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Synapse Audio releases Obsession VST/AU/AAX for Mac & WinFeatured NewsSynapse Audio has announced the release of Obsession, a new virtual instrument plugin for macOS and Windows that brings the power of a great polyphon... MusicDevelopments updates Syne Modular Additive Synthesizer to v1.0801 Jul 2020 MusicDevelopments updates Syne Modular Additive Synthesizer to v1.06 with MPE support03 Jun 2020 Syntheway updates Harmodion to v2.107 Feb 2020 MusicDevelopments updates Syne Modular Additive Synthesizer to v1.0413 Jan 2020 MusicDevelopments updates Syne modular additive synthesizer to v1.0206 Jan 2020 MusicDevelopments releases Syne - Modular additive synthesizer16 Dec 2019 Solcito Musica releases Arido 3.3 in 64-bit format for Windows11 Oct 2019 Tone2 updates Icarus to v1.501 Dec 2017 Fragment updates Fragment Granular, Additive, Spectral Audio-Visual synthesizer to v1.0.220 Nov 2017 Fragment releases "Fragment 1.0" - Granular, Additive, Spectral Audio-Visual Synthesizer07 Oct 2017 iraisynn attinom releases ommarunn for Windows VST09 May 2017 iraisynn attinom updates araucann randomizable synth to v1.1204 Oct 2016 Audreio releases Revival Drawbar Synth for AAX, AU and VST30 Aug 2016 Solcito Musica updates Arido Virtual Additive Synth to v3.2 for Windows22 Feb 2016 Solcito Musica updates Arido virtual additive synthesizer to v3.125 Nov 2015 XXX Synthesizer releases KEI Synth for Windows with Intro Offer (50% Off)26 Jun 2015 Solcito Musica releases Arido 2.0 - virtual additive synth for Windows30 May 2015 Solcito Musica releases "Kujashi Dimensions IV" for Arido20 Aug 2014 TA Programming releases "Samurai" Additive Synthesizer for Windows15 Jul 2014 Solcito Musica releases "ABS Alter Boy Aridospheres" for Arido29 Apr 2014