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All uploads from mickygemma

for TAL-Elek7ro [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 17 December 2009
Downloaded: 2564 times
120 sounds for the great TAL-ELEK7RO Synth:
37 Lead sounds.
9 Drumm sounds.
15 Bass sounds.
13 Simulationds of keys etc...
21 Sequence sounds.
16 Pad sounds.
9 Sound efects.
MG 3stropicio
for Triangle II [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 22 October 2009
Downloaded: 1320 times
A full bank with leads, sound efects, basses, simulations and more for this other classic of free vst instruments.

Thank you.
for Lallapallooza lite [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 17 August 2009
Downloaded: 478 times
This is another little bank, for another great free vst, lallapalloza lite, with this free synths on internet, you no need to much money for play good sounds.

for Wusik Station [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 4 June 2009
Downloaded: 773 times
This is a violin, my violin samples, i believe is cool. the soundset is for Wusikstation CM.
Micky CS 80V
for CS-80 V4 [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 12 May 2009
Downloaded: 1723 times
This is my first bank for the great synth of arturia CS 80V, with leads, pads, sound efects and more...
for SynthMaker [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 23 April 2009
Downloaded: 614 times
This is my first creation with synthmakerCM, may be one day i update this version.
for SynthMaker [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 25 March 2009
Downloaded: 480 times
Two oscilators, with a matrix, two filters, i believe a good gui, and more, only two or three presets, if you like i am happy and if you don´t like, say me please, i am not a expert with synthmaker, but i like do the gui, and the design.
(Sorry for my poor english)
Soundbank 09
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 25 November 2008
Downloaded: 8649 times
This is the old bank but all full
for Superwave P8 [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 16 October 2008
Downloaded: 4178 times
This is my first banc for this super plugin.
Este es mi primer banco para este fantástico plugin gratuito.
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 13 September 2007
Downloaded: 5205 times
Es muy divertido retorcer botones de este sintetizador virtual.

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