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8 November 2012 at 1:01pmBruno Contium

sehr gut, Cescato!






14 August 2017 at 8:45pmCMT

2017 UPDATE - Trans Computer Maschine II (Check a sound clip!)

- Multi-Oscillators feat. accurate upper harmonics and isolated phase.
- Noise Generator with Colour modulation.
- Selectable 2/3/4-pole resonant LP Filter with auto-oscillation and Bass Recover.
- Drift control for subtle analogue detuning.
- Extended modulation routing.

The following 64-bit software for Windows is natively able to run Trans Computer Maschine II.

- Bitwig Studio
- Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio 8
- Cakewalk Music Creator 7
- Cakewalk Sonar 21
- Cockos Reaper 5
- Image Line FruityLoops Studio 12
- MAGIX Samplitude Pro X2 13
- MAGIX Sequoia 13
- n-Track Studio 8
- Steinberg Cubase 8
- Steinberg Nuendo 7.


- Added Oscillators MIDI input 'RESET'.
- Added Sequencer internal gating options for 'Pitch' and 'Ctrls' outputs.
- Added Sequencer start step setting (Synth Ch. Reset menu).
- Changed 'inverted Envelopes' behaviour to unipolar negative.
- Fixed 'LFO' triggering noise click after changing patch.
- Fixed Sequencer 'Pulse Width' showing slightly offset values.
- Fixed Sequencer reset shift in 'Pendulum' modes.
- Improved 'Filter' modulation indicators.
- Improved GUI, disabling filters on inactive 'Audio Mixer' buses.
- Improved Sequencer external/human triggering and gating.
- Improved Sequencer 'Random' mode algorithm.
- Improved Sequencer 'Skip' and 'ON' buttons interaction.
- Improved value displays, discarding decimals for very large numbers.

v2.40 (non-public beta)

v2.30 (beta)
- Added double triggered 'Seq Gate' to Envelopes gate sources.
- Added 'KBD Gate' to Envelopes auto-enabled when sequencer is not started.
- Added 'LFO' activity indicator.
- Added 'Lower' range extender to Oscillators frequency modulation sources.
- Added Oscillators patch change 'KBD Memory' enabler/disabler.
- Added Patch selection GUI controls.
- Added selection displays for expanded 'Filter' modulation destinations.
- Added Sequencer 'Multi-Skip' controls.
- Fixed at last un-synced 'LFO' frequency messed up after patch change.
- Fixed Oscillators 'Low F' switches not working with 'Seq In' enabled.
- Fixed Sequencer active 'LED' shift after it was stopped.
- Fixed Sequencer buttons 'toggling' not responding to first MIDI messages.
- Fixed Sequencer rows 'presets' lost after loading or copying to patch 1.
- Fixed Sequencer 'Set' buttons shift when gating via Synth Channel.
- Fixed Sequencer 'Sync' altering 'Tempo' setting after patch change.
- Fixed typed input validation not working when last value was set to 0.
- Fixed/changed S/H Mixer behaviour for 'Expand' sources.
- Improved (further) 'LFO' phase-alignment with sequencer stepping.
- Improved modulation at audio rates.
- Improved 'Noise Colour' modulation and added S/H signal source.
- Improved Sequencer 'Sync' for varying tempo use.
- Improved stepped response for 'Interval' and 'Transpose' Sequencer knobs.
- Renamed some parameters and updated GUI.
- Replaced Sequencer 'Transpose' octave values with semitone ranges.
- Revised and optimized code.

- Added Preset selection control by MIDI Program Change.

- Added 'Drift' control for subtle analogue detuning adjustment.
- Added 'HP Filter' bypass mode.
- Added many modulation sources and removed superfluous ones accordingly.
- Added MIDI CC1 enabler switch for 'Filter Mod 1 Level'.
- Added 'Noise Colour' modulation from multiple sources.
- Added 'OSC1' to S/H trigger sources.
- Added routing to use 'S/H Mixer' as OSC3 'Minimoog modulator'.
- Carried out small changes in GUI.
- Corrected internal gain on Noise sources, Ring Modulator and others.
- Corrected Oscillators 'Pulse Width' range and modulations, following
legacy ARP specifications.
- Corrected Sample/Hold input gains and expanded sources gamut.
- Enabled 'Seq Sync' status saving/loading with preset (fixes a bug).
- Extended Envelopes 'Attack' range to 200┬Ás (hidden, type-input only).
- Fixed/added Oscillators self-modulation via 'S/H Mixer'.
- Improved Amplifier featuring light distortion with clipping indicator.
- Improved 'LFO' retriggering, including sine shape initial phase fix.
- Offset many pulse-based modulations for unipolar control.
- Remodelled Low Pass Filter feat. 3 modes with resonance 'Bass Recover'.
- Remodelled Oscillators feat. accurate upper harmonics and isolated phase.
- Remodelled Ring Modulator featuring true Odyssey behaviour.
- Renamed 'LFO InvSaw' shape to 'LFO SawUp'.
- Replaced LFO 'Seq Sync' switch with 'Off' option in selection display.
- Replaced 'OSC2 SawTri' shape with 'SawUp', allowing any Minimoog blend.

