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 TX16Wx Software Sampler by CWITEC is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin. It functions as a VST Plugin and an Audio Units Plugin.
TX16Wx Software Sampler
TX16Wx Software Sampler TX16Wx Software Sampler TX16Wx Software Sampler TX16Wx Software Sampler TX16Wx Software Sampler TX16Wx Software Sampler
Product TX16Wx Software Sampler
Developer CWITEC
Price (MSRP) Free
Type / Tags
Plug-in, App & Soundware Format(s)
Operating System Availability
Download Released
 2.4.2  Downloads Released
 2.4.2  Downloads Released
System Requirements
OS X 10.7
Supported Sample Formats (loads or saves) include
AIFC, AIFF, Akai, EXS24, FLAC, OGG, REX, REX2, SF2 (SoundFont), sfz, SoundFont, Typhoon Compressed Audio, WAV
Miscellaneous Information
Copy ProtectionNone

TX16Wx Software Sampler is a VSTi Sampler with professional features and an easy to use graphical interface. Built to mimic the best aspects of hardware samplers, but with the quick and easy operation of modern software. An instrument not for preset players, but people who enjoy making, tweaking and playing their own samples.


  • Re-sizable, flexible GUI
    • Full Undo/Redo support.
    • Built-in file browser with wave preview.
    • Fully skinnable.
    • Program icons.
  • Unlimited multi-timbral operation.
  • 128 voice polyphony
    • 6/12/24dB resonant filters.
      • Low-, high, band- and allpass.

      • Notch, peak, low- and highshelf.

    • Two syncable LFOs per voice.
    • Two Modulation Envelopes per voice.
    • Three Step Sequence LFOs per voice.
    • Modulation matrix with 16 modulation slots per voice.
    • Multiple keyboard scales.
    • Multiple trigger modes.
    • Mono/Poly/Legato operation.
    • 8 choke groups per program.
    • Per-sample loop start/end/direction modulation.
    • Polyphonic glide.
    • Polyphony limit per channel.
    • VST micro tuning support.

  • Built-in sample editor
    • Automatic, interactive Loop Slicing + slice mapping.
    • Actually Samples. Record audio straight into the sampler.
    • Automatic pitch detection.
    • Automatic keyboard layout.
    • Loop tools.
    • Loop cross fading.
    • Multiple loop definitions per wave.
    • Trim, cut, duplicate.
    • Pitch detection.
    • Normalize.
    • Reverse.
    • Tempo detection.
  • Graphical keyboard mapping editor
    • Automatic + token based sample layout.
    • Flexible drag & drop-based group edit.
  • Quick select of sound data via MIDI.
  • Drag & drop of samples/programs/performances/banks.
  • Multiple outputs
    • 4 Stereo + 8 Mono outputs.
    • Individual output mapping for key groups (drums).
  • 16 mappable controllers for automation.
  • 128 mappable VST parameters for automation.
  • Preview loaded programs and samples in your song before loading.
  • Reads multiple sample and bank formats
    • SoundFont 2.
    • SFZ Files.
    • Logic EXS.
    • Akai AKP.
    • Ogg Vorbis.
    • FLAC.
    • REX/REX2.
    • Typhoon compressed AIF files.
    • Original Yamaha OS Wave files.
  • 100% documented XML-based sound file format.
    • Anyone can write conversion tools.
  • Saves data in DAW project directory.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Fully native, optimized for SSE2.
  • 64-bit support.
  • Windows / Mac OS X support.
  • Style sheet based skinning.
  • Nice sound.

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Discussion: Active


19 June 2013 at 2:50amIves

Manual? Doc.s?


25 June 2013 at 12:05amProtocol_b

Ives, on my Mac they showed up in Library/Applications Support.

10 August 2013 at 4:50pmDebutante

"It's 100%free!" = MY BUTT!

When first loaded, there's a dialog with a countdown stating:

"This Software is not free. If you continue to use it you are required to purchase a license.".

Not even going to try it. WHY DO THAT!?! If I liked it I might have considered buying the Pro version, but these cheap kind of schiester tricks are really annoying. TATA! :).


10 August 2013 at 5:07pmDebutante

...BTW that doesn't mean my butt is 100% free. Not free at all.

7 February 2014 at 8:42amelcallio

If you get that dialog, you have enabled the Pro features, and will be gently reminded that _that_ version is not free. To disable the dialog and return to free mode, turn off "use Pro features" in settings.

14 August 2013 at 12:07amProtocol_b

I haven't tried it, my OS is too outdated - but I was under the impression that it includes the Pro functions, for your evaluation, & that if you wish to continue using THOSE functions then you need a license.

16 February 2015 at 5:44pmmztk

no, you have to pay for that butt. and quite rightly.

but what can THIS mean?

"A single license allows you to use TX16Wx Pro on one computer at a time. You can install it at as many computers as you like. "

is this orwellian doublespeak? or just a computer talking crap?

