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All KVR Audio news items relating to Wusik Station

26 Mar 2014Wusik launches 5 Product Bundle Deal

12 Feb 2014Wusik offers 2014 Special Bundle Deal

09 Jul 2013Special Wusik Bundle Deals for July 2013

09 May 2013Wusik Station Promo: 40% Off

12 Apr 2013Westgatesounds.net releases Anomaly XVI - Multi-Format Sound Expansion

28 Jan 2013Westgatesounds.net releases Anomaly XV - Multi-Format Sound Expansion

05 Dec 2012End of 2012 Special Deals @ Wusik.com

18 Aug 2012MaxSynths releases Alien Soundscapes (WAV, Kontakt, Wusikstation, Soundfont and sfz)

12 Jul 2012Wusik Station updated to v7.0.6

21 May 2012Westgatesounds.net releases Anomaly XIII - Multi-Format Sound Expansion

21 May 2012Wusik releases The Hyper Collection for Wusik Station (with a lower price)

18 May 2012Wusik Station updated to v7.0.4

04 Mar 2012Wusik Station V7 Released - 64-bit support added

07 Jul 2011Les Productions Zvon offers Summer Bundles

05 Jan 2011Ametrine Audio releases "Adventures in Waveforms" Expansion Pack for Ravernator and Wusik Station

08 Nov 2010Wusik updates Wusik Station to v6.2 and EVE to v3.0.2

24 Jun 2010Ametrine Audio announces Complete Bundle

30 Mar 2010Wusik releases Wusik Station v6.0

28 Jan 2010Back In Time Records releases The Ringmodulator and Buntkling [Wusik]

22 Dec 2009Ametrine Audio releases Fire and Ice Synthesizer (mini series)

13 Oct 2009Wusik announces Wusik Fuse Box - Multi VSTi Manager / Chainer

25 Sep 2009Wusik updates Wusik Station to v5.8.6

18 Aug 2009Ametrine Audio releases Ravernator - Bass and Stab Synthesizer

27 Jul 2009Wusikstation updated to v5.8.4

26 May 2009Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.8.2 and Wusik VM to v1.2.4

21 Apr 2009Wusik announces Spring 2009 Group Buy for Wusikstation and EVE

19 Mar 2009Back In Time Records releases 3 new Expansions for UX3 VST (and other ws5-engine compatible products)

17 Feb 2009Wusikstation v5.8.0 released

03 Feb 2009Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.7.2

19 Nov 2008Back In Time Records releases 5 new Expansions for UX3, Evalon II, Wusikstation, etc.

12 Nov 2008Back In Time Records releases 'Korg Classics - Monophonic Synths' expansion for Evalon II

11 Nov 2008Dangerous Bear Underground releases Prometheus X

07 Nov 2008Back In Time Records releases Movie Orchestrals [WSK]

06 Nov 2008Back In Time Records releases Otherworld [WSK]

03 Nov 2008Hardcore Harmonics releases Prizm Atmospheric Construction Synth

27 Oct 2008Back In Time Records releases New and Updated Products (Ethnotronics II, UX3, Evalon II, vox'd Pro)

07 Oct 2008Wusikstation updated to v5.6.2

17 Sep 2008Wusikstation updated to v5.4

26 Aug 2008Wusik releases Wusikstation v5.2.8 with GrooveBox Integration and updates WusikGrooveBox to v1.2.0

07 Aug 2008Wusik releases WusikGrooveBox and launches Summer Group Buy

01 Jul 2008Chicken Systems announces seven new Translator Special Editions

17 Jun 2008Wusikstation v5.0.0 Beta released

30 Apr 2008Wusikstation updated to v4.6.4

31 Mar 2008Wusikstation updated to v4.6.2

20 Mar 2008Wusikstation updated to v4.6.0

04 Feb 2008Wusikstation updated to v4.2.4

07 Jan 2008Wusikstation updated to v4.2.2

01 Jan 2008Wusikstation updated to v4.2

12 Nov 2007Wusikstation updated to v4.1.8

16 Oct 2007Wusik updates Wusikstation to v4.1.6 and Wusik Sample Editor to v1.2.6

15 Oct 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases VS Resurrection [Wusik|SFZ|SF2]

