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ValhallaRoom [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 13th July 2018
Version reviewed: last on Mac
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the first time i've load this plugins on a track, i was disapointed .was clean, too much clean, i start to believe that i made a mistake, i regret to buy it...Then i go back to my good old loved tsar 1 & Audio Damage reverb, until a day that none of the reverb i own and know fit to my need. I remember i have VR, i load it, tweek it and BOOM ! Magic ! it does what i expect, i remember i bunch of mysong project and replace Tsar 1 with VR, it do it again ! It quickly become my favorite reverb, then problems come....i had to sell it, I miss it a lot ! finaly i was able to buy it again and keep it forever.
The reverb is magic when you know how to use it and adust it to your need.
i own TSAR 1, NF Blueverb and 80, Audio Damage verb, Waves reverb, Vengeance sound reverb .they are different and very good, but none of all this reverb is clean like Vroom.

Droplet [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 9th May 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Mac
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Creative Collection : Corrosion / Dipole / Dispersion / Droplet / Emission / Eternal / Malfunction

Corrosion : a very good distortion, i love to use the hard clip with extreme settings to simulate on overload.It can be subtle or very aggressive. no scams, no placebo knobs, THE sound is here to crush yours tracks !
=======================>4.5 / 5

Dipole : Dipole is a through-zero flanger effect ...everything is said. sound and efficiency are here. No subtle, you have a 'IN YOUR FACE' flanger with character.
=======================>4.5 / 5

Dispersion : Dispersion is bouncing ball delay, it is the first time i have a boucing ball delay, the GUI is simple enough to understand the process without manual, i really like the modulation on this one, you can create insane feedback or unusual delay line, I love tho be able to expand the stereo deepness of the processed sound.
You can achieve the same thing with other plugin like BC Late, Echoboy.... but Dispersion is just simpler to use.The sound is great.
=======================>4.5 / 5

Droplet : Droplet is a plugin for modeling "raindrop delay" effects.
Here we are ! I think droplet is the best plugins from Sinevibes, droplet is simple to use, it generate a rain of little sound drop, amazing ! wonderfull ! You can obtain something subtle or something more present. The blue spot on the top of the plugin, is, I think, the best way to describe the plugins, imagine a little rain while the the sun is rising, each drop reflecting the light....This is maybe my favorite plugin since a long long time.
=======================>5 / 5

Emission : Emission is a special processor for creating unreal, out-of-this-world space effects.
Here we go again ! A killer plugin ! an unique reverb, i 've never try a plugin who make me feel that i 'm playing with modular fx hardware like this one ! this reverb have a character and each parameters are audible on the sound when you tweak it.My new favorite reverb.
=======================>5 / 5

Eternal : Eternal is a barber-pole flanger effect.
A different flanger, the interface is easy to understand, each parameter have a direct impact on the sound. It sound good, i love the fact I can expand the stereo.Easy to use and efficient.
=======================>4.5 / 5

Malfunction : Malfunction is a "circuit-bent" filter - a filter with intentionally broken connections and erroneous math that produces very special, hissy and screaming distortion.
Everything is said. If you want to destroy your children's piano toy. This plugin make me feel like i have tweak electronic instruments, nothing left to say on this one....
=======================>4.5 / 5

+ : The GUI and the sound make me feel like i play with hardware modular fx unit.
- : The bad point is there is no VST version and windows version, to use these plugins with cubase i use Blue Cat Axiom.

I'd really like Sinevibes make a rack when we would be able to use and modulate each parameters of the desired FX.
The only thing who come to my mind about these plugins is : " WOW ! "

You can download the demo on their website to try by yourself.

Efektor Distortion Bundle [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 2nd November 2017
Version reviewed: 10.12 on Mac
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This bundle contains 3 pedals : Distortion, overdrive and fuzz.

i've purchased the bundle during a promo wich was a low price and i have downloaded the free gate from the same dev.

the first thing who came to my mind was : " HOOOOOO ! amazing ! "

Yep, insert a the distortion pedal and load vermillon, it rock!!!

I try it with a 7 strings ibanez and it is heavy !!!

I think these pedals are the best on the market at this moment.

They proudly deserve a 10 .

Outer Space [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 18th May 2017
Version reviewed: latest on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 18th May 2017.
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AudioThing: Outer Space


  • Very very good sound .
  • The GUI have a good size.
  • CPU usage.
  • Easy to use.
  • The price.
  • very stable.
  • Very good preset (ready to be used !).
  • Mono or Stereo (Very usefull !!!).


....nothing to say .


Piracy protection : key file.

Easter egg : click on the wood and enjoys :)

Audiothing have done a master piece with this FX, i tested it on synth it sound good every time !
The price is low compared to the quality of this FX.

A must have.

Audiothing : WELL DONE !

