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All uploads from kevosince85

Create:Audio Bad Robots
for TAL-Elek7ro [Show all for]
by kevosince85 [Show all by] on 17 September 2009
Downloaded: 2598 times
Bad Robots contains 56 patches for TAL-Elek7ro. Enjoy.
Create:Audio Dimensions
for Zebra [Show all for]
by kevosince85 [Show all by] on 9 September 2009
Downloaded: 1787 times
This bank was made on & for ZebraCM. Contains 44 presets of out of this world atmospheres, drones, pads & noise.
Create:Audio \"Sting\"
for daHornet [Show all for]
by kevosince85 [Show all by] on 9 September 2009
Downloaded: 680 times
DaHornet \"Sting\" Bank from Create:Audio contains 15 presets revolving around bass & lead sounds. Enjoy!
Create:Audio BassLine
for TAL-BassLine [Show all for]
by kevosince85 [Show all by] on 28 August 2009
Downloaded: 2392 times
35 Presets from Create:Audio for TAL-Bassline. Enjoy & read the files first.
Create:Audio CM303
for CM-303 [Show all for]
by kevosince85 [Show all by] on 27 July 2009
Downloaded: 449 times
20 Presets From Create:Audio
The phoenix kit is a collection of snares, kicks, percs and cymbals. Enjoy.

P.S. Read the file titled Read Me before using please.
Create:Audio Presets 45
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by kevosince85 [Show all by] on 14 May 2009
Downloaded: 5380 times
45 Presets for Synth 1 by Create:Audio. Zipped Archive.
This pack contains 11 Loops. Please enjoy and make sure to read the file inside this zipped package.
A bitcrush/glitch kit from my personal blog Create:Audio. Thanks!

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