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10 Most Popular Reverbs of All Time in the KVR Marketplace

10 Most Popular Reverbs of All Time in the KVR Marketplace

We continuously ask the vast horde of KVR Members to identify what's cool. What follows is a list of the ALL-TIME most popular Reverbs according to KVR Members. The only limitation is that each Reverb must be available for purchase within our own KVR Marketplace. These are the best of the best we have to offer within the KVR Marketplace.

See all Reverbs in the KVR Marketplace sorted by popularity here.


Uhbik is a bundle of high quality audio effect plug-ins. It currently consists of the following effects:

  • Flanger: Uhbik-F does both tape-style and stomp-style flanging in "extraordinary quality". Chorus on top of that.
  • Phaser: 14, 28 or 42 stages.
  • Tremolo & Pan: If you think that tremolo is only a wobbly gain, Uhbik-T twists your audio around like nuts. Surround trance gate effects included.
  • Frequency Shifter: Not just renowned for cruelty but also applicable in small & smooth doses.
  • Ambience & Reverb: Modelled with the best in mind. This ambience processor provides the depth and the glue for your tracks.
  • Multitap Delay: 5-tap tape-style delay with a clue or two.
  • Equalizer: Transparent. Powerful. Flexible. Fast.
  • Runciter - an evil filter: digital filter uhbik. Enough with emulations. Beyond.
  • GrainDad is a Granular pitch shifter and vast audio mangling device. Tape stop effects, reversing effects, weird metallic drones from otherwise harmless material. Try on drum loops first.

Reviewed By zerocrossing
January 11th, 2009

Well look at me, first at the reviewing page. Do I get a cookie?

I'd sold a piece of audio hardware a while ago that was collecting dust (Lexicon MPX-1) with the idea that I'd replace it with software. Many people here (of course) chimed in and yelled, 'Can't be done! Hardware is GOD!"

Well I dood it. I was in no rush so I fooled around with a lot of demos including the Soundtoys bundle and boy oh boy was I happy when Urs announced his prerelease deal on the Uhbik plug ins. They're a bundle that consists of a filter/fuzz, a few frequency modulators, a multitap delay, an EQ, and a "ambience" processor (I like to call 'em "reverb.)

They're fantastic. All of them. They're an awesome combination of great sound and character that's missing from so many effects in these modern "it'll do everything" times. The UIs are clear and frankly even if you're not a tweaker, they are all designed to let you easily edit and frankly just play with the knobs and rarely are you going to end up with something that doesn't sound great... however they're all capable of very extreme settings so my idea of great might be different than yours. Extreme FSU can happen, though most often they excel at the subtle stuff.

I'm not going to go into each plug (I just realized what time it was) but I will say that the EQ was a big surprise. Awesome. The "bride" preset after a bland Amplitube 2 preset made me weep tears of joy. Urs, what voodoo are you putting in these things? I'd like to refrain from using the word "warm" but I already did so there. The filter can be sweet or very nasty and does really well on guitar and drums. The phase modulator plugs all have unique little twists on the traditional chorus/phase/flange effects that although at first they might seem to cover similar ground, a bit of time with each and you'll realize the genus of each of them. Wiring up MIDI to the Phase control and manually changing it with a pedal resulted in insanely expressive control you won't find in most software or hardware.

So, basically the set isn't even done yet and the thing is so damn cheap that if you're reading this now and have not purchased them you are going to kick yourself if you miss the discount period. I do not miss my Lexicon at all and as far as I can tell Ubik equals and often has better character than the beloved hardware unit. The Soundtoys bundle still may be in my future, but frankly it's going to take a long time to exhaust the possibilities of Uhbik.
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Effectrix is a multi-effect sequencer featuring 13 effects and a 32-step sequencer with 12 sub-patterns. Effectrix is the ideal tool for grooving sound mutations and exciting breakbeat effects.

Contained Effects:

  • Looper.
  • Timestretch.
  • Scratch.
  • Reverse.
  • Tape Stop.
  • Tonal Delay.
  • Stutter.
  • Crush.
  • Filter (10 filter types).
  • Phaser.
  • Chorus.
  • Delay.
  • Reverb.

CSR: Classik Studio Reverb

CSR (Classik Studio Reverb) includes a suite of four different reverb algorithms, each with its own interface and parameters:

  • Classik Hall / Room.
  • Classik Ambience.
  • Classik Plate.
  • Classik Inverse.