- Added randomization feature for Sequencer interval and control rows.
- Added randomization feature for Synth audio sources plus filter slope.

- Added 'Envelopes' gate input indicators.
- Added 'Filter Cutoff Link' switch for band-pass use (unfortunately, such
feature will cause 'HPF Freq' data loss from previous versions patches).
- Added 'Filter' modulation indicators.
- Added 'inverted Seq Cnt' modulation sources.
- Added labels to Sequencer 'Skip' buttons.
- Added middle position 'Preset' for Sequencer interval row.
- Added 'MIDI Ch. Router'. input indicators.
- Added mixer 'Oscillators Waveform' selection from GUI images.
- Changed some unsuitable MIDI CC# assignments.
- Fixed ARP legacy 'Amp Gain' routing shown inverted in GUI.
- Fixed 'MIDI Ch. Router' sending CC data to Synth in any mode.
- Fixed Sequencer rows automation errors.
- Fixed Sequencer 'Tempo' and 'Pulse Width' MIDI CC# assignments.
- Fixed synced 'LFO' frequency not blocked from user input.
- Fixed un-synced 'LFO' frequency setting messed up after changing patch.
- Fixed wrong automation parameters names.
- Improved backward compatibility (check section below for details).
- Improved GUI featuring many changes for switches, selectors and buttons.
- Improved GUI showing active 'Audio Mixer' buses routing and waveforms.
- Improved Sequencer transport section featuring status display.
- Renamed 'S/H Mix 2' modulation source to 'S/H Mix Clip'.
- Replaced 'MIDI Ch. Router' selection knobs with click-sensitive displays.
- Swapped sawtooth 'LFO' modulation sources names.

v1.20 (distributed with issue 58 of Computer Music Special magazine)
- Added 'HP Filter' modulation.
- Added 'Output Lag' for Sequencer control rows.
- Added 'Synth Ch. to Seq' router for step retriggering.

- Added 'inverted Envelopes' modulation sources.
- Added 'OSC3' to S/H trigger sources.
- Added 'Seq Cnt' sources for pulse width modulation.
- Added Sequencer 'Stop' status label indicator.
- Added 'Synthi' lead mode.
- Improved compatibility for Linux/Wine and platforms missing Windows
native fonts.
- Improved GUI showing 'Filter' routing.
- Improved phase-aligned LFO 'Seq Sync'.
- Improved 'S/H' & 'S/H Mixer' filter modulation modelling.
- Smoothed amplitude modulation for 'LFO Square' source.

- Added multiple 'OSC3' sources for audio modulation.
- Added 'Noise' to Oscillator 3 modulation sources.
- New smaller GUI ('case' looking removed).
- Rewritten 'P.Bend' code for improved MIDI response.

- Fixed high mixer levels causing internal clipping.
- Fixed Oscillators 'Triangle' and 'SawTri' waves making 'clicks' on note

- Fixed 'P.Bend' stepped MIDI response.

- First non-beta release.
- Fixed Sequencer erroneous negative values after changing patch (please
note that ranges were offset for this fix so related data from previous
versions won't be loaded correctly).

v1.04 (beta)
- Fixed Envelopes not loading set mode as shown after changing patch.
- Fixed 'LFO Square' wave causing legato at lower rates.
- Fixed 'P.Bend' control reset to -64 after changing patch.

v1.03 (beta)
- Fixed 'Tempo' setting from loaded preset ignored.

v1.02 (beta)
- Fixed Envelopes decay stages non functional after saving and reloading
- Fixed misspelled 'Oscillators' in GUI.
- Fixed 'slope LP Filter' button lower left quarter unresponsive.
- Fixed Sequencer rows settings messed up after preset reload.
- Sequencer 'Sync' button moved close to 'Tempo' to avoid confusing user.

v1.01 (beta)
- Fixed Sequencer not responding to MIDI Continuous Controllers.

v1.00 (beta)
- First release on Nov 05 2012.

The CMT Team 2017.

10 November 2012 at 7:26amahs

no sound in live and reaper ?

16 November 2012 at 3:56pmCMT

Check the FAQ...


10 November 2012 at 4:00pmnr1killabee

Try the fourth preset



10 November 2012 at 9:38pmevilplazma

Awesome :D Looks killer :D

10 November 2012 at 10:08pmahs

how does the sequencer work ?


16 November 2012 at 8:42amCMT

Check the FAQ...





