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U-HE Zebra2 Presets
for Zebra by syntheticillusion on 3 March 2015
Downloaded: 370 times
23 Presets for U-HE Zebra2 (2.7).
Blofeld Presets Recreations
for Zebra by Bang Ali on 25 January 2015
Downloaded: 342 times

here are some recreations of factory presets from the Blofeld synthesizer. Some are better and some not so good recreations.

Have fun :-)
PT Sound - 20 free 2015 Xmas Presets for Zebra
for Zebra by Payam Tavakoli on 16 December 2014
Downloaded: 360 times
Hello friends

This is a free Xmas presets for u-he Zebra 2 VSTi

Enjoy and my bests wishes for you in 2015 .

If you need Ambient / Chillout / Cinematic / IDM .. presets and sample Check My soundbanks and sample library

Here :


Have a good year & God Bless You

Payam Tavakoli
PT - Zebra Cinematic Tools 15 Demo Presets
for Zebra by Payam Tavakoli on 15 February 2014
Downloaded: 538 times
This is ( Zebra Cinematic Tools ) 15 demo presets .

Official Store for full Pack ( 115 Cinematic presets ):

Project Xebra Demo
for Zebra by Esgalachoir on 30 January 2014
Downloaded: 487 times
A collection of 20 sounds from Project Xebra. Enjoy!
PT - Actual Soundscapes
for Zebra by Payam Tavakoli on 22 January 2014
Downloaded: 462 times
Hello friends

This is a preset for Zebra that you must play one note
and hold !!

I make this one Like a Actual Soundscapes !

I hope you have a fun with this

PT - Free Xmas for u-he Zebra
for Zebra by Payam Tavakoli on 1 January 2014
Downloaded: 409 times
Hello friends

This is the free Xmas presets for Zebra ..

Enjoy and my bests wishes to you in 2014 .

More Cinematic soundbank for ( u-he Zebra ) Coming soon ...

Have a good year and God Bless You

Payam Tavakoli
The Microwave Choir for Zebra
for Zebra by pocvecem on 24 December 2013
Downloaded: 455 times
If someone would ask me what's my all time favourite synth sound i'd immediately reply: the PPG/Microwave choir.

This piece of synthetic fake but also to some extent real sounding choir keeps me fascinated since the early 1980s when i heard it the first time.

Read the included patch info and use your midi controllers to bring life into this patch.
MW - modulates Key Follow amount and opens filter
Breath (CC2) - Formant shift
Aftertouch - adds vibrato

Have fun with it,
Gerald - exitLaub -
exitLaub - Xmas 2013 Zebra wavetables
for Zebra by pocvecem on 21 December 2013
Downloaded: 443 times
Hi folks!
This is a collection of 19 wavetables for Zebra/-lette. The original waves i made with different synths like Microwave2 + SoundDiver, Yamaha SY99, Kawai K5000, Korg Poly800, Kawai 100F and NI Razor. Then i put together some wavetables with Wav2Zebra.
Due to the lack of time for making some nice presets or even a complete soundset i decided to contribute
them to the Zebra community as a little Christmas present. Perhaps you can find use for them and make
some interesting or even useful sounds.

Would be nice to hear some sounds you made with these waves. Or even better if you would make them public

There are two folders:
(1) exitLaub - Xmas 2013 - wavetables
This contains the oscillator presets
(2) exitLaub - Xmas 2013 - examples
19 Zebra presets. These are only simple sweeping pads to showcase the wavetables.

Well, i'm curious what you make out of them.

Gerald - exitLaub -
Corin Neff - Little Rain Forest
for Zebra by Esgalachoir on 8 December 2013
Downloaded: 530 times
Just 6 patches that in which I've attempted to emulate cute, ethereal animal noises. Enjoy!
Zebra-nautic Revolution
for Zebra by timaeus222 on 11 December 2012
Downloaded: 744 times
This is a unique set of 24 patches that can contribute greatly to any electronic-organic artist! This is a freebie set from my commercial soundset of 180 patches, and the full version costs only $15 (every dollar nets you 12 patches!). Please consider getting the full 180 if you like these 24! ;)

Christmas deals every Dec.24-31! 33 percent off every year in that last week of December! Take advantage of that and get this soundset! :)

The patch demos are here: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=366938

If you have any questions or issues, email me at timaeus222@yahoo.com.

