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89 old-skool patches (plus an alternative Init patch), sorted by instrument category, not suited for modern EDM etc...
Free sound patch library from Pluginplayers.com

Demo : https://soundcloud.com/pluginplayers/sylenth1-patch-library-sensational-sounds-vol1

More Products on : http://www.pluginplayers.com
Synthetic Illusion Sounds
for Sylenth1 by syntheticillusion on 11 December 2014
a few presets for Trance, EBM, Techno, more info at Audiobombs with a sound demo.
Grahl Special X-Mass Bank 2014
for Sylenth1 by orbit303 on 4 December 2014
hohoho... 30 presets for Sylenth1
Arps, Basses, Fx, Crazy S..t :)
Grahl HP Pervert Bank 2014
for Sylenth1 by orbit303 on 3 December 2014
52 sylenth1 presets for different styles of electronic music from minimal to trance
Sylenth1 AZur Studio Bank
for Sylenth1 by AZZZ on 19 September 2014
86 patches
Benjamin Insole - Psy-lenth Free Patches, TOTALLY Free and Amazingly GREAT Quality "Famous Sounds" and FREE for a paid sound! :D all were made from Initial Preset :), Hope you enjoy, Also Check what the Modwheel does, If the preset has an (MW) by the side of it :)
for Sylenth1 by kurtjhorst on 7 July 2014
Here are 64 presets (1/8 bank) named SONIC JOURNEY 64 for
Sylenth1 v2.2 by Lenner Digital.
.fxb format.
This is in one of my Signature Series of freeware sound sets.
SONIC JOURNEY 512 will be completed in stages and in time.
DEMO here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulEsG9NNjto

160 EDM Presets for Lennardigital Sylenth 1 (version 2.2 required)

Press the menu button in the display and select "load" (fxb). Then select the "Redpillz Audio - EDM Famous.fxb" file

Thank you!

Redpillz Audio on:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Redpillz/372456702817037

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMOVIEZPLANET/videos

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/RedpillzSounds

Buy Redpillz: https://sellfy.com/redpillz
Analog Challenge
for Sylenth1 by Andywanders on 2 September 2013
One patch.

A response to this thread...


Took me about 10 minutes to make this and it still needs some work - can't seem to get the envelope right. Copied the sequence from the 1st video in the thread.
Carefully created presets for modern sound in electronic music.
Here's demo clip: http://youtu.be/3NBWiPP9lac
BS Bloo Monday
for Sylenth1 by danglada on 31 August 2012
Recreation of the bass synth from the New Order song!
LD Endless Wave
for Sylenth1 by danglada on 31 August 2012
Recreation of the lead sound from the Kamaya Painters' song ''Endless Wave''
thematrix911 Sylenth Dance 1
for Sylenth1 by irina on 25 April 2012
Arty - Around The World Lead
for Sylenth1 by skyland on 19 November 2011
Thomas Grahl
for Sylenth1 by orbit303 on 29 August 2011
15 Sylenth1 Presets by Thomas Grahl
Here are some of my own customized presets for sylenth. Grungy, ambient, simple, complex...only 30 of them however. Let me know what you think!
Patches are created by MassTek.

Minimal Requirements:

- LENNAR DIGITAL Sylenth1 v. 2.2
- Positive
- Talent
- Happiness

The following bank is free. Enjoy!

Senserely yours,

All sounds are made by Fernando Seca (WAIO)

This is a Free Product, allowed to use for several proposes,
Released by Fernando Seca (WAIO) & Solar-Tech Records (Germany)
Enjoy it!