03 Oct 2007Wusikstation updated to v4.1.4

22 Aug 2007Wusikstation updated to v4.1.1

10 Aug 2007Dash Signature releases Wusikstation Presets for HQS1 - Ultimate FM Dash Sound Library

24 Jul 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases new version of OB Resurrection [Wusik|Reason|SF2/SFZ]

18 Jul 2007Dash Signature releases Twin Dash Player and offers EVE 2 Crossgrade from Wusikstation

18 Jul 2007Wusikstation v4.0.6 update for v3.x users now available

28 Jun 2007Nucleus SoundLab launches Group Buy for Viral Outbreak Volume One for Wusikstation

20 Jun 2007Wusik releases first Wusikstation v4.0 update for v3.x users

31 May 2007Dangerous Bear Underground releases new sample libraries in multiple formats

15 May 2007Open Labs upgrades NeKo & MiKo keyboards with additional VST Instruments

14 May 2007Wusikstation updated to v3.1.8

10 May 2007Back in time Records releases Grand Piano – Concert Orchestra [WUSIK]

23 Apr 2007Back In Time Records releases four new TSW Pro Sample Library (TSL) products

13 Apr 2007Back In Time Records releases TSW Pro 4.9 GB and Futuresphere

12 Apr 2007Wusik announces Wusikstation for Mac (Intel) and launches PreOrder Group Buy

04 Apr 2007Nucleus SoundLab launches Birthday Sale

02 Apr 2007Back In Time Records launches TSL: TSW Pro sample libraries (+updates TSW & VOX'd)

19 Mar 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases Ambient Space I (WSK|SF2|SFZ|Reason)

19 Mar 2007Wusikstation updated to v3.1.5

15 Mar 2007Dangerous Bear Underground releases Daniel Kemp's Anomaly (WUSIK|RHINO)

12 Mar 2007Wusikstation updated to v3.1.4

21 Feb 2007Pro-Sounds updates A-1 Xtreme and Wusikstation Tesseract sound-banks to v1.1

12 Feb 2007Wusikstation updated to v3.1.2

05 Feb 2007Nucleus SoundLab announces 1st Anniversary Sale

22 Jan 2007Pro-Sounds releases Tesseract for Wusikstation

12 Jan 2007Wusikstation updated to v3.1.0

07 Dec 2006Wusikstation updated to v3.0.9e

30 Nov 2006New Releases From Dangerous Bear Underground

27 Nov 2006Wusikstation updated to v3.0.9c

22 Nov 2006Manytone releases ManyMores: Ovation Acoustic Bass and Upright Acoustic Bass [WSK|SF2|VS]

16 Nov 2006Wusikstation updated to 3.0.9

02 Nov 2006Wusik launches Wusikstation Group Buy

24 Oct 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases Viral Free [KON|SFZ|WSK]

20 Oct 2006Les Productions Zvon releases Julie Resynth [SF2|WSK]

17 Oct 2006Wusik updates Wusikstation to v3.0.8

21 Sep 2006Wusik launches Wusikstation Player (+announces Wusikstation Companion)

18 Sep 2006Wusik releases Wusikstation v3.0.6

29 Aug 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases ChordWaves I (Wusik|SF2/SFZ|Reason)

09 Aug 2006Wusikstation updated to v3.0.4

08 Aug 2006Manytone releases ManyMapper

24 Jul 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases Viral Outbreak Vol. 1 (WUSIK|SFZ|KON)

10 Jul 2006Wusik.com launches Summer promotion

03 Jul 2006Wusikstation v3.0.2 & v2.2.8 now available

30 Jun 2006Nucleus SoundLab announces Viral Outbreak Vol. 1 (WUSIK|SFZ|KON)

19 Jun 2006Wusikstation v3.0 released

12 Jun 2006Wusikstation v2.2.6 released

12 May 2006Wusikstation v2.2.4 released

28 Apr 2006Dangerous Bear releases SonicScapes for WusikEngine

24 Apr 2006Enigma Engine - Mallory's Preset Generator for WusikEngine released

24 Apr 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases Oberheim Resurrection (Wusik|SFZ|SF2)