Compatible with Zebra2.0 and above.
for Zebra by ols on 18 November 2012
Downloaded: 697 times
Hi all,

Zebra can do classic music !
Here is my first attempt to get pipe organ sound. Fill free to improve or give me advices. Works better with a convolution reverb as Space Designer in logic.

Enjoy !

for Zebra by ols on 16 November 2012
Downloaded: 712 times

As I download lot of patches, here is a little modest contribution !

The Missing Sound Patchbank (Demo)
for Zebra by DJBenniBoy on 9 September 2012
Downloaded: 1041 times
Description: Famous sounds from the 90's that will trully deliver in your mix from Ben Insole(B.I), A Demo collection of Rave/Dance/Tech Sounds from that era that you were missing from that "Just Good Mix"

(This is the final demo update for you guys!)
Zebra bank
for Zebra by demonsk on 24 July 2012
Downloaded: 1021 times
23 Zebra 2.5 presets, some use the xy pad.
keys, arp's, church organ, etc.
DrTW Zebra 2 Gentle Pad
for Zebra by drtimwaters on 20 May 2012
Downloaded: 689 times
Warm and very analog. A variation on a Howard Scarr patch.


for Zebra by hollo on 14 April 2012
Downloaded: 892 times
(KVR U-HE Zebra) Forum - Neon Lights
Hollo's Free For Jump
for Zebra by hollo on 23 March 2012
Downloaded: 1181 times
I am always happy to get some free presets.

It's my turn to give back something to you guys

- it's just 13 presets there, a retro mini set, (OBX, Matrix, D50, brass, strings, voicepads) but all of them
selected as a real useful workhorse with great sound and careful use of the controllers.

I hope you enjoy these presets.
mc Soliton Demo
for Zebra by mcnoone on 9 March 2012
Downloaded: 877 times
Demo soundset for Soliton.
War Drums 3 Part Hollo
for Zebra by hollo on 17 February 2012
Downloaded: 844 times
2.example patch for the Transformers tread.
Hope u like it...
War drums Hollo
for Zebra by hollo on 17 February 2012
Downloaded: 716 times
Just 1 patch we talked about in the forum: Transformers
Corin Neff - Zebra: One Shot Kits
for Zebra by Esgalachoir on 30 August 2011
Downloaded: 758 times
This is a set of three separate drumkits, each made with only one instance of Zebra. They're very keyboard-player worthy and they should have you head-bobbing in no time. Each kit has fully implemented XY controls. I'd like to release a bank of these to sell along side of my future, ever evolving Cinematic Soundbank. If you'd be interested in buying a bigger collection of such kits, let me know.
A couple things: These kits have no real toms and also, they have no modwheel controls as of now.
Also, if you use them in your music, let me hear it! Enjoy!

- Corin
Project X-ebra(teasers)
for Zebra by Esgalachoir on 2 May 2011
Downloaded: 896 times
This is a demo for a soundbank I plan
on releasing sometime this year.
Critiques and thoughts on it can
be left on the corresponding thread under
U-he in the forum section. Or you can
just message me if you happen to really
like these(or don't)
Zebroscillators 2.5
for Zebra by Sendy on 1 May 2011
Downloaded: 1181 times
Version 2.5 supercedes version 2 by adding more wavetables and improving the readme text. Second version of my wavetable compilation featuring bare oscillator presets which create experimental variations and transformations of classic synthesizer waveforms, similar to PWM, sync, distortion, spectral filtering, and morphing. See the readme file for more details.
for Zebra by Sendy on 17 April 2011
Downloaded: 1050 times
Second version of my wavetable compilation featuring bare oscillator presets which create experimental variations and transformations of classic synthesizer waveforms, similar to PWM, sync, distortion and morphing. See the readme file for more details.
Cats In Heaven-15 Pads/FX
for Zebra by abstractcats on 16 April 2011
Downloaded: 1068 times
(C)T.S.George/Abstract Cats 2011

