakt and Logic

03 Aug 2010Prominy releases SR5 Rock Bass for Kontakt Player

29 Jul 2010Native Instruments announces Komplete 7 Elements

29 Jul 2010Native Instruments announces Komplete 7

27 Jul 2010Cinematique Instruments releases Alto Glockenspiel + Giant Tuning Fork for Kontakt

20 Jul 2010Soniccouture announces Array Mbira for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

17 Jul 2010Heavyocity updates Evolve to v1.5

17 Jul 2010TeamDNR releases Deviant Atmospheres for Kontakt

17 Jul 2010Audio Genetics Lab releases Tongue Drum for Kontakt

15 Jul 2010Puremagnetik releases free Pakbytes for Live, Kontakt, and Logic

12 Jul 20109 Soundware releases Heartbeat K for Kontakt

05 Jul 2010QESounds releases Altered Reality 3 FX for Kontakt

01 Jul 2010Sample Logic releases Vuvuzela for Kontakt

29 Jun 2010Native Instrument updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.1

29 Jun 2010Cinematique Instruments releases "German Monochord" and "Experimental Box V2" for Kontakt

29 Jun 2010AcousticsampleS releases OldBlackgrand for Kontakt and updates Kawai-EX-Pro

29 Jun 2010Triple-D Sampling releases D3 Percussion for Kontakt

24 Jun 2010Puremagnetik releases Phazeform Vol. 2 for Live, Kontakt and Logic

24 Jun 2010KVR Ten: May and June 2010 Winners Announced

23 Jun 2010Best Service updates Galaxy II Grand Piano Collection to Galaxy II K4

21 Jun 2010Native Instruments releases Session Strings

15 Jun 2010Native Instruments Launches the "Kickstart Your Summer" Special

14 Jun 2010Soniccouture releases Novachord for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

14 Jun 2010Spitfire Audio releases Spitfire Percussion for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

28 May 2010Samplemodeling releases The Trombone

16 May 2010Vir2 Instruments releases Electri6ity

29 Apr 2010Myst Sonic releases Ryan Cheng's Guzheng Collection Vol.1 for Kontakt

29 Apr 2010Sinevibes releases 'Analogies' and 'Voices' for Kontakt

29 Apr 2010Bolder Sounds releases Crystal Glasses Vol. 2 and Granular Water Bottle for Kontakt and EXS

29 Apr 2010Puremagnetik releases Microtron Tape 3 for Live, Kontakt and Logic

23 Apr 2010Puremagnetik releases Bodhisphere for Live, Kontakt and Logic

22 Apr 2010Bela D Media releases Bela D Bass | Power Signature LE for Kontakt

20 Apr 2010Native Instruments updates Maschine to v1.5 and the Kontakt 4 Factory Library to v1.0.2

16 Apr 2010Native Instruments releases Paranormal Spectrums for Kore

16 Apr 2010Fable Sounds releases Broadway Big Band Kontakt 4 Player Edition

06 Apr 2010Native Instruments releases Alicia's Keys

04 Apr 2010Native Instruments releases Evolve Mutations Bundle

01 Apr 2010Cinematique Instruments releases Double Bass Harmonica for Kontakt

31 Mar 2010AcousticsampleS releases Elektron for Kontakt

31 Mar 2010SampleOddity releases Weird Ambient Stuff for Kontakt

30 Mar 2010Precisionsound releases Monzter Drumz for Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, Drumagog & SF2

