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All uploads from capracan

some mixed presets
for GR-8 [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 2 January 2022
Downloaded: 215 timesPresets for GR-8
its a 7-zip file
6 Mixed Presets
for Reducktion [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 20 December 2021
Downloaded: 90 timesDeducktion nwsm presets Reducktion
- unzip
- put in the Presets Folder like:



PS: Format is .PRS
some presets
for Turnado [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 22 November 2020
Downloaded: 79 times
- unzip
- drag n drop in turnado folder
+ tweak knobs until your fingers bleeding ^^,

check https://www.audiobombs.com/users/C-A-P
Its a ZIP File, you dont need to unzip !
Just drop into User Folder:

: C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\HY-Plugins\HY-SeqCollection2\User

: 12 Snapshots of Rhythms for M5816 Sequencer
: For 2 Sounds only (e.g. Kick and Snare)
: Notes on C and C# only !!
: - Note: In my DAW (Bitwig 3) C and C# from HY-Seq goes to C2 and C#2
: Very less Probability on some Steps

For HY-SeqCollection 2 V. 1.2.32

Note: You need a Drummachine where u can setup that incomming C and C# is playing a Sample.

CX - Abcynd 2E RDM
for Absynth [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 8 March 2020
Downloaded: 268 times
23 Presets born from Random Clicking.

In that 7zip are *.nabs just drop that into you absynth preset folder...

- maybe you need to rename one or another...
- maybe there factory presets inside, or not modified, i dont know, i dont check this yet
cx-30 lith presets
for Lith [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 9 November 2019
Downloaded: 292 timescx lith nowism Presets for Lith soda device
for Version 2.0.4
packed in windows 7 64

30 presets
- 13 bass
- 9 fx
- 2 chord init
- 5 lead
- 1 percussion


unpack (7zip free download) maybe in the download folder, then copy cx-presets folder

open plugin, click cogwheel, open preset folder
or go to
C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\SodaDevices\Lith\Presets (or where ever u store the presets)

paste the folder.

click reload presets inside Lith


have fun make more presets*

more presets i made
cx - one bank of 20
for Deducktion [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 5 January 2019
Downloaded: 1320 timescx nowism Presets for Deducktion
There is a windows zipped Bank of 20 mixed style presets inside, some fx like "screwed machine" or "the cake is a lie" are awesome...

To Load:
*- download, unpack, (maybe move to presets folder, watch below)
- open DAW
- open Deducktion
- click the gearwheel
*- load Bank, find the Bank

*( C:\Users\Yourname*\AppData\Local\Dead Duck Software\Deducktion\Presets)

Any Problem or Questions...ask

Quad Polysynth Chain
for Bitwig Studio [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 18 October 2017
Downloaded: 148 times

simple 4 Polysynths in Chain-Container

unzip in "\Bitwig own Content\Presets" or similar Folder to find your presets...
for Harmor [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 2 May 2015
Downloaded: 352 times
7 Presets for IL-Harmor, fst-Format, OSX-ZIP packed, by C-A-P
7 mixed presets by osic
for Bazille [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 29 May 2014
Downloaded: 272 times
7 Presets for the beta, just for testing and play around, dont use in uhe bazille competitions 14 (par to par).

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