1. Open Sylenth
2. Click MENU
4. ENJOY =)

17 Arpegios & Sequences
6 Basses
14 FX Synthesis
12 Leads
3 Stabs Chorded
5 Ambient & SoundScapes Sounds
1 Special WAIO LEAD (I recommend use with external HPF)
1 hided preset

More infos and updates at

Musics & Artist info

Release Date 23/05/2011
Future Sequences - DEMO
for Sylenth1 by ROBERTTODD on 21 May 2011
From HiFi to LoFi, lush to extreme, time to get sequential...
Taking full advantage of Sylenth1's programmable arpeggiator; this collection of unique sequences will inspire and impress, bringing your tracks to the next level of single key madness.
Trance - Volume 1
for Sylenth1 by ROBERTTODD on 25 December 2010
Minibank containing basic trance sounds or Sylenth1 - Note this was made with the earliest version of Sylenth1 so some patches may not load correctly with later versions, sorry. In future I will make all Sylenth banks with the latest issue.
Around & Beside Banks
for Sylenth1 by Beside on 6 August 2010
New Bank, More Than 450 Presets In One Bank For Sylenth 1
Trance, House & Electro Bank
The massive soundbank can be bought for $20, or if you already bought previous releases from Aylonetic Sounds, just $15!
LD RM Fried
for Sylenth1 by Examigan on 27 May 2010
A nice lead preset for Sylenth1, enjoy!

-Rob (Examigan)
for Sylenth1 by 1-2-Many on 28 March 2010
Use this to clear all presets in Sylenth1
for Sylenth1 by unikz on 21 September 2009
Random Stuff Mainly Hardcore/Hardstyle
10 Pack for Sylenth
for Sylenth1 by rob_lee on 14 June 2009
hi there here is a pack of 10 presets i had been working on.
hope you like..
CCpurno-1 Sylenth1
for Sylenth1 by cc-purno on 19 April 2009
32 Free patches for you.
Mainly techno/rave/trance arps.
hi there here are five free presets from my upcoming Sylenth soundbank.
Please feel free to leave feedback at the forum.
for Sylenth1 by rob_lee on 11 April 2009
Here is another free preset from my sylenth 1 collection.please leave feedback if any of my sounds have been useful to you.
rob lee
Vintage Pad Patches
for Sylenth1 by rob_lee on 11 April 2009
Hi there here are 2 Pad Patches for Sylenth 1.
Iv'e created these to sound similar to the sounds on my jv2080 expansions.
Please contact me if you would like to see more pads or whatever else in my future sound banks.
Rob Lee
BS - Yamaha Dx 100 Bass
for Sylenth1 by rob_lee on 14 March 2009
hi,here is a nice bass preset created for Sylenth 1.
i got it as near to the yamaha dx100 as possible..
rob lee
MG Sylenth 01
for Sylenth1 by Mister Gibson on 21 February 2009
These 52 various presets are for the Sylenth1.

On the Run
for Sylenth1 by wildzeke on 3 February 2009
My attempt for doing Pink Floyd's "On the Run" based on this YouTube tutorial:
An initialized bank, based on the factory \"init\" patch, for utility purposes. Request by the user \"sureno\".
Deep Basss2!
for Sylenth1 by djanthonyw on 20 July 2008
Similar to Deep Basss! but now include a mod wheel adjustment and some extra modulation routing. Extremely deep, smooth bass patch for Sylenth1.
Deep Basss!
for Sylenth1 by djanthonyw on 20 July 2008
Extremely deep, smooth bass patch for Sylenth1.
IW Sylenth1 Synth Brass v1.2
for Sylenth1 by Ingonator on 15 July 2008
This is a zip file with 26 Synth Brass patches for Sylenth1 and one fxb-bank file. The patches are adapted from Sonicprojects OP-X Pro, Arturia Prophet, Arturia Jupiter 8V, Korg Mono/Poly plugin, Minimonsta and impOSCar. Most patches include Modwheel and aftertouch modulation.
IW Sylenth1 Synth Brass 1
for Sylenth1 by Ingonator on 6 July 2008
This is a zip file with 8 Synth Brass patches for Sylenth1. The patches are adapted from Sonicprojects OP-X Pro.
Discussion: Active


2 July 2012 at 11:03pmeod


I have purchased Sylenth1 a while ago however am having registration issues within Windows 8 preview. I still hear the nagging demo mode sound even though my name appears in the Registration info window within the plugin. can anyone else confirm this and will there be a fix in the future?