26 Mar 2010Tonehammer releases Bizarre Sitar for Kontakt

26 Mar 2010Brickwall Audio releases Deviant States for Kontakt

26 Mar 2010Harpordian released for Kontakt

24 Mar 2010Soniccouture releases Free RMI Rocksichord for Kontakt

23 Mar 2010Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 supports Native Instruments Komplete 6

23 Mar 2010Native Instruments releases Abbey Road 70s Drums

23 Mar 2010Christoph Hart releases 'Volker - the funky Melodica' for Kontakt

22 Mar 2010Nine Volt Audio releases "Metal Guitar: Riffs & Rhythms" in REX2, RMX, Kontakt, ACID and Apple Loop Formats

22 Mar 2010Progsounds releases The Modular Piano for Kontakt

18 Mar 2010Goldbaby Productions releases The FatJuno-6 [KON|EXS]

18 Mar 2010Puremagnetik releases TrapKit for Live, Kontakt and Logic

18 Mar 2010AcousticsampleS releases DrumTaste Free for Kontakt, EXS24 and SFZ

18 Mar 2010Soundprovocation releases Ethnic Bagpipe [KON|EXS]

09 Mar 2010Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.0.5

09 Mar 2010Native Instruments releases Evolve Mutations 2

03 Mar 2010Native Instruments announces Alicia's Keys

27 Feb 2010Native Instruments releases Scarbee Vintage Keys

18 Feb 2010Tonehammer releases Ambius 1: "Transmissions" for Kontakt

17 Feb 2010Puremagnetik releases Analog Drums for Live, Kontakt and Logic

17 Feb 2010AcousticsampleS releases Bassysm-M and Bassysm-Pack for Kontakt

15 Feb 2010Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage: Electric Rhythm Guitar for Kontakt

10 Feb 2010Realsamples releases English Spinet II - Edition Beurmann [KON|HAL|GIG|EXS]

08 Feb 2010Tonehammer releases Riq Drum for Kontakt

03 Feb 2010Pettinhouse releases AcousticGuitar FREE for Kontakt

02 Feb 2010Realsamples releases Edition Beurmann: Italian Harpsichord II [HAL|KON|EXS|GIG]

29 Jan 2010Tonehammer releases Solo Dhol for Kontakt

29 Jan 2010QES releases AR2Fx (Altered Reality 2 Fx) for Kontakt

26 Jan 2010Native Instruments releases Abbey Road 60s Drums

22 Jan 2010Tonehammer releases Shake for Kontakt

22 Jan 2010Vir2 Instruments announces Electri6ity

22 Jan 2010Impact Soundworks releases Groove Bias Percussion for Kontakt

21 Jan 2010AcousticsampleS releases Marchin' for Kontakt

14 Jan 2010Cinematique Instruments releases Spieluhr & Glockenspiel for Kontakt

14 Jan 2010Tonehammer launches Microhammer [Kontakt, SFZ & WAV Libs]

08 Jan 2010realsamples releases German Lute-Harpsichord - Edition Beurmann [KON|HAL|EXS|GIG]

07 Jan 2010Puremagnetik releases 'PM Grand' for Live, Kontakt & Logic

21 Dec 2009Tonehammer releases Tablas Vol. 2: Multi-Samples for Kontakt

18 Dec 2009SoundsOnDemand offers free sound library: Advanced Media Tracks 2: Classic Composer for Kontakt

17 Dec 2009Tonehammer releases Epic Guitars for Kontakt and EXS

11 Dec 2009Native Instruments and Abbey Road Announce Partnership

10 Dec 2009AcousticsampleS releases The Dulcet for Kontakt

08 Dec 2009Tonehammer releases Tablas V.1: Loops for Kontakt and EXS

04 Dec 2009QESounds releases PianoFx for Kontakt

04 Dec 2009Puremagnetik releases B-System: Basses and Leads for Live, Kontakt & Logic

03 Dec 2009Pettinhouse releases AcousticGuitar for Kontakt

03 Dec 2009Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.0.3

02 Dec 2009Bolder Sounds releases 'Toy and African Marimbas (Free)' for Kontakt & EXS and updates 'Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy' and 'Bavarian Zither' Libraries

01 Dec 2009sidsonic libraries releases Circus Circuit Bending Library

01 Dec 2009Tonehammer releases Forgotten Voices Terrie for Kontakt

26 Nov 2009Heavyocity discounts Evolve; releases Free Mini-Rhythmic Loop Suite for Kontakt

25 Nov 2009Best Service releases Chris Hein Horns Vol 4 More Sax & Brass

25 Nov 2009Tonehammer releases Whaledrum II (Dry) for Kontakt

25 Nov 2009Soundprovocation releases Ethnic Panpipes for Kontakt (and EXS)

20 Nov 2009Cinematique Instruments releases Celtic Nylon Harp for Kontakt

10 Nov 2009Native Instruments releases 4 Acoustic Piano Emulations: Berlin, New York and Vienna Concert Grands and Upright Piano

09 Nov 2009Soniccouture releases Bowed Gamelan - "Exclusive Content" Product [Kontakt|Live|EXS]

09 Nov 2009ToneBuilder releases Driven Machine Drums (Kontakt, EXS-24, GURU, WAV, AIF)

06 Nov 2009SampleOddity releases Thrash: Metal Rhythm Guitar for Kontakt

05 Nov 2009Bolder Sounds releases Handbells for Kontakt

04 Nov 2009Cluster Sound releases Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion and Micromal Gbox [WAV|REX|KON|LIVE]