CSR: Classik Studio Reverb
Reviewed By Integratron
April 10th, 2012

I've been recording using various DAWs, VSTi and VSTe technologys in my virtual studio since 2005.

I've tested and auditioned most (and there are many!) all the free reverbs. If you can get by with the sonic limitations and minimal parameter control of the freebees, TC Electronics is my favorite in this category.

I also have higher quality reverbs... CSR (IK Multimedia Classic Studio Reverb), Eos and Adverb from Audio Damage, and Valhallaroom from ValhallaDSP.

In the early 70s, when I was working in the studio, we had all the analog accoutrements... Ampex and MCI mastering decks, Willi Studer desk and multitrack, Urei 1176LN comp/limiters and Little Dipper, Universal Audio LA2A, Dolby and Dbx noise reduction, Keypex gates, Eventide harmonizers... racks and racks of ancillary gear. The reverbs were positively killer... an EMT plate (240 IIRC) and an AKG spring units that cost thousands of dollars. Still in its' infancy, digital technology was cutting edge and the PC and internet had not yet been invented.

Today's technology is light years ahead of what we used back then. For me, only one VSTe reverb comes to mind as the closest to emulating the sound of those early studio EMT and AKG units and that is CSR from IK Multimedia. This is my goto reverb because the sound is extremely complex, effervescent, detailed and rich. I think that most would agree that the best reverbs meld more of a "feeling" to the signal and less of something that the listener actively "hears"... I'd simply call this musicality. I "hear" Eos, Adverb and Valhallaroom... I can only feel the lush plate, room, hall and inverse models from IK Multimedia! Hall, Plate and Room presets in CSR sound like actual places. By comparison, the other reverbs sound too "digital". I sincerely wish I knew how they do it! IK Multimedia has invented some brilliant in-house high-tech mojo using their own tools and techniques to develop incomparable models that are truly the best in the industry!

For my money, CSR Classic Studio Reverb from IK Multimedia is the best value if you want professional sounding reverb with some knockout presets, excellent parameter control and full automation! My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw that today, a license for the full-blown download product is available for only $49.00... this is a no-brainier!!

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Was $199.00; Save $170.00 until 1 Sep 2022!


Blackhole is based on Eventide's Space Blackhole effects pedal. While most reverbs are constrained by the physics of the real world, Eventide's Blackhole reverb creates virtual spaces that could never exist in our reality. At large sizes, its soft attack and lingering, harmonic tails allow it to really shine on guitars, strings and pads.


  • Over 50 presets to inspire, including artist presets by: Richard Devine, Flood & Alan Moulder, Sigur Rós, Vernon Reid and John Agnello.

  • Unique "Gravity" control allows you to invert the decay mode of the reverb.

  • Mix Lock allows you to scroll through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constant.

  • Flexible mono and stereo options for inputs and outputs.

  • Kill Switch kills the input so you only hear the reverb, great for sound design and automation.

  • Innovative Ribbon and HotSwitch allow for changing any combination of parameters simultaneously.

  • Delay and spacial effects plug-in based on the Space Blackhole guitar effects pedal.

  • Comes in AU, VST, and AAX plug-in formats.


Turnado is a new multi-effect tool crafted especially for massive and real-time audio manipulation, providing countless unique effects, creating sounds unheard of every time you turn it on.

Turnado is both a hands-on stage performance boost and a serious tool for studio perfectionism, giving you direct control of up to 8 different effects at any given time, with a total of 24 effects available.

The idea is simple:

  • Turn a knob and the effect is on.
  • Turn the knob further and effect parameters start to move and modulations start to apply.
  • Turn it down and the effect is off.
  • This one-knob-action fits perfectly for all kinds of studio or stage situation where you bang your MIDI controller creating wicked breaks to let the crowd dance even harder.

Sugar Bytes Turnado Action Multi FX VST - Features Overview - With Dom Kane

Reviewed By Dynabee
July 19th, 2015

This beast is a beauty for sure. Effects galore.

Its awesome for creating loops, remixing, adding color or flair, getting inspiration, turning sounds into something totally different etc..

Its not heavy on the cpu, it never crashes, it sounds great, AND its really, really fun to use. Easy to automate.

Its the sort of plugin you want to keep a secret... but turnados are pretty hard to hide..

Definitely one of my favorite plugs.