Note:These sounds are free for any use or to share with whom you wish

T.S.George/AbstractCats is in no way responsible for damage to your PC/Mac, Hearing or your mind :

Please use your Volume control with cation.
Please contact me if you have any question at tsgcats@gmail.com
Thanks, Scott
2011 AC Dev Stage One
for Zebra by abstractcats on 10 April 2011
Downloaded: 863 times
Sounds (C)T.S.George/Abstract Cats 2011

Note:These sounds are free for any use or to share with whom you wish

T.S.George/AbstractCats is in no way responsible for damage to your PC/Mac, Hearing or your mind :

Please use your Volume control with cation.
Please contact me if you have any question at tsgcats@gmail.com
Thanks, Scott
AC Zebra 2011 Ideas
for Zebra by abstractcats on 22 February 2011
Downloaded: 1105 times
Sounds (C)T.S.George/Abstract Cats 2011

Note:These sounds are free for any use or to shere with whom you wish

T.S.George/AbstractCats is in no way respansable for damage to your PC/Mac, Hearing or your mind :

Please use your Volume control with cation.
Please contact me if you have any question at tsgcats@gmail.com
Thanks, Scott
Zebra - Aspect Wavetable
for Zebra by Esgalachoir on 26 January 2011
Downloaded: 1114 times
A bank with mostly some pads, sound effects, and other synth stuff based somewhat loosely around Zebra's powerhouse wavetable capabilities.
There's some new ground in here and some bread n' butter, but Zebra does everything well. Enjoy!
Four ARPs
for Zebra by abstractcats on 19 January 2011
Downloaded: 831 times
Four ARPs no waiting :)

The beginning of a larger set for Zebra.

Sounds (C) TSG/AbstractCatsMedia

Thanks, ScottAC
Exotic Oscillator Functions (Wavetables)
for Zebra by Sendy on 7 January 2011
Downloaded: 979 times
Bare oscillator presets which create variations on PWM for different waveforms, strange sync type effects, waveshaping, and the like using just the wavetable feature of Zebra.
Woodwind 1
for Zebra by Ingo_D on 27 December 2010
Downloaded: 883 times
My first attempts to create Zebralette patches from real or virtual instrument waveforms. The waveforms come from samples of a Yamaha VL70-m synthesizer and of a (real) flute. I used a little tool I wrote to merge the sampled waveforms into a Zebralette preset. These presets are optimized for use with a MIDI Wind Controller rather than with a keyboard controller (CC#2 modulates WaveWarp and volume).
Zebra - Aspect of the Comb
for Zebra by Esgalachoir on 29 November 2010
Downloaded: 1659 times
This a bank of about 20 presets for Zebra, most of them making use of the comb filter. A variety of percussion, pads, and some sound effects are here.
The intended use is for film-track writing, but you are of course free to use them any way you like!
Ice Storm Dream AbstractCats Zebra Nov-2010 Set
for Zebra by abstractcats on 27 November 2010
Downloaded: 1206 times
Sounds (C)T.S.George / AbstractCats 2010
Not responsible for any thing that might happen to your PC/Mac/Brain etc. from use of these sounds, but thank for trying them.
AbstractCats Zebra Basses
for Zebra by abstractcats on 17 June 2010
Downloaded: 1208 times
Zebra sounds made in and for Zebra synth.
By and Scott G, aka "AbstractCats" 2010

OH yeah! I'm not responsible for any bad things that happen to your mind, pc, mac, cat's hearing, you being divorced from your wife, husband, parents etc.
or boredom from the use of these sounds.