04 Nov 2009Puremagnetik releases Upright for Live, Kontakt and Logic

04 Nov 2009AcousticsampleS releases DrumTaste Brush for Kontakt

04 Nov 2009Tonehammer releases Zitherette for Kontakt

04 Nov 2009Pettinhouse releases LittleGuitar for Kontakt

03 Nov 2009Cinematique Instruments releases Experimental Box for Kontakt

26 Oct 2009Native Instruments releases Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped

26 Oct 2009Native Instruments releases Scarbee MM-Bass

23 Oct 2009Sounds And Effects releases Netherworld for Kontakt

16 Oct 2009Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v4.0.2

14 Oct 2009Pettinhouse releases WarmJazz FREE for Kontakt

13 Oct 2009Chicken Systems releases Instrument Manager

12 Oct 2009Sonic Sector releases Insomnium for Kontakt

08 Oct 2009Tonehammer releases Clack for Kontakt

07 Oct 2009Cinematique Instruments releases Bowed Psaltery for Kontakt 3

06 Oct 2009AcousticsampleS releases Kawai-EX for Kontakt

06 Oct 2009rInstruments updates RPiano for Kontakt

02 Oct 2009Native Instruments releases Absynth 5, Guitar Rig 4 Pro, Kontakt 4, and Komplete 6 (Kontakt v4.0.1 update available)

24 Sep 2009Native Instruments releases Discovery Series: Balinese Gamelan

23 Sep 2009Pettinhouse releases ClassicGuitarFREE for Kontakt

18 Sep 2009Cinematique Instruments releases Downbeat Box for Kontakt 3.5

18 Sep 2009rInstruments releases RPiano for Kontakt and EXS24

16 Sep 2009Prominy releases LPC Electric Guitar LE for Kontakt 3

14 Sep 2009Orange Tree Samples releases Grand Kalimba for Kontakt

14 Sep 2009Brickwall Audio releases Advanced Distortion for Kontakt

11 Sep 2009Sounds And Effects releases Rude Drums for Kontakt

04 Sep 2009Soniccouture releases "The Skiddaw Stones", launches new web site with Buy One Get One Free offer and announces Exclusive Content

04 Sep 2009Puremagnetik releases Microtron Tape 2 for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic

03 Sep 2009Tonehammer releases "Mini" for Kontakt

02 Sep 2009Native Instruments announces Komplete 6 (Adds: Absynth 5, Kontakt 4 and Guitar Rig 4 Pro; Discontinues: Elektrik/Akoustik Piano, B4 II, Bandstand and Pro-53)