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Reverb 2016 Stereo Room

2016 Stereo Room features the Legendary Reverb Algorithm of Eventide's SP2016.

Long used as an essential reverb for mixing hit records, the Eventide SP2016, while long discontinued, is still in use in places like Ocean Way. Now, the top favorite reverb algorithm from this sought after hardware box is now available for Pro Tools AAX, VST, and AU.


  • Natural and distinctive; unique sound.
  • Simple, intuitive parametric controls.
  • Complex early reflections.
  • Smooth decay tail.
  • Novel Position control for precise room placement.
  • Decay control sets the reverb time.
  • Predelay adds a delay before the reverb.
  • Diffusion alters the character of the space.
  • EQ block: corner frequency and gain controls.
  • Input gain control for precise level matching.
  • Kill button for quick effect audition.


FabFilter Pro-R is a high-end algorithmic reverb plug-in with musical controls and a very natural sound. Its advanced algorithms have been carefully designed to blend well with the source and fit easily into a mix. FabFilter Pro-R is bursting with innovations like the intuitive Space control that seamlessly switches between dozens of room models with automatic decay time adjustment, and the industry-first Decay Rate EQ concept that introduces free adjustment of the decay time over the frequency spectrum. Together with the built-in Post EQ and an abundance of high-quality factory presets, FabFilter Pro-R delivers pristine sound quality and maximum ease of use.

Reviewed By Den*
April 16th, 2017

Amazing very flexible very good sounding reverb. it can sound however you want.

Very impressive Fabfilter.

Highly recommended.

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Artillery is a MIDI-controlled multi-effect plug-in that comes with 32 effects which can be put to keyboard zones and triggered with MIDI notes. With Artillery you can create unlimited effect combinations and modulate effect parameters with an unlimited number of modulator engines.

The included effects vary from classics (Delay Effects, Filters, Compressors, etc.) to innovative creations like Looper, Step Looper, Reverser, Vocoder with internal Synth, Vowel Filter, Karaoke or a Turntable effect.

Reviewed By damstraversaz
March 21st, 2008

I bought artillery last year. Since I have it, I have deleted a lot of vst from my fx's directory. In my opinion that's the most interested fx-tool I know. the idea is fantastic.

first,sorry for my poor english, i'm french...

1. user interface

perfect. all is clear, and easy to understand. it's the same view for all FX, so you learn very quicly how to use it. It's very important for me, I want to make music, not to take hours for learning how to use a plug for making music. a very intuitive interface . when you create a modulation ( for exemple resonance ), you will see this modulation with the dynamic display. the modulator section is perfect.

artillery is a killer. really. the quality of the fx is very good .sugar surely work a lot on the the sound. I really like the amplitude and granular fx. the filter are honesty the best I know ( vowel , multi, low etc...)and as you can chain the fx; the possibilty are endless. you can make traditionnal fx, some uniques sound, traditionnal looping etc

3 features

I think artillery is actually the most complet effect.
* Filter o Eq o Multimode Filter o Vowel Multimode Filter o Vintage Lowpass
* Delay: o Standard Delay o Diffusion Delay o Filter Delay o Reverb o Tonal Delay
* Amplitude: Amp o Compressor o Sync Dumper o Enveloper o normalizer * Granular: o Looper o Step Looper o Tonal Looper o Reverser o Pitch o Turntable
* Modulation: o Flanger o Chorus o Phaser o Ring Deluxe
* Special: o Retro o Vocoder o Overdrive o Karaoke

the secret power of artillery is for me the universal modulator . you can modulate any parameter of artillery with lfo, envelope , envelope follower or step sequencer. each fx have his own mix enveloppe.
you can do a midi learn ( right click) on every parameter
it 's possible to trigger fx with midi notes of course ( live use for exemple for a drum loop) quantize or not, gate or toggle the midi note etc. but you can too use it without midi key: for exemple like a "classical" fx for a mix (a right clik on the midi key and artillery become a "normal" fx).autamation works for every parameter ( individual fx and the global parameters):It's too my first choise plugin for using with reaper.
very powerful.

the cpu usage is a joke : with all fx on, less than 13% for my old amd athlon 3000 and less than 6% for my new intel duo 7250. generally , with 3-4 fx, it's less than 2%.

4 documentation
the manual is clear ...

