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CS-3301 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By n2077 [read all by] on 1st April 2018
Version reviewed: 1.4.6 on Windows
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CS-3301 is a channel strip plugin with gate, EQs, compressor, saturation and oversampling. I don't know what they done here, but they should do some more, CS-3301 might even beat big names like Waves, SSL E-Channel, SSL G-Channel, Softube Console1 and Slate Virtual Mixrack. But first of all - PERFORMANCE - is unbelievable, The SOUND of this plugin is even better and outperforms all other Channel strips I tried it against. This Plugin is a MUST HAVE in every sound engineers studio and it only cost 49.00 €.

Keppy's MIDI Converter [read all reviews]
Reviewed By tmfkap [read all by] on 1st April 2018
Version reviewed: 18.0.18 on Windows
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This is really good software. It's tiny, efficient, clean and well made. Sent him a few €€s because the developer does this off his own bat and in his own time. Well done.

FilterOrgan [read all reviews]
Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on 31st March 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Windows.
Last edited by BlackWinny on 31st March 2018.
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Absolutely wonderful effect tool. A very original way to enrich a composition.

Loaded as effect in Mulab 7 64-bit, I played around for an hour with it simply with some notes from a common synth (I used Lord Of The Spring) and also with NuSofting Noisetar, and it gave me inspiration for some future works.

With a bit of imagination there are lots of thing to do with this very original FX tool.

It is very easy to use, comes with a wide enough palette of tweaks, and I have encountered no issue.

Very nice ! And free.

It is compiled in native 64-bit as well as 32-bit.

The developer invite you to support and encourage him by a donation, but it is not mandatory. Yet I did it, because it is actually a very original idea and perfectly materialized.

Scanner Vibrato [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Stohgs [read all by] on 30th March 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows
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I personally use this VST Effect often and for various genre styles that it still surprises me how well it holds inside the mixes. Solid structure and classic vibe to it. It's great to have as a single dedicated process so you can concentrate only on what matters and does a great job at keeping it interesting. For what it is, I'd recommend it. Had a lot of fun experimenting with this no BS straight to the point useful VST Effect to this day, worth a try. Thanks for the tools Martinic, Good job.

  • Simple to use.
  • Has interesting linked controls that work well together.
  • multi-purpose specific usage in the mix.
  • able to achieve all sorts of genre qualities.
  • A Plus to have as a single dedicated process.
Beat Chopper [read all reviews]
Reviewed By lucknow13 [read all by] on 29th March 2018
Version reviewed: 1.00 on Windows
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Well this is in beta beta so it's not perfect yet. I do like the fact that it can select the chop in different ways very easily. The one big problem is the clicking at the end of the sound. So Zero crossing needs to be implemented. Looking forward to it's further development.

Scheps Omni Channel [read all reviews]
Reviewed By jochicago [read all by] on 28th March 2018
Version reviewed: 9.92 on Windows
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There is so much going on with this plugin that it is hard to do it justice.

In short:
This is the tool for every track. Great results and great design. You can dial in your own sound within seconds, or slap one of your favorite presets. The path to great mixes has never been shorter.

Recommended for:
- If you value the importance of working quickly, this plugin can seriously cut down your regular mixing time.
- If you are new to mixing, then this is the must-have plugin to get before any other.

More details:

1. Great Design
This plugin is probably among the best things that Waves is going to do this decade. You can tell a lot of attention went into the details.

It is as feature rich as it is balanced, and the features are designed to give you a strong digital solution to every-day needs. For instance, the EQ bands are labeled High, Mid, Tone and Low. But the frequency selector goes from 20hz to 20k hz on every band. The Tone band is designed to add richness, but the plugin doesn't stop you from using it to subtract. You can also switch each band to parametric. You can split the stereo to EQ separately, or switch to mid/side. Every module is like that, full of features that expand the typical range of things and take advantage of being in the digital domain.

2. The Right Tools for Every Track
Many will say that this plugin doesn't add to their current arsenal. And while that is partially true (although you probably don't have a triple-algorithm compressor in your kit) the point of this plugin is to do everything right, in a single well-balanced package so things play nice with each other, and having enough character that every module adds a touch of color to the mix.

3. Speedy Workflow
This is probably the most important aspect. With these tools at hand, no other are needed. It doesn't matter if you have other tools. Unless you are specifically going for a certain sound, this plugin is all you need to start every track. It is a breeze to dial your settings in. It uses less CPU than loading independent plugins for the same job. It feels like something designed by someone meticulous and obsessed with mixing, and built by a company with a pedigree in making quality plugins.

4. Preset Galore
And not the least that it comes with seemingly a hundred presets from known engineers. These are not gimmicky presets. This plugin is very powerful, which means that the engineers can build presets that are very close to their own processes.

VAZ Modular [read all reviews]
Reviewed By dlawlis [read all by] on 28th March 2018
Version reviewed: demo on Windows.
Last edited by dlawlis on 1st April 2018.
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Another great product that's become Abandonware. Can't even purchase it anymore, and the trial version from the website is flagged as malware.

edit: I checked the demo .exe with jottiscan and it's clean. It works just fine in Reaper on Windows 10 and still sounds great (although it times out every 20 minutes).

Synth1 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By dlawlis [read all by] on 28th March 2018
Version reviewed: 1.13 on Windows.
Last edited by dlawlis on 28th March 2018.
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One of the best (if not the best) free synths of all time! It works with every host that I've ever tried (granted I'm on Windows and I don't use any weird/obscure hosts). Could use a GUI update and maybe a more intuitive preset browser, but then again it's free! Kinda sad that it's become Abandonware.

REAPER [read all reviews]
Reviewed By alexandredesroches [read all by] on 27th March 2018
Version reviewed: 5.78 on Windows
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Incredibly powerful and so versatile. Very good community and forums. Super present Administrators. Such as a 2h delay reply on a bug report and an actual solution provided quickly.

Extremely satisfying interface customizations. Full screen display. Excellent usage or computer ressources. Excellent MIDI editing. Awesome Keyboard shortcuts to infinite possibility with macros.

You can also create your own plugins, or transform the excellent Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 into a sidechain dynamic EQ with REAPER's integrated and easily applicable functions (parameter modulations). You can create anything like a custom multiband compressor with your favorite single band compressors... Most flexible ..endless..routing features I've ever seen. Coming from Cubase pro 9.5...

Perfect YouTube community for teaching tips and tricks accurately. Specially the "REAPER mania" channel by Kenny Gioia.

Super good not to say breath taking automation features such as automate the automation lane with advanced LFO. Including random LFO for humanizing MIDI sounds.

Extra high quality Sample Rate Conversion. FX chains presets stored easily and recalling on tracks or idividual items. Very efficient track freezing to save CPU and still be able to recall the previous settings by unfreezing.

Render speed faster than I ve experimented with Cubase.

Very stable. Super fast installation (11MB) and portable install possible on flash drive for example.

Can't think how much I should have stepped in REAPER faster. Would have saved money, time and energy and made better music. Honestly.

60 dollar for 2 complete versions?? Its almost free!.

Thanks to the devoloppers.


EU ProMixEQ-10A [read all reviews]
Reviewed By bolgwrad [read all by] on 24th March 2018
Version reviewed: 10A on Windows
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XPSP3/W7x64 So you have to enter your email for a download link for a PDF that gives you a link to download this plugin from. When you load it, it's full of prominent link buttons that will open your browser without asking you. P.I.T.A. with a not-particularly-useful GUI. Not worth the bother; there are plenty other free EQ plugins that don't try to mine you for data.Do not download, In the time it takes you could have tried three other EQ VSTs that don't have annoying link buttons.