14 July 2012 at 3:01pmSteve196

Hi Chris,

In the beginning I experienced the same kind of problem, but it was solved once i had removed the demo version(s) properly. I use Windows 7, so maybe Windows is indeed the cause but i have some doubts about that.



5 August 2012 at 9:46amAmericanYellow

Hey all,

I had the same issue in Window 7 64 bit, but re-installing a few times fixed the problem. I now have the same issue again on 1 of 2 computers both running Windows 8 Release preview 64-bit. Both computers have the same hardware, software, and were set up at the same time with the same procedures. Re-installing does not work, just spent the entire month trying to figure it out, and I've finally given up. Also, Sylenth causes every DAW I use to eventually crash after a couple of the repeated nagging noises. Based on my experience and other forum posts, it seems to be a somewhat random problem with Sylenth. Annoying!!!!!

Die Hard Sylenth Fan




16 March 2013 at 7:13pmgjfurlan

Thank you Steve! I will do that! I really appreciate your help with this.


16 March 2013 at 7:28pmSteve196

Hi Greg,.

You're welcome! FL10 can pick VST's from other folders as well, even outside FL. For example within the VST folder in Steinberg. Please let me know if it still doesn't work. Kind regards, Steve.

17 March 2013 at 3:58amgjfurlan

Hey Steve,.

I got it to work thanks. My friend my Belgium was telling me since I like trance that I should get the Sylenth1 definitive collection, but I did not see it available for download on Lennar Digital's website. Is it an expansion pack for the regular Sylenth1 download?



17 March 2013 at 12:34pmSteve196

Hi Greg,.

Within Sylenth1's /menu/check for updates you will see a list of downloadable sounds (presets). But those are not recent (2009 and 2010) and not grouped by genre. I don't know the 'definitive collection'. There are many presets or pathes packages for sale, most of them by genre. For examples at Loopmasters (Trance Sylenth1 patches) or at Samplemagic. All those sounds can be created by yourselve, by trail and error, but these patches may save you a lot of time. And patches can also helpfull in learning how these sounds were created, especially with Sylenth1 were you can quickly see all the setting. Adding some drumsamples might also be a way to save time when it comes to adding a good kick drum, drumloops, risers, bombs, etc. There several nice "the making of" or "in the studio with" video's on Youtube which have FL and Sylenth1 in it, for example one featuring AVICII. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but these vids can give useful insight in using FL, Sylenth1, etc. Kind regards, Steve.

29 October 2013 at 12:13pmUser3333

Wow you would not want to say anything negative about Sylenth or you'd get your fingers slapped. If everyone raves about it would that be a reason not to buy because it's too common or sought after?





18 December 2013 at 6:28pmdune_rave


I wouldn't sell this piece of software - this is a real treasure.

I tried almost every existing plugin - free / commercial - and Sylenth1 is still in the top10.

So if you try to sell it, I bet you will find a buyer almost immediately :)

14 February 2014 at 10:23amandroid420


i wanted to know if i can put a sylenth and then create any channels and connect to this sylenth.

or do i have any time i create a channel to create another sylenth for each channel.

i'm working with nuendo or cubase.

thanks guyz.

15 February 2014 at 7:39pmSteve196

Hi, i'm not sure if i understand your question right, but if you choose Sylenth as (one of the) VST(s), a channel is created automatically. You can also asign the synth to a specific channel (usually by 'replacing' something else) or 'clone' (= copy, including settings of the other one) the thing.

Each channel can (later) be assigned to a specific mixerchannel and there you can add (additional) 'effects'.


29 December 2014 at 12:10pmballacr75

Hi all, I'm new with Sylenth1, fantastic and very inspiring synth! only a question, why not add real PWM, Fm and SYNC between oscillators?

10 March 2015 at 8:39pmSyngularity

Then it would have to be called Omnisphere...


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