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All uploads from MutantHero

Sharing these templates I made for myself.
Init (empty) bank
for Kastelheimer Veldberg XD [Show all for]
by MutantHero [Show all by] on 28 February 2021
Downloaded: 7 times
137 blank patches in a bank. Load with the 'Load All Programs' selection. I chose Analog Saw for the waveform. Everything else is either zeroed out or set to 'default' by pressing CTRL while pressing the left mouse button on a given control.
AKAI S700 factory Saxophone
for Zampler//RX [Show all for]
by MutantHero [Show all by] on 6 November 2019
Downloaded: 125 times
Before I sold my AKAI S700 I built a 486 computer to rip all the QuikDisks over MIDI with SampleVision DOS. This is one of those. The factory data and loop point is intact, I have added reverb and a delayed vibrato, which can easily be shut off.
Additive patch
for Sampler SX-200 [Show all for]
by MutantHero [Show all by] on 28 October 2019
Downloaded: 50 times
5 sine waves are loaded and tuned with the -/+ buttons. No mods to their envelopes.
Virusy patch - GOOD
for Sampler SX-200 [Show all for]
by MutantHero [Show all by] on 26 October 2019
Downloaded: 46 times
This is a pretty good demo of how far you can take SX-200 as a synthesizer. I can't believe I am giving this away. Been working all day on sounds and hit some gold finally. I am only loading single cycle waves. Sample slots 0-6 have a copy of a noisy sawtooth. Slots 1-6 are progressively detuned. The 8th sample slot holds a sine, tuned by ear to sample 0. This is to reinforce the bass note. The envelope and filter (all knobs) are set to the ROM init. I have altered some of the tuning controls.
Single wavetable originated patch
for Harmor [Show all for]
by MutantHero [Show all by] on 12 February 2019
Downloaded: 157 times
I used two Kawai K3 single cycle waves in Audioterm to make a wavetable via interpolation. I use the formant filter with a downward curving envelope from max to min. I made a WT file and drug it into Harmor. I filtered a bit and added a simple envelope. It works.
A bank of 64 init patches
for Mono/Fury [Show all for]
by MutantHero [Show all by] on 13 November 2017
Downloaded: 363 times
A bank of initialized patches. Just a blank sheet for sound designers - all 64 patches are initialized

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