24 Apr 2006Prodyon releases Dance Basses for Wusikstation v2/v3

21 Apr 2006T3 launches T3 Headquarters with TSW-2-For-1 Sale

19 Apr 2006Prodyon releases Dance Leads Vol.1 for Wusikstation

10 Apr 2006Wusikstation 3 beta 100 now available (incl. demo)

31 Mar 2006Wusik releases Famous Keys Plus Volume 3

27 Mar 2006Wusik releases Famous Keys Plus Volume 2 (Wusik)

24 Mar 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases SoundCell Trilogy (WSK/SFZ/SF2)

08 Mar 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases SoundCell FREE and announces SoundCell Trilogy

21 Feb 2006Extreme Sampler Converter Offer for Wusikstation Owners (50% Off)

13 Feb 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases SoundCell THREE (Wusik/SF2)

13 Feb 2006Wusik announces Wusikstation 3 (incl. pre-order)

16 Jan 2006Wusik releases Autodafe - Mega Bass Collection (Wusikstation)

16 Jan 2006Wusikstation v2.2.2 released

19 Dec 2005finalfloyd.com releases SoundCell TWO (Wusik/EVE/SF2)

04 Dec 2005Wusikstation v2.2.1 now available

14 Nov 2005Wusikstation v2.2 released

20 Oct 2005Ignition and Endangered Rhythms released for Wusik Engine

29 Sep 2005Wusikstation 1 available for US/CA$9.95 promo

23 Sep 2005Wusikstation v2.1.4 released

19 Sep 2005Wusikstation v2.1.3 released

12 Sep 2005Wusikstation v2.1.2 released

06 Sep 2005Wusikstation Limited Time Discount Offer

05 Sep 2005Wusikstation v2.1.1 released

26 Aug 2005Wusikstation v2.1 released

26 Aug 2005KS:UK Bass Synth Vol 1 released (All Formats)

08 Aug 2005Wusikstation v2.0.2 released (+BIG Package - 1520+ presets)

21 Jul 2005Wusikstation v2.0.1 now available

19 Jul 2005Wusikstation v2.0 released

09 Jun 2005Wusikstation v2.0 announced (+beta testing & pre-order)

01 Jun 2005T3 Volume 2-TSW for Wusikstation released

13 Apr 2005Wusik releases Famous Keys Plus Vol.1 for all WusikEngine products

29 Mar 2005Wusik releases v1.1.06 of WusikEngine (WS/TSW/VOX'd)

22 Mar 2005Wusik launches 3 VSTi Group Buy

21 Mar 2005Les Productions Zvon releases Julie's Scats Collection

19 Mar 2005Wusik releases VOX'd and The Second Wave

03 Mar 2005Zvon releases Julie's Vocal FX and Marching Band Horn Vol.2

22 Feb 2005MiniMoog Lite for EVE and Wusikstation released

22 Feb 2005Vox'd for Wusikstation released

15 Feb 2005Wusikstation updated to v1.1.02

31 Jan 2005Wusikstation Group Buy

25 Jan 2005Tsunami Relief Sounds Volume 1 now available

11 Dec 2004Wusikstation v1.1 released

26 Nov 2004Wusikstation v1.0.9 released

15 Nov 2004Wusikstation: The Second Wave released

15 Nov 2004Dash Signature releases HQS2 MiniMoog SoundSet for EVE and WusikStation

08 Nov 2004Wusikstation updated to v1.0.8b

08 Nov 2004Extreme Sample Converter v2.1 released

05 Nov 2004ToTc releases WS Vol.1: Basses for Wusikstation

20 Oct 2004Wusikstation v1.0.8 released

20 Sep 2004Nu Audio Science releases Dopetwistas for Wusikstation

18 Sep 2004Group Buy Fever

17 Sep 2004Wusikstation updated to v1.0.6

08 Sep 2004Wusikstation v1.0.4 released

27 Aug 2004Wusikstation released

16 Aug 2004Wusikstation Public Beta 5 available

05 Aug 2004Wusikstation public beta available

21 Jun 2004Wusikstation announced

Discussion: Active



23 December 2013 at 8:47amCaine123

i have to agree with the updates etc. i lost interest in wusikstation after all those updates etc. and not really professional way it's handled.

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