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The 50 newest uploads:

Dune 3 Orange Skin (Large)
for DUNE 3 [Show all for]
by e-musician [Show all by] on 26 September 2022
Downloaded: 21 times
Teksonik's Orange Edit for DUNE 3.5
tse bod
for ClBass F [Show all for]
by Pumbapumba7 [Show all by] on 22 September 2022
Downloaded: 4 timesTSE AUDIO TSE BOD
Bass drive from tech21
for SideChainer 2 [Show all for]
by JHOWGO [Show all by] on 20 September 2022
Downloaded: 4 times
Keyswitches .rcCTRL file to use with Red Room Audio Palette Orchestal Library plus its three expansions.
for SQ8ROM [Show all for]
by PabloCOTTO [Show all by] on 18 September 2022
Downloaded: 3 times
If you own Amadeus Symphonic Library and would like to use it together with Music Developments Rapid Composer, add this file to your system in the appropriate folder. You will be able to select keyswitches for the desired instrument(s).
Ragnarok ragnGw SKIN
for Ragnarök [Show all for]
by pitufodelbosque [Show all by] on 17 September 2022
Downloaded: 10 timesFull Bucket Skin
Skin for Ragnarok Synth
Install instructions on Ragnarok's Manual
Cool WAV - Power Surge Vol 1-3
for Surge XT [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 14 September 2022
Downloaded: 84 times
3 Preset banks for Surge XT, with a total of 55 Presets. A how to install video is included.
Cool WAV - Tape Magic Volume 1
for Tape [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 14 September 2022
Downloaded: Never
Tape Magic Volume 1 is a collection of 10 Presets for the Tape Lo-fi FX plugin by Thenatan. A how to install video is included.
Cool WAV - Good Vybz
for Vybz - Lofi Multi FX Plugin [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 14 September 2022
Downloaded: Once
10 Presets for TheNatan Vybz. A how to install video is included.
Cool WAV - Star Glow Volume 1
for Stardust 201 Tape Echo [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 14 September 2022
Downloaded: Once
10 Presets for Cherry Audio Stardust 201 Tape Echo. A how to install video is included.
Found a OBXD image posted on a 2016 forum and liked the way it looked. Could not find the original skin and decided to make it myself. It only works with 100 percent size BTW. Enjoy !
Cool WAV - Asperations Vol 1
for Asper [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 13 August 2022
Downloaded: 368 times
Preset List:

Bass - Electric Bass Dude
Bells - Twinkle
Brass - Electrocuted Horns
Flute - Toy
Keys - Brass Vibes
Keys - Detuned in June
Keys - Erratic Lo-fi
Pad - NFT Guitar
Pad - Nobody Cares
Vocal - Drunk Backup Singers
Cool WAV - Pneumatic Vol 1 [15 Presets]
for Pneuma [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 10 August 2022
Downloaded: 32 times
Preset List:

Arp - 1/16th Vibrato Swing
Bass - Overdriver
Bass - Self Destruct
Bass - Wannabe M00g
Bass - Yesterday
Flute - Found in UFO
Keys - Filtered Pain
Keys - Sined
Keys - Stuck in the 80's
Lead - Mono Hacker
Lead - Raw Square
Pad - Dream in Analog
Pad - Electrify
Pad - Intensify
Sequence - 1/32 Arp Pad
for Luftikus [Show all for]
by chrisluffy03 [Show all by] on 30 July 2022
Downloaded: 242 times
Velltone Pad
for Pneuma [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 26 July 2022
Downloaded: 60 times
Velltone pad
15 Presets for Cherry Audio DCO-106. A how to install video is included.

(Arps - 3), (Bass - 1), (Keys - 2), (Leads - 4), (Pads 2), (Sound FX - 3)
Cool WAV - Space Portals Vol. 1
for Portal [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 6 July 2022
Downloaded: 10 times
15 Presets for Output Portal. A how to install video is included.
Cool WAV - New Phase Vol. 1
for Phase Plant [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 6 July 2022
Downloaded: 11 times
20 Presets for Kilohearts Phase Plant. A how to install video is included.