02 Sep 2009Bitword releases Oxide Kits Vol. 2 [KON|BAT|...]

02 Sep 2009Cinematique Instruments releases new library of "Rare and Unique Instruments" for Kontakt

02 Sep 2009Native Instruments announces Kontakt 4

27 Aug 2009AcousticsampleS releases SmallDrumKits for Kontakt

26 Aug 2009Native Instruments releases Scarbee Pre-Bass for Kontakt / Kontakt Player

21 Aug 2009Soundprovocation releases Ethnic Horns for Kontakt and EXS24

07 Aug 2009Native Instruments releases 'Maschine Drum Selection' and 'Evolve Mutations' Kontakt-Powered instruments

07 Aug 2009Native Instruments releases new, free, Kontakt Player 3.5

29 Jul 2009QESounds releases Altered Reality FX for Kontakt

27 Jul 2009Native Instruments announces Partnership with Scarbee

24 Jul 2009Bolder Sounds releases Harmonium and Harmonica [KON|EXS] (+announces 2 for 1 Summer Sale)

23 Jul 2009Imperfect Samples releases Hohner White Baby Grand for EXS24 and Kontakt

23 Jul 2009Myst Sonic releases Bamboo & Woods for Kontakt

23 Jul 2009AcousticsampleS releases AkousKontr for Kontakt

23 Jul 2009Tonehammer releases Forgotten Voices Cait for Kontakt

17 Jul 2009Native Instruments releases Kontakt 3.5 with Extended Memory Addressing

03 Jul 2009Puremagnetik releases VoxBox for Live, Kontakt and Logic

02 Jul 2009Native Instruments launches "Kompletely Insane" Special Offer for Komplete 5

01 Jul 2009QESounds releases QES Bowed Cymbal Libraries for Kontakt

30 Jun 2009Tonehammer releases Small Epic Percussion for Kontakt

30 Jun 2009Pettinhouse releases ClassicGuitar for Kontakt

30 Jun 2009Wavelore Instruments releases Pedal Steel Guitar for Kontakt

12 Jun 2009Sounds And Effects releases Pure Acoustic Special Edition for Kontakt

08 Jun 2009AcousticsampleS releases AcademicGrand for Kontakt

08 Jun 2009Virtuasonic releases Epic FX for Kontakt

08 Jun 2009SampleOddity releases Epic Laundry for Kontakt

26 May 2009Tonehammer releases 'Forgotten Voices: Barbary' for Kontakt

18 May 2009Tonehammer releases Bamblong for Kontakt

28 Apr 2009Wavelore updates American Zither for Kontakt to v2.0

23 Apr 2009Tonehammer releases Epic Dhol for Kontakt

21 Apr 2009Pettinhouse releases DirectBass 2.0 FREE for Kontakt

16 Apr 2009Native Instruments releases Kontakt v3.5 Beta (for registered users)

09 Apr 2009Bela D Media releases Native Voice for Kontakt

09 Apr 2009AcousticsampleS releases DrumTasteJazz for Kontakt

03 Apr 2009Sample Logic releases WaterHarp for Kontakt

31 Mar 2009Acousticas releases L224XL Impulse Response Library

31 Mar 2009Pettinhouse releases DirectBass v2.0 for Kontakt

27 Mar 2009Puremagnetik releases B-System: Percussives [LIVE|KON|LOG]

19 Mar 2009AcousticsampleS releases Bassysm-S for Kontakt

18 Mar 2009Tonehammer releases Waterphone for Kontakt

05 Mar 2009Tonehammer releases Forgotten Voices: "Francesca" and Lakeside Organ for Kontakt

05 Mar 2009Puremagnetik releases Bender for Live, Kontakt and Logic and Selector Pack for Live

05 Mar 2009Sample Logic releases TryPack for Kontakt

25 Feb 2009Soniccouture release new Balinese Gamelan products with 10% Off

17 Feb 2009Tonehammer releases Cylindrum for Kontakt

17 Feb 2009Orange Tree Samples releases CoreBass Pear Upright Bass Sample Library for Kontakt

06 Feb 2009Tonehammer releases Didgeridoo for Kontakt

21 Jan 2009Scarbee join forces with Alicia Keys to create virtual piano for Kontakt - Alicia's Keys

21 Jan 2009Tonehammer releases Propanium for Kontakt

12 Jan 2009Tonehammer releases Kalimba for Kontakt

22 Dec 2008Tonehammer release Anti-Drum Vol. 1 and Rust Vol. 1 for Kontakt

22 Dec 2008Imperfect Samples releases Braunschweig Upright Piano (Pro) Library for EXS24 and Kontakt

09 Dec 2008MystSonic release Chinese Zither (Gu-Zeng) for Kontakt

11 Nov 2008Chicken Systems releases Constructor Universal Instrument Builder

11 Nov 2008MOTU announces 'Upgrade to MachFive 2' offer (from GigaStudio, Kontakt and others)

03 Nov 2008EdgeSounds releases Native Russian Vol. 2 for Kontakt & GigaStudio

29 Oct 2008Native Instruments launches special Kontakt 3 crossgrade for GigaStudio owners

10 Oct 2008Virtuasonic releases Choir Breath for Kontakt

26 Sep 2008Precisionsound releases Angelic Vocal Pads 4 [WAV|SF2|HAL|KON]

12 Sep 2008Blue Sound Studios & GotchaNoddin.com release Club Bangin Kicks Vol.1 [KON|EXS|HAL|...]

12 Sep 2008Puremagnetik releases Blip for Live, Kontakt and Logic

22 Aug 2008Interview with Daniel Haver and Stephan Schmitt of Native Instruments

07 Aug 2008Soniccouture releases (Bowed) Piano for Kontakt / EXS24

09 Jul 2008Pettinhouse announces Group Buy

02 Jul 2008Pettinhouse releases WarmJazz Guitar for Kontakt

01 Jul 2008Bela D Media releases Vocal Tools Classical Edition | The Tenor DLV for Kontakt

01 Jul 2008Puremagnetik releases Metalsphere for Live, Logic and Kontakt

15 Jun 2008Bela D Media releases Retro Flute for Kontakt

10 Jun 2008Precisionsound releases Meghan Celtic Harp [HAL|KON|SF2]

03 Jun 2008Realsamples releases Early Pianoforte - Edition Beurmann [KON|HAL|...]

03 Jun 2008Pettinhouse releases DirectGuitar v2.1 [KON]

29 May 2008Puremagnetik releases Clavinet and Amplifier Effect Micropaks for Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand

22 May 2008Slice Records releases New-J Bass Sample Library for Kontakt 3

22 May 2008Heavyocity releases Evolve

16 May 2008Native Instruments releases Kontakt Retro Machines (Kore Soundpack)

16 May 2008Bolder Sounds releases Button Accordion for Kontakt / EXS

12 May 2008ManyTone Music updates ManyBass for Mac and releases Upright Bass and Acoustic/Electric Bass for Kontakt

09 May 2008Bela D Media releases DSynth | Shadows of Luminosity for Kontakt

30 Apr 2008Pettinhouse releases free Vinyl Drumkits - Electronic [BAT|KON|SF2]

28 Apr 2008Loopmasters launches Artist Series Downloads with Future Drum & Bass from Nu:Tone

28 Apr 2008Realsamples releases Dutch Harpsichord - Edition Beurmann [HAL|KON|...]

25 Apr 2008Westgate Studios releases 'Rare Winds' and 'Harps' Modules for Kontakt and GigaStudio

25 Apr 2008Puremagnetik releases MS-20 Analog Bass Micropak for Live 7, Kontakt 3, Logic 8 and GarageBand

25 Apr 2008Les Productions Zvon releases 'Chromatic Hits' and 'Sidekick Electronic Percussion' sample sets for Kontakt 3

24 Apr 2008SONiVOX releases Anatomy for Kontakt

17 Apr 2008Puremagnetik releases three new bundles for Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand

15 Apr 2008Precisionsound releases Chimes Collection for HALion, Kontakt & Gigastudio

10 Apr 2008Soniccouture releases Kontakt Scriptorium: Sound Design Tools and Tutorials for Kontakt 2 and 3

04 Apr 2008Sounds And Effects releases Asia Pacific Drums and Percussion Download Pak for Kontakt

04 Apr 2008Puremagnetik releases Purple Kit for Live, Kontakt, Logic and Garageband

03 Apr 2008SampleModeling (Peter Siedlaczek & Giorgio Tommasini) releases The Trumpet

17 Mar 2008Precisionsound releases ACE 3000 for HALion, Kontakt & SoundFont

10 Mar 2008Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v3.0.2 and Massive to v1.1.3

26 Feb 2008Bolder Sounds releases Tibetan Singing Bowls [KON|EXS]

21 Feb 2008Puremagnetik releases TB-303 Micropak for Live, Kontakt & Logic

19 Feb 2008Soniccouture releases Balinese Gamelan for Kontakt

01 Feb 2008Realsamples releases Grand Piano (Erard Pianoforte) - Edition Beurmann

28 Jan 2008Realsamples releases English Spinet and Italian Harpsichord [KON|HAL|...]

25 Jan 2008Precisionsound releases The Blanchet Cembalo for HALion, Kontakt & SoundFont

25 Jan 2008Puremagnetik releases PM Mark One for Live, Kontakt, Logic/Garageband

22 Jan 2008GotchaNoddin releases Soul Vocals Vol.2 [KON|HAL|...]

17 Jan 2008Native Instruments announces four new Kore Soundpacks

17 Jan 2008Native Instruments announces Kore Player

17 Jan 2008Scarbee announces Blue Bass for Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 3

17 Jan 2008SONiVOX announces Anatomy for Kontakt

09 Jan 2008Sounds And Effects releases Synths of the 1970s for Kontakt

20 Dec 2007Precisionsound releases Gefle Bells for HALion, Kontakt & SoundFont

20 Dec 2007Soniccouture announces Balinese Gamelan for Kontakt

20 Dec 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt 2 (v2.2.4), Battery (v3.0.3) and KORE 1 Controller Driver (v1.6.7)