Thanks, enjoy :D
DrTW Zebra Set
for Zebra by drtimwaters on 10 May 2010
Downloaded: 1055 times
A new set of several pads and plucks. Enjoy!
mc ZebraCM 143
for Zebra by mcnoone on 13 February 2010
Downloaded: 2293 times
Updated mc ZebraCM 143
Compiled version of 3 previous banks I released for Zebra CM.
5 new presets added, and many tweaks to presets plus mod wheel setting tweaks.
All in H2P format
mc Zebra Vision2010
for Zebra by mcnoone on 13 February 2010
Downloaded: 2689 times
Updated Zebra Vision presets
15 new presets added with XY & Arp variations.
181 Original presets
117 XY or Arp variations (updated)
250 wave tables (updated)
143 ZebraCM presets (updated)
All use all 4 XY pads, and Mod Wheel
ZebraCM presets will load in Zebra2.5
Need Zebra2.5 to use
DrTW Christmas Zebra
for Zebra by drtimwaters on 24 December 2009
Downloaded: 1164 times
Several new sounds for Zebra. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
- Dr. Tim Waters
Zebra2 AbstractCats
for Zebra by abstractcats on 16 December 2009
Downloaded: 1197 times
Sounds (C)T.S.George / AbstractCats 2009
Not responsible for any thing that might happen to your PC/Mac/Brain etc. from use of these sounds.
for Zebra by john hunter on 12 October 2009
Downloaded: 1310 times
Messing about with Zebra
Create:Audio Dimensions
for Zebra by kevosince85 on 8 September 2009
Downloaded: 1618 times
This bank was made on & for ZebraCM. Contains 44 presets of out of this world atmospheres, drones, pads & noise.
Cello Test Ver 4
for Zebra by kajiotaku on 24 August 2009
Downloaded: 1083 times
Replaced 2nd osc's waveform with one based on a cello performing C#3 or something like that. Sounds a bit woodier. Creds to Hakey for tweaking some parts.
Cello Test Version 2 (More bass)
for Zebra by kajiotaku on 22 August 2009
Downloaded: 995 times
Same as before, but with some modifications.
Cello Test
for Zebra by kajiotaku on 22 August 2009
Downloaded: 915 times
My attempt at a cello. It's okish.
Shades (single patch)
for Zebra by hakey on 21 January 2009
Downloaded: 1255 times
Just a single bass patch - an attempt at recreating the bass from Booka Shade's 'Body Language' (as per a request on the U-He forum)
for Zebra by hakey on 8 December 2008
Downloaded: 2253 times
19 Patches for Zebra 2.3 - A mixture of 'synthy' analog type leads, basses, polys etc.
Dirty B3-21 Variations
for Zebra by Al.Kamala on 5 April 2008
Downloaded: 2144 times
Some ideas of variations of the Dirty B3 patch, created on the fly as the ideas came out.
Dirty B3
for Zebra by Al.Kamala on 4 April 2008
Downloaded: 1836 times
A little B3 emulation, a bit sophisticated but easy to use, with XY optimization, by Al Kamala
for Zebra by JackD on 16 March 2008
Downloaded: 1998 times
a few patches for Zebra2 from Jack Deckard
Speccyteccy ZebraCM Familiar Territory
for Zebra by speccyteccy on 13 December 2007
Downloaded: 3449 times
Just getting into ZebraCM so there's a lot of "familiar territory" in the sounds. Next bank is in the making and starts to stretch its functionality more. Please bear in mind that I've done all this with a pair of headphones on a laptop and no MIDI keyboard (it's broken!).
for Zebra by Teksonik on 29 November 2007
Downloaded: 3817 times
50 patches for ZebraCM Version
Discussion: Active


16 December 2011 at 11:33pmFarleyCZ

Yep. Agreed! :) When you got Zebra and you can't imagine any new sound to make, something's wrong with your imagination. (Perhaps tired...)

Love this one too!... so much! Got it around second year now and I can promise you this fascination with OSC's, OSCFX, MSEGs etc etc doesn't end.... AMAZING synth.

18 December 2011 at 12:17pmproletkult

Glad you agree Farley. Should have added that there is a very clever promotion going on... after taking a photograph of what ever analogue synth you are retiring because of Zebra and sending it in - you get a $50 discount!! Good for your pocket and their ego!!

18 December 2011 at 2:20pmUrs

Thanks so much proletkult! Happy that you like it :)


;) Urs

18 December 2011 at 5:16pmproletkult

You're welcomed, Urs and congratulations on a stunning product.

22 December 2011 at 8:45amHoward

"So inspiring is the whole experience of discovering Zebra2 that the manual (which has been critised by some) works, quite rightly, more as a great reference point as you venture through this sonic jungle".

