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Output releases "Thermal" Interactive Distortion PluginFeatured NewsOutput has released Thermal, an Interactive Distortion plugin. Here's what they say: For years, distortion and saturation effects have only seen inc... Max For Live with KVR Expert Phelan Kane - Part 2Promoted ModeAudio releases 'Particulate - Ambient Loops & SFX'04 May 2020 Eplex7 DSP releases Possitive Psy Pads 1 soundscapes plug-in instrument for Win & Mac07 Apr 2020 Replika Sound releases RSCI01 Audition Player for Kontakt02 Apr 2020 ModeAudio releases 'Artifact - SFX & Texture Loops'03 Mar 2020 Riot Audio releases Baritone Guitar Washes (Ambient Guitar Swells for Kontakt) with intro deal29 Jan 2020 Sounds 2 Inspire releases "Surreal Soundscapes" Sound set for Spire Synthesizer27 Jan 2020 FrozenPlain releases Wraith - Dark Ambient and Cinematic Synth for Windows21 Oct 2019 Eplex7 DSP releases Free Analog Modular FX Samples Vol.118 Sep 2019 Tom Wolfe releases "Modular Drones" & "Prime Drones" patch sets for Reaktor 604 Sep 2019 Glitchedtones releases Scare Tactics - Horror Sound Library28 Aug 2019 ModeAudio releases 'Ionise - Serum SFX Presets'30 Jul 2019 Syntheway releases Synthelium for Windows and Mac03 Jul 2019 Tom Wolfe releases "Atmospheric Drones" & "Ethereal Keys" Preset Collections for Eventide Blackhole03 Jul 2019 Igor Vasiliev updates SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer for iPad and iPhone to v1.712 Jun 2019 ModeAudio releases 'Dissolve - Ambient Drones'11 Jun 2019 Tone2 releases Soundtrack soundset for Nemesis07 Jun 2019 Heavyocity releases Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer07 Jun 2019 Leap Into The Void releases "Bioethical Genome Modification" soundset for u-he Bazille07 Jun 2019 Sound Response releases 'Ominous Drones' Dark Horror Ambiences and Textures Sound FX Sample Pack09 Apr 2019 Syntheway releases Sitargen Virtual Sitar and Tanpura Drone v3.0 for Windows and macOS - VST3 support and more31 Mar 2019