12 Dec 2007Muse Research now shipping Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside

12 Dec 2007Precisionsound releases Solovox [HAL|Kon|SF2]

11 Dec 2007Native Instruments releases Kontakt 3 demo version

04 Dec 2007Bitword releases Expanse for Kontakt

03 Dec 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v3.01 (R2)

03 Dec 2007Pettinhouse releases DirectGuitar v2.0 for Kontakt

23 Nov 2007Puremagnetik releases Circuit:30 - Moog Sounds for Live, Kontakt 2, Logic & Garageband

23 Nov 2007Soniccouture updates Hang Drum and eBow Guitars for Kontakt 3

19 Nov 2007Precisionsound releases Monzter Bazz for HALion and Kontakt

12 Nov 2007Zero-G releases Classic Disco [EXS|KON|REX|...]

30 Oct 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v3.0.1

29 Oct 2007Westgate Studios releases Timpani Module for Kontakt and GigaStudio

23 Oct 2007Puremagnetik releases Guitar Rack Volume 2 - Acoustic Edition [KON|EXS|LIVE]

18 Oct 2007Pettinhouse announces DirectGuitar v2.0 [KON]

16 Oct 2007Scarbee releases Red Bass for Kontakt 2

16 Oct 2007Soniccouture releases Brush Kit for Kontakt and Battery for Free

05 Oct 2007Muse Research announces Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside at AES

04 Oct 2007Native Instruments releases Guitar Rig 3, Kontakt 3, Komplete Synths, Komplete Classics and Komplete 5

04 Oct 2007Natural Studio announces final remanufacturing of the ns_kit7 library [HAL|KON|WAV]

28 Sep 2007Soniccouture release Hang Drum for Kontakt

28 Sep 2007Scarbee releases Black Bass Amped 1-4 for Kontakt 2

28 Sep 2007Precisionsound releases Moldova Concert Cimbalom for HALion & Kontakt

28 Sep 2007Sounds And Effects releases Electrified! guitars [KON|HAL|EXS|...]

18 Sep 2007SONiVOX releases Sonic Implants Symphonic Harp for Kontakt

14 Sep 2007Sounds And Effects releases Pure Acoustic guitars for Kontakt

13 Sep 2007Native Instruments announces new Komplete range (Komplete 5, Komplete Synths, Komplete Classics)

13 Sep 2007Native Instruments announces Kontakt 3

28 Aug 2007CineSamples releases CineHarp Glissandi [GIG|EXS|KON]

20 Aug 2007Pettinhouse releases DirectBass lite for Kontakt

20 Aug 2007Scarbee releases Black Bass for Kontakt 2

27 Jul 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v2.2.3

24 Jul 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt Player 2 to v2.2.3

19 Jul 2007Puremagnetik releases PM-200 Electronic Piano Micropak [KON|EXS|Live]

16 Jul 2007Vienna Symphonic Library announces Close-Out Sale of Pro Edition and Horizon Series sample libraries

06 Jul 2007Native Instruments releases Classic Keys bundle and starts Summer of Sound (various offers)

02 Jul 2007Muse Research announces Receptor with Native Instruments Komplete 4 Pre-installed

28 Jun 2007Sample Magic releases Sunset Sessions [HAL|KON|EXS|...]

28 Jun 2007Pettinhouse releases DirectBass [KON]

18 Jun 2007BandmateLoops announces partnership with Sounds Like Drums and releases 12 Multi-Sampled VI products

11 Jun 2007ChocolateAudio releases Mock Bass electric bass library for Kontakt/EXS

24 May 2007Puremagnetik releases Analog Bass Pack for Live, Kontakt & EXS24

22 May 2007Precisionsound releases Alpine Concert Zither [KON|HAL|SF2]

19 May 2007Precisionsound releases Ethno Percussion Collection Vol.1 - DAF [KON|HAL|SF2]

16 May 2007Soniccouture releases eBow Guitar for Kontakt2 & EXS24

16 May 2007GotchaNoddin releases Reggaeton Drums Vol.4 [KON|HAL|...]

08 May 2007Puremagnetik releases BUNDLE-K for Kontakt 2

03 May 2007Precisionsound releases Bergman Klavitron and Stylophone 350s [HAL|KON|SF2]

02 May 2007Modern Beats releases Tru Bass 1 - Electric Six [KON|HAL|EXS|...]

25 Apr 2007Westgate Studios releases French Horns Module [GIG|KON]

25 Apr 2007Prokits releases Bass Enhance Kontakt Sample CD

24 Apr 2007Puremagnetik releases P-50 Linear (KON|EXS|Live)

24 Apr 2007ChocolateAudio releases Bonzo Drum Kit (KON|HAL|EXS|...)

23 Apr 2007PowerFX releases Grand Colour download (KON/HAL)

04 Apr 2007Prokits releases Kontakt Bass CD sample taster pack

02 Apr 2007Nils Liberg updates KScript Editor for Kontakt to v1.21.3

28 Mar 2007Scarbee announces Black Bass for Kontakt