26 November 2012 at 5:02amxxj


Where can I find v1.0.3 ? I have some preset saved in this version which is not load correctly in 1.0.5, now I want to move settings manually, but unfortunatelly I replace one version by other.

BTW. plugin works well in Linux/WINE environment. I tested it in Reaper and FSTHost.

26 November 2012 at 9:50amPhilterPlugs

just wanted to download this plugin, but i get a WARNING message in opera that this website is blacklisted and contains bad software or pishing attacks. opera software does STRONGLY recommend NOT to visit this sitet.anyone else having this problem??

26 November 2012 at 7:35pmfederu

same here. what will cmt say?

27 November 2012 at 2:04amCMT

Don't know the reason for this WARNING in Opera.

What I do know is that my VST-MIDI Monitor has been hosted in this site for more than 10 years with no complains at all.


Walter Cescato

27 November 2012 at 9:36amfederu

maybe your site is infected? somehow?


28 November 2012 at 6:01amCMT

I get support from my host provider. They explained that there is a security setting in the Opera browser that just WARNS when an address with a 'rar' file is reached.

I won't repack the file to a bigger 'zip' because Opera doesn't like 'rar'...




29 November 2012 at 10:00pmSyntilla

About 10 years, I've been visiting KVR. And for the first time, I've decided to become a member.


I just had a near-mystical ('Trans'-cendental?) experience.

I've been using TCM since it was released. Apart from Thrillseeker (which I unzipped straight into myVoS folder) it's the only DC12 entry to have made it into my VST directory (so far). So - yes, I already liked it.

Then, for the first time, I put it through ReelBus.

For a moment there, best part of 4 decades just fell away. I was a teenager again, standing in my local music store, trying to coax a meaningful sound out of an Ody white-face, and wishing my folks were rich. (The synth cost about as much as my dad earned in a year!)

This wasn't your usual kind of 'memory', you understand? I was 'really' there. I could smell solder, and that curious odour of dust on hot valves. And I could hear the crackle and hum (50 hz - I'm in the UK) of the amp, and some indistinct buzzing that may or may not have been coming from the Arp.

It was only a moment - but what a moment! Emotional. Quite shook me up.

I'm sure you can show me graphs and charts that 'prove' this isn't the most authentic Arp clone out there. But it's the first that's given me that kind of emotional 'kick'.

There's just a touch of something (in the bottom register?) that the tapesim added that made this thing 'real' - vintage. There's probably a couple of plugs in the competition that would do the same.

This is definitely a keeper!

And this guy built it as an 'afterthought' - just to show off what his sequencer can do?

I'm damn-near tempted to vote for it!

Thanks Walter.


7 December 2012 at 3:00pmharryupbabble

To whom it may concern. I am planning to make YouTube videos using your freeware plugins. I am asking permission to use your freeware plugins in my noncommercial tunes and videos. Thank You.

22 December 2012 at 5:58amxxj


I decide that Trans Computer Maschine will be "face" of new relase of my Linux/WINE host, this is my way for say "great app" ;-).


22 December 2012 at 5:59amxxj

BTW, just see screenshots ;-)


18 January 2013 at 6:16pmsoundklinik

Amazing sequencer and synthesizer...

Thank you for your generosity.

Best in 2013


15 May 2016 at 6:18pmCMT

After intensive testing we can confirm that the following 64-bit software for Windows is natively able to run Trans Computer Maschine II.

Bitwig Studio
Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio 8
Cakewalk Music Creator 7
Cakewalk Sonar 21
Cockos Reaper 5
Image Line FruityLoops Studio 12
MAGIX Samplitude Pro X2 13
MAGIX Sequoia 13
n-Track Studio 8
Steinberg Cubase 8
Steinberg Nuendo 7.

Luckily, developers who do not provide backward compatibility are becoming less, including Ableton, MOTU and PreSonus.

The CMT Team 2016.

16 November 2016 at 8:18pmgroumpf

I like much the sound of this VST which reminds me real stuffs but I'm not sure it is totally compatible with Reaper 64 as I encountered some crashes. And also when I hit play on Reaper, it takes several seconds to start and this is not usual.

18 August 2017 at 6:43pmamutimer

I have been searching for synth that will give me the feel of an ARP 2600 and this synth seems to do it. I have programmed a killer funky bass in the stand alone version and I am overjoyed...

BUT, I use Presonus Studio One V3 Pro. I looked at the notes and I am worried that I may have a problem. Is it at all possible to have this synth working in Studio One? Please God say "yes". I have searched for so long to get a sound like this.

3 October 2017 at 2:48pmWally C

Your host must support 32-bit plugin load. Studio One 32-bit does, Studio One 64-bit does not (you should know that soundwise there is no difference whether you use a 32 or 64-bit host). There's also a 3rd party solution called jBridge that allows loading 32-bit plugins in 64-bit hosts not supporting them (there's a demo version to find out if it works).

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