16 February 2015 at 6:01pmelcallio

It means a single license allows you to use TX16Wx at an unlimited number of computers, but _only one at a time_. I.e. if you have a work computer, a studio comp and a home comp, you can use the license at all of these, and move your project between them as you see fit. You cannot however have two computers use the license simultaneously. Thus you may not share a license between two people, but on the other hand you are not node-locked to a single machine either.

All in all a very fair license if I may say so myself.

25 May 2015 at 7:33pmVospi

Super-basic functionality. compared to NI Kontakt, is WAY simpler, more intuitive for a newbie adn also supports FLAC which is awesome. I'm very satisfied and want more skins to enjoy. It needs higher KVR rank in my opinion; will try to build my first sample library in this thing. Thanks a bunch to developers. :)

4 July 2015 at 1:33amkobraaji

The free version can be used in commercial productions ?

4 July 2015 at 8:48amBlackWinny

The free version no. But you can purchase the discounted license (at €29 instead of €89). The text at the rightside of this page tells this:

You may use the discounted license if any of the following are true:

  • You are an individual, using TX16Wx only for personal use.
  • You are an individual or business, using TX16Wx for commercial use, and the yearly gross revenue does not exceed 10,000 EUR.
  • You are an educational or non-profit organization.

To be sure, the best is certainly to email them to ask directly to them. It is at this address:


4 July 2015 at 8:52amelcallio

Sorry, you are misinterpreting the licence. Free version can be used in any manner, but the pro edition has a dual licence depending on the usage.

Free is always free, no strings attached.

4 July 2015 at 9:57amBlackWinny

That's possible. I'll not criticize your opinion, perhaps it is the right one. But I would be surprised that the free version is allowed for commercial uses when there is a payware version made for that. Anyway, I think that you'll agree if I recommend to check what is the exact fact by emailing the company. It is the best way to be sure. Cheers, BlackWinny.

4 July 2015 at 4:23pmelcallio

Being the developer, I hope I have a fair comprehension of my company's policies. :-)
(Sorry, I should have made that more clear I guess)

4 July 2015 at 4:34pmBlackWinny

Ha! ha! In this case, indeed there is no doubt! Yes telling immediately that you are the developer would have certainly avoided a useless trouble because it is written nowhere that elcallio is the developer... Cheers.

PS: I LOVE your product! For me it is the best sample player ever.

4 July 2015 at 8:49amelcallio

The free version has no usage restrictions. You can use it in commercial productions as you see fit.



22 May 2017 at 10:14pmgbucher

This sampler deserves more love then the comments bellow from people not reading a manual and complaining for nonsense. This sampler (the free version, haven't tried Pro features yet) is in many aspects better then the bigger 500 dollar costing solutions like Kontakt: GUI size for example, proper drum-kit creation on dropping a group of files, better visualization of groups, zoom into zone editor, etc.

I have tried tons of samplers and they all have issues when you want to use them with your own samples.

If you want to buy a sampler that feels like a DAW, contains an app store and makes you feel creative because you have tons of sampled instruments on your hard drive, use these big players, pay a rent every two years and live the hype.

If you need something that does not get in your way when you want to work with your own samples, this one is the best I have found.

23 May 2017 at 5:07pmapiekarczyk

I agree.

2 June 2017 at 9:42pmgbucher

Being force to buy Kontakt 5 to playback some of my old stuff, I could make a detailed comparaison:

Kontakt 5: Cannot use a MIDI CC to pan a single group left/right: automation only goes up to around 50% left or right and instrument Pan has latency and does not change fast enough for individual sounds.
Tx16Wx: It just works as expected.

Kontakt 5: Using an LFO is basically like random: impossible to fix to host tempo or decide when it restarts.
Tx16Wx: You can choose between time and tempo, trigger between voice, note, group, etc. Works.

Kontakt 5: Zoom to click on a small zone ? You have to move the mouse and click +/-
Tx16Wx: Just use the scroll wheel.

Kontakt 5: Tiny GUI, impossible to change scale.
Tx16Wx: There is a large skin for high resolution screens.

Kontakt 5: ADSR Decay curve ? None and no way around this.
Tx16Wx: You can use the second level to simulate this (but curves would be a nice addition...)

Kontakt 5: Change the output channel of a group ? It's a mess and it asks you to restart all instances to validate the change (WTF ?)
Tx16Wx: You can use sends (pro feature). No need to restart anything of click in many places. Having a separate output for each group would be nice.

Kontakt 5: You made a mistake and want to undo ? Oh no, undo is disabled by default for "performance reasons". How come everyone manages undo without performance issues but they cannot solve it ?
Tx16Wx: Undo just works when you need it.

Of course to play your nki files, you need Kontakt, but the player does the job and the money is better spent with people actually listening to their users. Oh, unless you want to tweak some stuff in a library you paid lots of cash for... then you have to buy Kontakt, just to access your files in the encrypted blob... Or use DirectWave from Image Line to resample the thing.

If anyone needs a sampler to actually work with samples, Tx16Wx is the best I have found out of Kontakt, Independance, DirectWave, Phalanx (because the dongle makes it slow and crashes your DAW), Ableton Live's own sampler and others I don't remember.

2 June 2017 at 10:23pmVospi

Thank you.

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