Ha! I reviewed Zebra in 2007 and criticised the documentation as well as the presets. Since then the manual has been completely rewritten, and the presets have been retired/replaced... ;-)

22 December 2011 at 10:53amproletkult

I'll be honest with you, Howard. I'd tried Zebra 1 and found it fun but no replacement for other synths I had. The development since then has been on a scale you'd expect from a big set up like Spectrasonics. Fantastic acheivement.

30 April 2012 at 2:04amliquidsound

There are two synth I can't live without, Zebra and Surge.

if I had to choose, I'll keep Zebra.

18 June 2012 at 4:35amaudiomac

Thanks to everyone for sharing your Talent..

2 April 2013 at 9:31pmbabyblue


i just bought zebra today, because i like some of its sounds, but i agree, many sounds are over-effected. When turning the wet knob down, the sound is not really good anymore. In my opinion, the reason is first of all the looppoint of the waveforms. Especially with Pad Sounds, you can hear the loop of the used sample, the higher note is looping faster than the lower, resulting in an unsteady, not smooth sound. But this i heard nearly with every Softsynth. But i heard a few sounds, where this is not so obvious. So i hope, it is possible, to create really smooth pad sounds.

Is there a tutorial online "How to make Sounds with Zebra"? The userguide is not sufficient for me: The interface is really overwhelming.

2 April 2013 at 9:50pmHoward

@Babyblue: There are no samples in Zebra2, and therefore no looping or loop points.

BTW Zebra2 Tutorials are here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8B3F7A60F7C76BA
... but I would recommend that you study the manual in more depth first - start at the beginning, read very carefully, understand.

2 April 2013 at 10:53pmontrackp

I agree with Howard completely. Read the manual carefully, tweak the various parameters to understand what they do, and turn modules off and on to hear the results. You might also want to research some basics of different types of synthesis so you can really understand. I also recommend that as you go thru the presets you focus on the simpler structures so it is easier to understand what is going on.

And watch every single one of the tutorials! More than once....

You may have to dig around a little to find the waves that "speak" to you -- and remember, each wave has 16 possible iterations, some of which are completely different as you cycle through them.

Zebra is a beast for sound design, it's worth the time to learn how to use it.


3 April 2013 at 8:42ambabyblue

thanks Howard and ontrackp for your constructive words! I will do my best and dive into the secrets of zebra. When you say there are no samples used as groundstructeres for tweaking them with the different oscs, LFOs, envs etc., i must believe you. I came to that conviction, when i played a (one) note, i heard a repeating cycle, playing this note lets say 3 notes lower, i hear this repeating cycle too, but this cycle lasts a bit longer, resulting in an unsteady, not smooth sound, when playing both notes together.

But as i said, i try my best, to achieve what i am looking for. Thanks again for your advice and the link.

uups! just tried the Link, doesn't work....

6 April 2013 at 7:00amHoward

True Babyblue, the direct link to the YT playlist doesn't work (strange!), so here's the channel:


3 April 2013 at 2:44pmontrackp

The cycle speed of a LFO or MSEG can be modulated by key follow (or by specific notes for that matter) so the speed can change as you go up or down the keyboard. My advice is to deconstruct the patches. Go thru module by module and double click on modulation controls, zero out modulation amounts in the matrix and you'll start seeing how the modulators can affect cycling of filter cutoff, pitch, etc....

Just search on youtube for the tutorials, they come up all over the place.

3 April 2013 at 11:04pmPhader


you say you want warmer filters in the next version,,,.

Have you thought about getting the dark zebra upgrade?

it has a few additions, DIVA filters being one of them.

4 April 2013 at 12:22amhollo

Hehe, this was my fav because it's so presonal to me :).

"For me, the biggest downside of this synth is that it's easy to get so involved in the fun of experimenting with sound that you lose time getting work done.".


21 August 2013 at 8:55pmpsydenis

How to choose the right directory where the data of zebra will be installed.