Blue Cat's Destructor [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 6th April 2017
Version reviewed: latest on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 6th April 2017.
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Blue Cat's Destructor


  • the sound ! it is very good.
  • CPU usage !! Very light.
  • Easy to use.
  • No bug found.
  • The price.
  • Stable under OS X 10.12.4 (VST version).


  • ...nothing found yet .


Piracy protection : serial.

This amp/distortion emulation is 1 of the best emulation at this time if you consider the price, the quality and the stability.
Don't miss a sale, this is an excellent plugin, a must have

OSL Chorus [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 25th March 2017
Version reviewed: lastest on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 25th March 2017.
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Sometimes, free plugins are not good or they just do the work, but this plugins is really good and free !
This is the kind of plugin you must download and keep a backup on external HD to be sure to never lose it !
It proudly deserve a 10 .

VPS Avenger [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 23rd March 2017
Version reviewed: latest on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 23rd March 2017.
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  • Friendly GUI (but i still want the old Vengeance color style from FX!!!).
  • A lot of the excellent Essential FX Bundle fx include in the synth (especially the V-Verb!!).
  • VST version Pretty stable under OS X 10.12.3.
  • Drum machines included.
  • The sound : Very nervous / agressive sound (in your face sound !).


  • CPU Spike sometime.
  • The price of expansions.
  • I don't like the colour of GUI...
  • ......nothing else.


Vengeance dev is here @KVR .

The autorisation is made with a keyfile.

The plugin is updated frequently, and the dev are open to news features.

The FX from vengeance are excellents.

I own this plugin since 2 or 3 months (don't remember), i was first disappointed because it sound like nothing I own in the past and now.
This is the first time i consider to buy expansions.
It deserve a 10 but for the CPU spike i give it a 9... but it deserve a 10.

Tassman [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 21st March 2017
Version reviewed: lastest on Mac
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AAS Tassman 4


  • Endless possibility .
  • Pretty simple to patch.
  • Simple to understand and tutorial to explain for beginer...
  • Pretty stable (VST version OS X 10.12.3).
  • You can chain sequencer.
  • Boost your creativity.


  • The bridge for 64-bits version !!!! I want a real 64-bit version .
  • I want a GUI resize.
  • A few bug (but it don't crash the daw).
  • The reverb & delay algos are not amazing.
  • Warning using the filter, it scream very loud very quickly.
  • The price !.


AAS staff is reactive .

You need internet to autorise your copy.

I hope a V5 in the futur, this plugin is a real gem.

One [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 17th March 2017
Version reviewed: last on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 18th March 2017.
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Fabfilter One


  • One have a really good filter.
  • The oscillator are good and fabfilter don't forget to add noise.
  • The polyphony : mono or poly (output a mono signal in every case).
  • All the basic functions for a synth are here (filter kbd tracking).


  • I want more flexibility to assign the LFO (modulation generator).
  • The GUI is clear but i'm not really fine with the stacked 'module', i want a space for each module.
  • A sequencer attached to the modulation generator function would have been great .


Fabfilter have a good support.

Protection copy is serial.

Use with Bitwig 2 (with the modulator) will drive you nuts and it will give a new life to this synth.

Fabfilter one was the first synth i have buy. I have never sold it and i never regret my purchase.
Okay, today you have better emulation, better everything.... But one do the job.
Give it a try before purchasing or if you are curious, you could be surprised by the characters of this synth.

Softube Modular [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 11th March 2017
Version reviewed: 10.12.3 on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 12th March 2017.
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Softube Modular


  • Plugin very stable under OS X 10.12.3 / Cubase Pro 9 / Bitwig 2.
  • The size of the GUI is scalable : small / medium / large.
  • Simple to understand.
  • If you don't know 'modular' synth you can learn with it.
  • I love to have existing module : you can find hardware patch by using google ;).
  • Time to talk about the most important thing : the sound
    Softube modular come with Doepfer module, they just sound very very good,
    i can feel the same excitation i had when i use my hardware synth.
    The doepfer modules are very good but the Intellijel are INSANE,
    they are propably the best analog emulation of all the 'emulation' plugins ATM.
  • If you already have HeartBeat, so you will have every HB modules available in modular.
  • I love the differents sequencers available : 1 especially for drums, with the other
    you can output CV / Gate.
  • You can chain sequencer in order to have more than 16 step.
  • If you 're a beginner, modular come with a lot of explained patch.
  • Softube post every week on the facebook page a : ' Tips of the week ' for modular.
  • The price !
    You have a fully functional modular synth for 99 $ (basic package : every doepfer module).


  • CPU usage !
    Suicide for your CPU.
    Don't expect to run it with an old configuration.
  • We want more modules .
  • ......nothing else.......


  • Softube have a great support for customers.
  • Modular use Ilok (at least ilok V2).
  • Softube provide legacy installers, but now you have to use gobbler.
  • If you're stuck with something, ask them via facebook, they always reply when something is wrong.

Softube Modular is the best 'analog modular synth' emulation to this day.