(Bass - 3), (Guitar - 3), (Keys- 5), (Leads - 3), (Pads- 6),
The download to TranceDrive is no longer available because the website is down so I went on the way-back machine and found the website URL the other day and now you can download it. Here is the way-back url with the download website already inserted: https://web.archive.org/web/20100226104650/http://www.yedey.com/2010/02/official-release-of-trancedrive/

I also have the zip file uploaded as attached to save you guys the hassle ;-)
0 FUtuRe GiG LK
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by lucknow13 [Show all by] on 26 June 2022
Downloaded: 481 times
Leads,Pads,Voices and Stuff. Should get you off. G'Day
Demo version contains only a few patches/presets.
The full version (see below) contains 350 presets and required wavetables.

Soundbank demo available on YouTube

Additional Information

- Each preset is individually designed from scratch
- All presets make extensive use of the modulation matrix
- All presets have modulation wheel assignments for expressive results
- 350 presets included (new wavetables also included [not in the demo version])
Cool WAV - Retro-1 [RC-20 Presets]
for RC-20 Retro Color [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 20 April 2022
Downloaded: 33 times
Retro-1 contains 10 Free Presets for RC-20 all created from scratch. These can be used on individual instruments or on the Master for your melody loops.

- Ancient UFO, - AutoPilot, Juskickedin, - Mono Satur8d (use on Piano for that Vintage Mono feel), NoVerb (bring your own Reverb), - Old Cassette, - Player, - Seasoning, - Sick 808 (use on 808's and Bass), - Wide Vibe (Stereo width to the max), - I encourage you to adjust these how you like: Try reducing the Magnitude to 1/2 or 3/4, remove the "noise" for a cleaner result, etc.
Velltone - A.I.R (Demo)
for Sylenth1 [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 19 April 2022
Downloaded: 49 times
A.I.R - Revision of my best presets,using 'nonlinear dynamics' technology for more analog behavior and dynamics.
25 Presets for Arturia Analog Lab + Analog Lab Intro
||| 808 - 1 ||| Arp - 1 ||| Bass - 2 ||| Bells - 2 ||| Choir - 1 ||| Guitar - 1 ||| Keys - 6 ||| Leads - 3 |||
Organ - 1 ||| Pads - 2 ||| Piano - 2 |||
Saxophone - 1 ||| Sequence - 1 ||| Strings - 1
Velltone Dynamics for Viper
for Viper [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 2 April 2022
Downloaded: 61 times
Velltone dynamic modifications of Aiyn Zahev and Adam Szabo presets.
Cheers :)
for Syncla-X [Large Version] [Show all for]
by IV! [Show all by] on 24 March 2022
Downloaded: 21 times
I made these presets for my track in One Synth Challenge 131: Syncla-X.
A polyphonic MSEG inside Bitwig with the help of Gatekeeper and Note Grid.
VST64 version
for Add'It [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 20 March 2022
Downloaded: 23 times
VST64 plugin folder + files. As long as Synthedit doesn't containerize the files, you must copy the folder to get the plugin working.
Last version plug-in.
for Add'It [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 17 March 2022
Downloaded: 20 times
DLL plugin for windows.
Only 32bit version an the moment.
Synthedit creation.
Extract it to your VST32 folder.
for G8 [Show all for]
by paradoxREOP [Show all by] on 16 March 2022
Downloaded: 38 timesF-REX
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 10 March 2022
Downloaded: 24 times
Finding well-recorded and sonically interesting samples (preferably for free) is challenging; pretty soon, you've exhausted most of what's easily available on Nettie. I recently discovered a promising cache (152 tones in one zip file) on loopsdelacreme.com and after listening, I ended up dumping about 2/3 of them. From the 50 odd remaining shots (most of which were not standard 'drum kit' fare), I was able to assemble a conventional 18-shot kit I have aptly named 'Creme'. The shots, while not outstanding, are consistent and at least satisfy the 'well-recorded' criteria - three cheers for loopsdelacreme for making this cache available for free. Check out my 80s synth pop audio demo and then pop over to loopsdelacreme and see what else they have cookin'.
Work in Progress.
With a small work done trying to emulate some Viper presets.
I'll be updating this soon.
To use the presets, expand zip file, open plug-in, click Import & select the bank.
26 ambient presets by The Sound Of Merlin. Please note that in the demo track each instance of the FB7999 had been drown into lots of delay and reverb. Mostly the free SuperMassive VST by Vahalla. Have fun using these presets.