13 November 2013 at 2:22amclangorous

Disappointed in the Zebra2 demo. The synth seems good but it's hard to tell because as soon as I start tweaking it starts dropping out. First time I tried it was just the static which is annoying but not too bad. But now I have to keep reloading a new instrument track to get it to even play more than one note. Evidently I am in the minority here, because I do not find anyone else posting similar. But had to be honest...it's hard to evaluate it when I can't really use it for even 15 minutes. If I have to use presets, and cannot create big sounds with it, then it's not going to be as useful to me. Would rather have a time limited demo...even one day would be better than this. Not meaning to be disrespectful or overly bitchy because obviously a lot of work went into it and I respect that. But that does not automatically mean it will be good for me personally.

Having got that out of my system, it seems to work in Studio One 2 so I'll probably buy it based on the stellar reviews of most everyone.

13 November 2013 at 9:21amHoward

@bksherwood: Zebra2's demo restriction is quasi-random notes (not "static"), so I'm wondering what happened there. Anyway, 15 minutes per session should be plenty of time to find out whether a product suits you. You just have to bite the bullet and reload, or purchase a license.

13 November 2013 at 4:20pmclangorous

@Howard: Then it sounds like what I was experiencing were not the demo limitations. I did purchase Zebra2 last night and I am VERY happy with it. Was able to take what I know and create some pretty awesome initial sounds. So far none of the notes dropping out or static etc. After working with it last night, I think Zebra2 is going to be like moving from a Model T to a rocket ship; it will drastically accelerate my progress and capabilities.

But I must say...wow! I never expected a response from you directly. I see that as a huge value of owning Zebra2. The community of Zebra2 is something you can't really put a price on, especially as someone who wants to excel at this stuff. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.

13 November 2013 at 5:42pmsnigelx

Well, you absolutely made the right decision then. You've just ensured yourself a long winter with a fat grin. Not only do you have a deep synthesizer in your possession, you have a deep and active Zebra user community and lots of freely available and commercial patch banks at your fingertips (Check the official KVR U-he forums). Check out U-he's YouTube profile while you're at it. There are tonnes of excellent official pointer videos for consumption. Enjoy your striped synth-beast.

13 November 2013 at 8:48pmclangorous

Thanks snigelx. Spot one with the fat grin! Honestly, I am not sure I will need another synth for a long, long time...except Dark Zebra...that I am definitely buying. My interest is primarily big, unique orchestral sounds and DZ surely fits the bill.

So far I have reviewed the manual, downloaded the free patches from http://www.u-he.com/PatchLib/zebra.html, started on the Youtube tutorials which are awesome, and started to decompose some awesome HS patches. I see also some of the patches from the community are designed to teach you things like FM. Very cool.

Thanks for the lead on the KVR U-he forums. Just starting to realize how much is here on KVR. Been missing out for sure.

19 November 2013 at 10:50pmpdxindy

I have had Zebra for close to 8 years and I still discover clever new tricks... and of course it keeps getting better. Zebra just received a sweet new distortion module (actually 4 of them)!.

20 November 2013 at 1:27amsnigelx


Thanks for the heads-up on that. It's been a while since I've stopped by the forum. Nice news.

19 November 2013 at 7:46pmsnigelx

Re: 19th November 2013.

Great that you feel the need to review such a wonderful sound design tool, but I own the Prophet you speak of (why you compare software to this I have no idea) and no Zebra does not sound better. It is rather apples and oranges you attempt to compare my friend (which was not much of a comparison and much less a review). Of course Zebra has features more routing options because it is a piece of software relying on the computational power of the computer system that hosts it and a developer can add tonnes of bells and whistles into the software. For being a hardware unit the Prophet 12 is an amazing piece of gear capable of many a timbre, but the sound is VERY different between the two synths you mention in your blurb. Furthermore, a synth's sound will most usually reflect the level of skill and creativity possessed by its programmer and much less often the deficiencies of the synthesizer. Please, if you should write a -review- people then take the time to discuss the finer points. If you just wish to post that you like a synth then do that on the forum. Cheers.

5 August 2015 at 1:00pmPUSHA

The sounds that Zebra produces is just incredible!!!! I cant imagine what Zebra3 will sound like......It will be tough for anybody to top this synth in my opinion. Possibilities are endless with this synth. I LOVE YOUR WORK URS!!!!!.

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