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impOSCar [read all reviews]
Reviewed By iDavid [read all by] on 1st May 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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I love this synth!

I have bought several VSTs over the last few years and found very few to be useful. Most end up in my, “not currently using folder”. They all produce a wide variety of sounds, but I just didn’t find myself going back to use them.

ImpOSCar is quite different. It is the quality, as well as the quantity, of the sound that makes me want to go use it.

The filters are the best I have heard, including hardware! The filters can be over driven which is just fantastic. Makes impOSCar scream!

I was impressed with the demo, but not knocked out. I loved the quality of the sounds, but now that I have the full version and I can play the full scope of the sounds I am in heaven.

It is also really easy to program impOSCar. It comes with a tutorial video that will get you tweaking in a matter of minutes.

I had a problem registering impOSCar; I was imputing my registration code incorrectly. The support was fast and friendly. I haven’t had any better service, but I have really good support from most of the smaller companies I have dealt with.

ImpOSCar has been rock solid, with no hang-ups or crashes.

I figure this synth is good for just about any style of music. I use mainly acoustic sounds and find impOSCar’s synth sound it add extra life to them, again I think it is a combo of the filters and the synth structure.

I guess I should mention the variety of sounds. First it is very expressive to playing style. The LFO sync and appreciator make for some great groove patches. The pads are smooth and expressive. The leads can scream like a bastard, if need be. It can also get very digital/ PPG type sounds. I can’t find much it doesn’t do well. The sounds can be bright or dark or evolve over time. What I find interesting, is the dark or muted sounds still cut through the mix, go figure.

To me, ImpOSCar is a true instrument, which makes it my first synth choice. It has a life to it that other synths wish they had.

Bottom line: My favorite VST synth!!!

Virtual Guitarist [read all reviews]
Reviewed By iDavid [read all by] on 24th May 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on unspecified OS.
Last edited by iDavid on 28th May 2002.
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I am very picky about what VSTi's I use and I use this one everyday! It sounds GREAT!!

It is straight forward to use and there really isn't anything else like it at present.

I no longer record my acoustic into my Mac, I use VG insead. It is quicker has better timing and is much easier to edit the parts.

To tell you the truth I use VG and Sonic Synth/SampleTank almost exclusively at the moment. Between the two I have all I need to get to writing music, which is what I really like to do.....

Sven also has giving great support and I trust the support will continue and new players will be added in the not so distant future.

Oh ya, it it WAY FUN!!
Sonik Synth [read all reviews]
Reviewed By iDavid [read all by] on 17th March 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on unspecified OS
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Let me make this perfectly clear. Sonic Synth is the best all around VST or stand-alone tone generator I’ve ever used, PERIOD! The variety of sounds and quality are astounding. It truly feels as if it is a REAL instrument or rather instruments. Usually, I shy away from composing on my Mac, I end up with two hours of riffs and no real substance. But Sonic Synth has changed my mind in this regard. When you play the piano, bass, pads, strings, drums, guitar, ethnic stuff or whatever: it feels like you are playing something with soul, not just a sample playback. It could be because most of the samples are fairly large, or expertly created: Whatever the reason it is a living beast and I love it. (Can you tell?)

Sonic Synth resides in Sample Tank, which I am really pleased about. It is easy to get around and amazingly quick to use. I really don’t understand how it loads sounds so quickly. I have HALion and it takes much longer to load the same size sample and HALion is only playing the first 2 seconds of the sample and streams the rest, go figure. (In fact most of the Sonic Sounds load almost instantly.)

I have PPG, HALion, M-Tron, Pro-52, Battery, Electron, Tau Pro, Attack, Atom Pro, and few other things. They all take a back seat to Sonic Synth! I only wish I had bought Sonic Synth first, then decided which of the others I needed. For now I’ll be collecting the Sonic Reality eRoms.

Should you buy Sonic Synth yourself? Can’t say, but I don’t really think you can go wrong with it.

As I play SS more and more I have one reoccurring question in my mind, “Why doesn't this thing cost more?”
M-Tron [read all reviews]
Reviewed By iDavid [read all by] on 3rd February 2002
Version reviewed: 3.0 on unspecified OS.
Last edited by iDavid on 5th July 2002.
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New version of M-tron is out, so I'm editing this review..

First things first, is this VSTi buggy? NOT ANYMORE!

It is stable and the CPU usage is way down!
The VST Keyboard is now fully functional and it is much easier to get to your sounds...

This thing sounds amazing! It is completely different from any other VSTi. I have the extra tape banks that are really a necessity. It is a very organic sounding beast. Most VSTi’s have been designed to be clean and perfect sounding, which has its place. M-tron goes for a sound all its own, well its actually a Mellotron, but in the computer world it stands out.

The GUI is simple and to the point. Basically, you load a tape bank (sample) and set the attack and release. The samples are from actually Mellotron tapes and other instruments. They vary a LOT from key to key as well as over an 8 second duration (no loops!) This is what makes it sound so unique!

If you’re looking to give your music a new (or old) flavor go and get it!

I Love this thing!