15 Mar 2007Nils Liberg updates KScript Editor for Kontakt to v1.21.2

08 Mar 2007Soniccouture release Konkrete 2 - Drum & Percussion Library (KON|HAL|EXS|BAT)

02 Mar 2007Native Instruments updates Massive to v1.1.1 and Kontakt to v2.2.1

23 Feb 2007Precisionsound releases Retro Gadgets - First Chapter [HAL|KON|SF2]

21 Feb 2007Realsamples releases Hollow Body Guitar Collection Vol.1 & 2 and the Classic Bass Collection

14 Feb 2007Pettinhouse releases DirectGuitar Lite v1.5

07 Feb 2007Precisionsound releases ARTificial Drums & Percussions (HAL|KON|BAT|008)

19 Jan 2007Native Instruments announces the NI Education Program

15 Jan 2007Nils Liberg updates KScript Editor for Kontakt to v1.20

08 Jan 2007EdgeSounds releases Native Russian Vol. 1 for Kontakt

22 Dec 2006Puremagnetik releases String Machines for Kontakt, EXS & Sampler (Live)

20 Dec 2006Nils Liberg updates KScript Editor to v1.18

18 Dec 2006Precisionsound releases Dream Whistles for HALion and Kontakt

15 Dec 2006Westgate Studios releases Flutes Module for Kontakt & GigaStudio

11 Dec 2006Precisionsound releases Persian Santur for HALion, Kontakt & SF2

21 Nov 2006Native Instruments releases Kontakt v2.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

20 Nov 2006Bela D Media releases Anthology: Vol.1 Celtic Wind for Kontakt

16 Nov 2006Puremagnetik announces FM Juice and String Machines Vol. 1 [KON|EXS]

15 Nov 2006Nils Liberg updates KScript Editor to v1.16

14 Nov 2006Handheldsound.com releases FlyingHand Percussion for Kontakt 2

10 Nov 2006Soniccouture releases Synthi AKS For Kontakt 2

24 Oct 2006Pettinhouse releases Vinyl Drumkits for Battery and Kontakt

24 Oct 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases Viral Free [KON|SFZ|WSK]

16 Oct 2006SONiVOX announces Symphonic Collection for Kontakt 2

12 Oct 2006Precisionsound releases Greek Lira [HAL|KON]

05 Sep 2006Precisionsound releases Owerland Guitar (HAL|KON|SF2)

30 Aug 2006KScript Editor v1.1 released (for Kontakt)

11 Aug 2006Soniccouture releases Abstrakt : Bass [KON]

24 Jul 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases Viral Outbreak Vol. 1 (WUSIK|SFZ|KON)

20 Jul 2006Scarbee releases Vintage Keyboard Collection for Kontakt / Kompakt

13 Jul 2006Kontakt v2.1.1, Guitar Rig v2.0.2 and Kompakt v1.0.8 updates for Receptor

07 Jul 2006Soniccouture releases KIM (Thai Dulcimer for Kontakt)

06 Jul 2006Native Instruments celebrates 10-year NI-Versary

30 Jun 2006Nucleus SoundLab announces Viral Outbreak Vol. 1 (WUSIK|SFZ|KON)

21 Jun 2006Pettinhouse releases DirectGuitar demos for Kontakt

01 Jun 2006Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v2.1.1

30 May 2006Pettinhouse releases DirectGuitar (KON|GIG)

28 Apr 2006Native Instruments releases Kontakt v2.1

28 Apr 2006Soniccouture updates Variable Ambience Drums (Kontakt 2.1 Edition)

29 Mar 2006Native Instruments announces Kontakt Player 2 and Kontakt v2.1

13 Mar 2006Kontakt 2 Tutorial DVD now available

01 Feb 2006Soniccouture releases Abstrakt: Konkrete (KON/BAT/HAL/EXS/NNXT)

17 Jan 2006Native Instruments announces plans for Intel-Mac platform

30 Dec 2005Garritan releases Stradivari Solo Violin (KON)

19 Dec 2005Soundlabel releases Piano Attack (EXS/KON/REX)

14 Dec 2005Soniccouture Christmas Offer (+ Free Kontakt2 downloads)

14 Dec 2005PMI releases Hybrid Pianos (KON/GIG)

27 Nov 2005Precisionsound releases Bolivian Panpipe (HAL/Kon/SF2)

18 Nov 2005NI Kontakt 2 now available for Receptor

31 Oct 2005Precisionsound releases Lyra (HAL/KON/SF2)

25 Oct 2005Zero-G announces Drum Styles (KON/REX/WAV)

24 Oct 2005Soniccouture announces release of Variable Ambience Drums (KON/BAT)

24 Oct 2005ModernBeats releases Brass Elementz 2 (HAL/KON/EXS/BAT)

20 Oct 2005Precisionsound releases Philicorda GM 751 (HAL/Kon/SF2)

19 Oct 2005CDxtract releases Samplit v1.0.6

10 Oct 2005Native Instruments announces the Kontakt 2 Tutorial DVD

10 Oct 2005Native Instruments announces updated NI Komplete product range

21 Sep 2005CDxtract releases Samplit

20 Sep 2005Precisionsound releases Langegard Pump Organ (HAL/KON)

30 Aug 2005Soniccouture releases Abstrakt Vol.1 (for Kontakt 2)

26 Aug 2005KS:UK Bass Synth Vol 1 released (All Formats)