A link to my music: https://soundcloud.com/thesoundofmerlin
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 23 February 2022
Downloaded: 21 times
Ephnik is a collection of world (and other stranger) sounds that are, for the most part, heavily processed. The idea here was to create a palette that could be run in conjunction with a conventional drumkit, either in a breakdown section or as a percussive bed layered over the drums.
Velltone - Synth1 banks
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 22 February 2022
Downloaded: 727 times
4 soundbanks for synth1 - copy to zip folder and load as external banks,do not unzip,just copy.
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 20 February 2022
Downloaded: 23 times
Pure is an attempt to create a user-ready acoustic drumkit (kick, 2 snares, 4 toms, rimshot, hihats, 3 crashes, 1 splash and a china) using samples as clean and unprocessed as possible. The kit is divided into two patches; A is all the drums, B is all the cymbals. In this way punchy compression can be added to the drums and perhaps a slow phase can be added to the cymbals. I believe this provides a slightly more usable kit. I have also included a midi file of the demo I programmed. I hope you like it. Ramlee
for TheSplit [Show all for]
by lfdm [Show all by] on 17 February 2022
Downloaded: 27 times
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 16 February 2022
Downloaded: 25 times
(Apologies to anyone who has downloaded 'Heavy'. I have remapped the two preset patches and now every shot is assigned to its own note number. This new mapping should work with your midi keyboard. Cheers.

A 2-part kit that can be loaded into your DAW as separate instances of LM-9. If you're familiar with the HR-16 and HR-16B, you'll immediately recognize the toms. There is a second snare in the B set. The 'Bruford' snare in set A is not exactly heavy but it has such a nice ring to it, I couldn't resist.
SynC Modular Yahoogroups Collection Synths
Extract ensemble files to your Ensembles Folder.
Basic INIT Preset
for Tattoo [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 13 February 2022
Downloaded: 17 timesDrums TR-909
An alternative Init Preset with simple Internal clock patterns.
Multioutputs enabled.
OUT1 - Kick
OUT2 - Snares+clap+rim
OUT3 - Hats
OUT4 - Cymbals+Cowbell+Toms
for Drum8 [Show all for]
by LLDDSS [Show all by] on 7 February 2022
Downloaded: 45 times
Here you have the 11 new custom presets I carefully designed for the track 'Sinmad The Shamest'.
There are 2 leads, 2 pluck sounds, 2 kick drums, 1 snare, 1 wood stick, 1 hi-hat, 1 for cymbals and 1 for the bassline.
You can listen to the full track
(made for the One Synth Challenge 155 here at KVR) at

Note that in the mix of the song each instrument is boosted by its own DAW channel effect: equalizer, compressor, extra delay or reverb.

Please read the included How_to_instal_the_preset_files_in_Sinmad.pdf
and enjoy these free presets for the Sinmad 1.0.2 synth plug-in.
Reaper Presets
for OrilRiver [Show all for]
by sixstringv [Show all by] on 3 February 2022
Downloaded: 268 times
This is a preset library for Reaper only (.RPL). Since OrilRiver doesn't save the preset name along with the settings, this will give you back that option through the user presets in Reaper. It's nothing more than the stock presets for OrilRiver, but if you call the preset using these, when you reload your project you can at least see which of the stock presets you were using. Hope it helps someone.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.