5 preset

the presets are very good (a lot are brilliant , some others very useful like "mastering setup" and all the looper's presets), but I would like to have more ( global presets and individual fx presets , there is much possibilities than I can imagine) . the preset system is very intuitive and easy to use. of course it's very easy to create your own ( unlike a lot of 'big" fx)

6 support

very good. the forum is on kvraudio ( i suppose you know this site...)
I've got a little bug for saving a preset under energy XT, the new version of artillery come 2 days after my message. thanks a lot sugar !

7 value for money

149 euros. for most of people (like me) it's a lot of money. but I think it's the good price.the quality is very good and with artillery you will not buy a lot of other Fx. I have no regrets. like an host , I believe there is no need to have thousand fx, just the Fx you will use.

8 stability
no crash, and I use it a lot ( home studio or live use every week) so ...i use the vst.

artillery is really unique ( like the synth from sugarbyte). I really recommand it. if you are not sure about it, please give it a try, it's really a bargain.

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Was $199.00; Save $150.00 until 1 Sep 2022!


UltraReverb is comprised of 9 High End Hardware-Based Reverb Algorithms Bundled in a Single Native Plug-in. UltraReverb comes packed with over 300 killer presets and features reverbs from the H8000, compression, EQ and delay integrated for the most flexible reverb plug-in available:

  • Halls, Chambers, Rooms, Plates, and Ambience derived from Eventide's flagship hardware processor, the H8000 UltraHarmonizer.
  • Create acoustically natural or other-worldly environments.
  • Packed with over 300 killer presets for mixing, mastering, post production, and sound design.
  • Includes Artist Presets designed by top engineers and recording professionals.
  • Session compatible with Eventide Reverb HD/TDM from the Anthology II bundle.
  • Stereo Delays (pre or post reverb) with Tempo sync to lock delays in time with your session.
  • Compressor (pre or post reverb) with key input.
  • Pre-EQ, Post-EQ, Reverb EQ and Delay EQ – Four independent, three band parametric equalizers.
  • Reverb Tail Randomization based on the legendary H949 Harmonizer Random setting.
  • Modulation Rate and Depth controls.
  • LoFi control for subtle grit or all out mangling.

Reviewed By C.Ray
September 29th, 2014

This is a awesome reverb! Well worth the price. I've use some other reverbs and I must say this hold it's self very well! Good job Eventide.

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Breverb is a hi-end algorithmic reverberation plug-in that aims to faithfully recreate the sound of revered hardware reverbs while keeping CPU load very low.

Breverb comprises four different algorithms, Hall, Room, Plate and Inverse, each one accurately modeled and engineered "with no compromises in sound quality". Breverb's no frills hardware-like user interface gives you immediate control over all of the parameters, allowing you to dynamically map parameters to six assignable controllers and to store, recall and automate presets in any way you want.

Breverb 2
Reviewed By rifftrax
January 29th, 2011

Absolutely astounding plugin. This thing looks pretty and sounds like a dream. I don't feel jealous of expensive hardware units anymore. The reverbs from this piece of software are lush, rich and really dream-like in many cases. Placed a random hall preset on a piano and instantly there was new life in what would otherwise be just a "good" sounding piano (which was now mind-blowingly superb). I don't think I could say enough about the sound. I can't imagine any instrument sounding bad with a touch of this behind it.

CPU usage is also BEYOND low. Uses %1 per instance on my Q6600 (quad-core). Phenomenal and seems very stable. Probably one of the best purchases I've made in a very long while. VERY pleased.

All-in-all this plug-in is bomb-proof. Sound is exactly what I've been looking for and CPU drain is next to nothing. I can't see anything negative here.
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Once again, KVR Members come through with 10 serious winners.

Check out all the KVR Marketplace Reverbs sorted by most popular here.

In case you're curious, the KVR Most Popular designation is a metric derived from the MyKVR Personal Homepage at KVR. All registered member get a MyKVR personal homepage on which they can identify what they own, what they'd like to own, what products are their favorites and much more. Check out your MyKVR Page here. Tells us your favorites and participate in the process of sifting out the very best technologies for audio creators.

Jam on!

Your KVR Marketplace Team

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Discussion: Active
1 September 2021 at 7:47pm

What do all those multi-fx plugins have to do with reverb, apart from the fact that they might include a reverb section?

2 September 2021 at 10:29am

Turnado effectrix and uhbik in a most popular reverb list??

5 September 2021 at 1:07pm

a better title for this article: "Some Sugar Bytes plugins, and Some Reverbs"

9 September 2021 at 12:46pm


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