09 Aug 2005NI releases Kontakt Experience

19 Jul 2005Native Instruments announces Kontakt Experience

19 Jul 2005Kontakt v2.0.2 released

28 Jun 2005Precisionsound releases Ethereal (Kontakt/HALion)

23 Jun 2005Bela D Media releases The Giovani Edition for Kontakt (Children's Choir)

27 May 2005Native Instruments launches User Library for Kontakt 2

26 May 2005Kontakt 2 demo version now available

24 May 2005Bela D Media releases Studio B - Drums. Bass. Guitar.

19 May 2005ModernBeats releases Brass Elementz 1

09 May 2005NI and Waves announce cross-grade offer

25 Apr 2005NI releases Synthetic Drums 2

21 Apr 2005NI announces the Kontakt 2 Clinic Tour

18 Apr 2005NI releases Kontakt v2.0.1

06 Apr 2005Muse Research demonstrates new plug-ins running on Receptor

06 Apr 2005Native Instruments announces Synthetic Drums 2

23 Mar 2005Native Instruments announces details of the Kontakt 2 library

23 Mar 2005Zero-G ASL - Analogue Sequencer Loops now shipping

23 Mar 2005ModernBeats releases Vintage Machinez 1

15 Mar 2005NI Komplete Sound now available in stores

01 Mar 2005Precisionsound releases Funky Electric P200 (HAL/Kon/Sfz)

24 Feb 2005Tekniks releases two new Sample CDs

22 Feb 2005Bela D Media releases Lyrical Distortion for Kontakt

02 Feb 2005Precisionsound releases Electronic Producer #1

20 Jan 2005Native Instruments announces Kontakt 2

20 Jan 2005Native Instruments announces NI Komplete Sound

20 Dec 2004Precisionsound releases Monzter Guitars

17 Dec 2004VSL Horizon Series, Performance Tool Tutorials and Special Offers

07 Dec 2004Native Instruments announces NI Komplete Care 2005

10 Nov 2004Precisionsound releases Nordic Upright Piano for HALion & Kontakt

01 Nov 2004NI updates Kontakt AU

25 Oct 2004Precisionsound releases Demonic - Voices from hell

22 Oct 2004VSL Horizon Series for HALion & Kontakt

15 Oct 2004IK Multimedia releases Six Sonik Capsules

12 Oct 2004ModernBeats releases Vinyl Scratchez 2

11 Oct 2004Precisionsound releases Celtic Whistles for HALion / Kontakt

04 Oct 2004Precision Sound releases Privilege Flute SampleSet

21 Aug 2004Precisionsound releases Kloo Mandolin

16 Aug 2004NI Kontakt v1.5 demo version available

09 Aug 2004Zero-G Akoustik Bass Hitz released

10 Jun 2004NI Kontakt v1.5.3 released

27 Apr 2004NI Komplete 2 Prelaunch Upgrade for existing customers

23 Apr 2004Banks Uploaded (At last)

05 Mar 2004Native Instruments Kontakt v1.5.2 released

07 Feb 2004Extreme Sample Converter v2.0.1 released

20 Jan 2004Best Service Artist Drums released

20 Nov 2003Native Instruments Kontakt updated to v1.5.1

08 Nov 2003NI Intakt released

06 Nov 2003NI Kontakt v1.5 & Battery for OS X released

10 Oct 2003Native Instruments AES announcements

28 Jun 2003Native Instruments Kontakt updated to v1.21

07 Jun 2003New Kontakt and VSampler libraries from HandHeldSound

24 Jan 2003Native Instruments Kontakt v1.2 released

23 Jan 2003Sonic Reality announces UFO: Universal Format Outputter!

11 Jan 2003New banks/patches for Kontakt/Reaktor/HALion added

10 Jan 2003TR-808 kit for Battery/HALion/Kontakt/LM-4 1 & 2

22 Dec 2002Native Instruments Xmas presents

14 Dec 2002New banks uploaded for Absynth, Atom, ePiano, Kontakt, mdaPiano, SC101, Synth1 & Tritium

23 Nov 2002SoundZone.info : Free Kontakt, Battery & LM-4 banks/patches

15 Nov 2002Kontakt Kompetition Winners

13 Nov 2002Sonic Reality introduces Sonic Station, multi-format sample library and universal wave bank

30 Sep 2002Native Instruments Kontakt Mac & Win demo v1.1 available

20 Sep 2002Native Instruments Kontakt v1.1 update for Windows up for download

18 Sep 2002Native Instruments Kontakt v1.1 for MacOS and Windows now shipping

09 Sep 2002Native Instruments Synthetic Drums now shipping

17 Aug 2002Kontakt cross-grade offers

17 Jun 2002Native Instruments Kontakt v1.02 released

27 May 2002Native Instruments Absynth & Kontakt Windows VSTi & DXi demos

08 May 2002Native Instruments Kontakt v1.01 released

01 May 2002Native Instruments Kontakt Windows version shipping!

22 Feb 2002Kontakt FAQ

17 Jan 2002NAMM News: Native Instruments Kontakt

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